Cops: Elgin woman’s death ruled a homicide

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Elgin police are investigating the suspicious death of a 33-year-old woman as a homicide.

Lisa Koziol-Ellis was found dead Saturday inside her townhome on Garden Crescent Court, just days before her 34th birthday.

Lisa Koziol-Ellis killed in Elgin

Photo courtesy of Brian C. Janes

Officers went to the home after a friend of the victim called 911 about an injured woman there.

Lisa and her husband had just moved last week to 1 Garden Crescent Court in Elgin.  Police say he returned home from work and found her dead.  Elgin Police Commander Glenn Theriault said her husband “Called 911 immediately and has been fully cooperating since then to help us try to figure out what happened here.”

State police are assisting in the investigation, bringing in special equipment to collect forensic evidence at the scene.  But police are remaining tight lipped about the circumstances surrounding her death–  the types of  injuries she had and they won’t say if there was forced entry at her home.

There are many unanswered questions but those who knew Lisa are devastated. She was an artist and a jewelry maker.

Lisa’s sister, Renee Kasprzyk-Martinson said “To know my sister was to know love. She was the most caring, compassionate, person in the world.”

Friends and relatives are hoping police will find whoever is responsible soon.

Kashif Ali, a friend of the victim said “Personally, I think it’s someone who knew her. She had only been there for less than a week.”

Her sister said “She had no enemies. She was a very loved person there’s no reason why this could have happened to her. There’s no reason.”

Elgin police say they have not determined if this was targeted or random so they have stepped up patrols in this area. An autopsy to find the official cause of death is scheduled for Monday.

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  • Smh

    Dude…seriously… say keep the racial bs to yourself, but you start yours with a very very racist comment…and whoever done this is a dumb ass….no matter what race they are. A young lady is gone and they need to find the person(s) who are responsible for this horrible act. If a person can't say anything nice…….please don't say anything at all…..God Bless!

  • Keith & Poxie

    Rest now Lisa…so sweet. This is just such horrible horrible news. So sad. Lisa …you've touched many more than you'll know. Bless you. Rest now Lisa. Keith & Poxie. Seattle.

  • No Mercy

    "police are remaining tight lipped about the circumstances surrounding her death– the types of injuries she had and they won’t say if there was forced entry at her home."

    The article is pretty obvious about all of that/gives it away.

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