Livestrong moving forward without Lance Armstrong

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The Livestrong Foundation is not going anywhere.

That’s the message the charity made during its annual meeting in Chicago on Thursday. The meeting covered several future projects, but also touched on the effect Lance Armstrong’s cheating scandal has had.

“We were deeply disappointed when we learned along with the rest of the world that we had been misled during and after Lance’s cycling career,” Executive Vice President Andy Miller said. “We accepted the apology he made to us to move forward and we remain grateful for what he decided to create and help build.”

Armstrong and Livestrong severed all ties last fall. Armstrong admitted in January that he used performance enhancing drugs. He was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles.

The charity claims donations have not slowed down since the Armstrong scandal broke. But $48 million was raised last year, that’s a two or three percent drop from 2011.

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  • Wrong Story Guy

    I am surprised he doesn't smoke. If he did, he'd pay higher prices in Cook County, Illinois. Do the French tax cigarettes like they do here?

  • Skepticali

    Livestrong carries on a la Armstrong. They learned well from their founder. Smoke and mirrors. Mirrors and smoke.

    "The charity claims donations have not slowed down since the Armstrong scandal broke."

    "…$48 million was raised last year (2012)"

    Two thirds of revenues come from merchandising contracts and special events (see audited F/S). only one third comes from contributions.

    (1) what's happening on each piece of that revenue pie; and
    (2) what are the figures BY MONTH, Jan-Aug, and Sep-Dec (and Jan-Feb since) for each of those pies.

    Merchandising has to be drying up. We can't find Nike-Livestrong product in the stores anymore. Donations? We can expect 2012's pace has much declined since Aug 22, 2012. If not, supply the audited monthly figures to demonstrate same.

    I feel bad for some Livestrong staff, but the fact of the matter is Livestrong may not be around too much longer.

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  • matt

    several months ago i posted a comment asking people to read the report by the USADA concerning lance, the report clears lance from any wrongdoing-just read the report!