Chicago Marathon registration to reopen as online lottery

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The Bank of America Chicago marathon doesn’t run until October, but it’s already running into some problems

Year after year, it’s a world-class event, showcasing Chicago to the world.  Thousands of runners from all over pour into town and hit its streets.

But this year, it hit a big snag right out of the gate.  A computer crash during online registration on Feb 19, left thousands of would-be marathoners out in the cold.

30,000 managed to sign-up before registration was shut down completely, leaving 15,000 spots.

The marathon needed a solution. It went with a lottery.

According to a statement on the Chicago Marathon’s website, registration will reopen at 12:01 a.m. CST on Tuesday, March 5 as a lottery. It will remain open until Thursday, March 7, at 9 p.m.From those entries, 15,000 names will be randomly selected to fill the remaining spots in the Chicago Marathon. Individuals who are selected will be notified on Tuesday, March 12, and will have until 9 p.m. CST on Thursday, March 14, to officially register.

For more lottery details and Q&A, go to:

Also, if you did register for the Chicago Marathon and did not receive a confirmation email, you can confirm your registration at

“What we wanted to do was date access for the remaining 15,000 entries that just eliminated the stress. That was fair and equitable,” said Carey Pinkowski, of Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

But on-line reaction ranges from angry to really angry.

People hit Facebook to talk about their training and travel plans, now not knowing if they’ll even get to run. One commenter says it should be first come, first served, “you know- like a race.”

Again  the websites are:


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  • WHY

    175.00 for what a crappy site and crappy way of running a marathon. Do you selves a favor folks and support the Milwaukee Marathon which only costs 75.00. Don't understand why we support subpar organizations.

      • WHY

        Good luck with the lottery then, I guess your chance are going to be oh so much better that the first day of registration. That was sort of like a trial run for the lottery they are doing now as that is what it was that first day. Point is 175.00 to run is getting ridiculous and for that amount of cash things should work right from the start.

  • hdelbrook

    That sounds like the San Diego Comic Con method: S.O.L. for those humanoids with a "slow" computer.

  • cati adamson

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