Chicago’s Very Own: Sri Lakshmi

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It was the bling that Brad Pitt wore on his wrists on last year’s Oscars red carpet. And he’s not the only celeb sporting the classic jewels of Chicago’s Very Own, Sri Lakshmi.

“Of course, it’s overwhelming for sure,” Lakshmi said.

Her jewelry line is so hot, it landed in US Weekly’s “Buzz-O-Meter.”

“So obviously, you know, I sent some text message like, ‘Pick up the US,” she said

The line is called Silver Parkes Jewelry. In jewelry lingo, that’s the definition of “pure bullion.”

She created the retail brand in 2011, and in just two short years, its taken off like gang busters. Her hope, to make her glitter an everyday indulgence.

” feel like this can literally go with anything, you know, from yoga wear to bridal,” Lakshmi said.

Lakshmi has bling in her blood. for 30 years her family’s run a store on Chicago’s famed Jeweler’s Row.

“I grew up in the jewelry business, so from like first grade on, it was kind of just like a natural education,” Lakshmi said.

She’s already made a deal with Da Coach, Mike Ditka, to carry her football cufflinks in his store inside of his restaurant.

“He thinks they are beautiful and just have one of each with the diamonds and one without, just for the option,” Lakshmi said.

Customers like Joseph Hakimian say Lakshmi’s success has a lot to do with the service and respect she gives to her customers.

“I’m not surprised by all the success she’s having all the celebrities that are wearing her stuff. I think it’s outstanding,” Hakimian said.

“I feel honestly the same way as if I saw somebody on the street of Chicago that I didn’t know wearing them, you know, it’s just that, it’s your piece on them and I worked so hard to make the design clean and classic, that when other people appreciate it, that’s the best gift.

Sri Lakshmi: She’s one of Chicago’s Very Own.

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