Study: Illinois second most affected by sequester

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

One study says that Illinois could be the second most affected state by the sequester.

The federal budget cuts may happen at midnight, but state agencies don’t know exactly how or when they’ll feel them.

Illinois public schools could lose $36-million for low income students, and another $24-million for special education.

Civilian military employees in the state can lose $83-million in pay.

And O’Hare airport can see delays of 90 minutes if a control tower and a runway have to be closed.

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  • Cowlynz

    Mr. Boehner and his GOP co-horts shall be arrested for treason. Make it so! Contempt of the American People cannot be tolerated any longer.

  • kid1339

    Good morning Mr. President ,Congress & Senate welcom to your Friday kinder garden class ,, I guess some of you are missing ,because of the week end . But we will see every one of you Monday , we will try to get some work done & after that we will have some popcorn & candy , So you play pretty this week end . BYE BYE for now .

  • Fed Up

    "Illinois public schools could lose $36-million for low-income students…" (Sarcastically) Yeah, f*ck poor kids. Make sure you give that money to some super-wealthy-white-a*shole!

    • Wrong Story's Friend

      Can you believe the new taxes? I just spent $11 on a pack of smokes. I'll smoke em. But I don't have enough for everybody. Geez!

    • Reality Says

      Forget the mop. I'm gonna rob people and deal drugs. That's way easier than working with a f#cking mop for minimum wage!

    • jeff's mom

      That's what jeff did. He got a mop and now he makes a good living mopping things. Good enough to have internet access and a computer to write stuff with. I am so proud of him.