Local services brace for federal sequester

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Automatic spending cuts are about to take $85 billion out of the federal government’s budget.

But the effects of that will be felt in communities that may have some local services downsized or shut down.

The effect of those budget cuts would be widespread.

The head of Illinois’ Head Start program says it could mean the beginning of the end to services for 2,700 children from low income families throughout the state.

“It would affect our jobs as teachers.  It would affect parents and the children.  It’s not going to be convenient,” said Head Start teacher Maria Burgos.

“I love this daycare.  (My daughter) has been going here since she was six months, and my other two started here too.  If I didn’t have daycare, child care, I wouldn’t be able to go to work or school,” said parent Kelly Hill.

The FAA is looking at $60 million in cuts.

That would mean changes at both of Chicago’s airports.

O’Hare International Airport might have to do without one of its control towers and runways.

That could lead to hour long flight delays.

Many flights would have to be cut from the schedule at Midway Airport.

Smaller airports in Illinois may have to close down altogether.

Hospitals could see an across the board cut of 2% in payments for Medicare patients, which could affect treatment for those in need.

Military cuts could hurt recruiting.

That’s because all military airshow teams, like the Thunderbirds and the Blue Angels, will be grounded, and that would keep them away from performing at any airshows.

“If there’s no money for them to be in the air, they can’t practice, therefore they can’t fly.  So, it becomes a long list of cascading problems,” said South Shore Convention President Speros Batistatos.

The South Shore Airshow, in northwest Indiana, may get cancelled.

Officials say commitments for the main performers need to be secured well in advance for the show to go on.

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  • SPE

    Whats happening to our country everything is being down sized and the mayor of chicago isn't helping us either he's busy digging our graves and doesn't give a damn about Chicago!

  • Darwinner

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  • Richard Jackson

    Or, we could simply take back the $85 billion given to Egypt, and Voila!…no cuts to any program. It is a matter of choosing priorities.

  • Joymar

    The House of Representatives should be ashamed of themselves. Vote each and every one of them out of office. Start with John Bonehead first!