Driver killed in wrong way crash on I-80

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

One person is dead after a wrong way driver crashed into another car on I-80, just west of Morris.

Illinios State Police say a black minivan was driving westbound in the eastbound lanes, when it struck a blue Toyota just after midnight Saturday.

Minutes later, a semi-truck crashed into that Toyota.

Only drivers were inside the two cars and truck, no passengers.

Police are not saying which driver was killed.

Another driver was taken to the hospital.

Police say alcohol appears to be a factor.

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  • sickofidiots

    ….all you have to do is put those puncture spikes on all on all the off ramps, any driver trying to go the opposite way well they can' go any further, it's these stupid idiots and drunks that kill other people

  • Michele Brock

    The driver of the vehicle, a young woman name ANAIS MARIE KNOX, was the one who was killed. The family already knows and she did have a passenger in the front seat with her, but, he is fine. We're quick to jump to judgment. There's a possibility that this was just an accident. Perhaps the person who caused the accident was in medical distress and did not have the ability to steer clear of the oncoming traffic. WE DON'T KNOW. A dear friend of mine father was in a similar accident. HE WAS HAVING A HEART ATTACK while driving a tractor trailer truck. Fortunately, WITNESSES SAW him steer the truck into a brick wall AWAY from people which is the only reason why HE WAS THE ONLY FATALITY. Everyone having a medical distress aren't that fortunate. This of course is hypothetical because we don't yet know all of the facts, but, before we call the driver names and convict him and sentence him to death or a life sentence, let's get the facts.

  • Michele Brock

    I apologize, but, it appears that THIS accident is separate from the one that took the life of ANAIS MARIE KNOX on yesterday. Same circumstances, just a different victim. May each of the deceased REST IN GOD'S GLORIOUS PEACE and may their family and friends find Peace, Joy, and Comfort in the HOLY SPIRIT!

  • piercemichelson

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