Elderly man shot and killed on South Side

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

An elderly man was shot and killed in a gangway on the South Side early Saturday, as he left his home for dialysis treatment.

manChicago Police say William Strickland, 72, was waiting for a PACE van to pick him up near the northeast corner of 95th Street and South Eberhart Avenue, when he was shot about 3:30 a.m.

His grandson reportedly heard the gunshots that killed him.

Strickland was found laying in the gangway. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police believe he was robbed.

Detectives are still investigating.

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  • Enrique

    There’s a geographical location named ‘gangway?’ I hope there are signs warning law-abiding citizens of the dangers in ‘gangway.’

  • AnMDBCartoon

    ALL of the above is **SERIOUSLY** OFF-TOPIC, dammit!!

    The senseless and needless taking of a life is the tragedy here.

    Let's all hope the FILTH that did it is caught & punished…to the fullest extent of the law!

    'Nuff Said!!!!

  • Joymar

    A senseless murder! You can point fingers at politicians for the violence occurring in Chicago, but it's not their fault! It's YOU, each and every one of you who are not actively working in your community to stop this violence.

  • EJoe

    I am sure the gun was registered and the killer had a FOID card since Raham, Bloomberg, and Mccarthy think that those are the only people with guns. They should just search the records. You don't need conceal and carry chicago and ny are safe cities.


    Here a man is wanting to live by going for dialysis treatment and some some low life with a gun takes this innocent mans life. What will it take for our BIG SHOTS IN GOVERNMENT to understand that its out of control and its all their fault. It's just another life that's not a PUBLIC FIGURE! Carrying a weapon whether its registered or not should have never been allowed in the first place and now nobody can seem to control it. I live in AZ where people can carry a gun out in the open and I can't understand it. This is the southwest not the Wild West. I work for a large corp store and guys walk in with guns on their side and they seem to have a different attitude, like don't mess with me because I have a gun. It should not be allowed but it is. Getting back to the poor gentlemen who lost his life today I pray they catch your demon killer and do the same to him . RIP Mr. Strickland.

  • jim

    "CHICAGO" is a GREAT CITY, bar none. If you check the statistics,
    most of these killings take place on the south or west sides of the
    city. EVERY major city has a lot of crime! I live in Northern ARIZONA,
    but did live in PHOENIX for a number of years. This city is,unfortunately,
    experiencing the same crime. And, I personally believe that it will get
    worse as time goes by. It's true that people can carry guns in AZ!
    This makes me feel very uncomfortable just as RNAZ has stated.
    WE need to get everyone involved to do our very best to cut these unthinkable
    acts of hatred down. GOD BLESS THIS MAN & I PRAY FOR HIS FAMILY

    • AnMDBCartoon

      I concur with ALL that you opine, m8.. Albeit I am an expatriate (Living & working in London, England ever since 2000) I shall *ALWAYS* consider myself to be a PROUD CHICAGOAN (We happen to have Bears & Cubs custom-made replica jerseys as our film studio work uniforms) ..

      Nevertheless,I bristle at how things are horrifically BAD there these days…and I am praying for your turnaround, Chicago. God Bless…

  • piercemichelson

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  • Kane&ABEL

    Thats strange president Obama wife left Chicago the killing continues cant even walk outside without being killed you imagine allthe killers roaming the street who got away with it.

  • Sooneen

    Annnnd….commence the NRA bots trolling any and all articles related to a shooting. Gotta give em credit. They sure do know how to separate fools from their money, yes?