Proposal: Sex ed for CPS students as young as 5

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


The Chicago Public School board is considering a new sex ed program and how it will be taught to children as young as kindergarten and first grade.

Dr. Stephanie Whyte, The Chief Health Officer for CPS says the proposed changes come in response to new federal and local standards.

The program also will include discussions on sexual orientation and gender identity for the first time.

Currently, sex ed programs begin in fifth grade.

Under the new proposal kindergarten and first grade children would learn about anatomy, healthy relationships and personal safety.

Second and third graders will learn about growth and development.

In fourth grade they’ll cover physical, social and emotional aspects of puberty as well as causes of HIV transmission.

And in fifth grade students will cover human reproduction, contraception and bullying.

Parents would have the option to keep their children out of the programs.  The changes could be in place by 2016.

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    • Rugby Guy

      According to this article, the kids will learn about anatomy, healthy relationships, personal safety, growth and development, puberty, HIV transmission, human reproduction, contraception and bullying. Nowhere does it say "self-gratification."

    • amber

      Whats wrong with masturbation isnt that better than a pregnant teen or one with HIV!? Masturbation is a SURE fire way to not get pregnant or a disease!!

      • Wakeup

        Remember, if kids don't know about it, they wont ever think to do it. That's why the teen birth rate in the US is so low right now…

  • audreyyadams

    Yo, Jim- this isn’t about “homo acceptance” this is about acceptance, period. Accepting the fact that these children are in serious danger and at risk for HIV, STIs, bullying, molestation, the list goes on! The statistics are high; these kids are screaming for help… shame on you.
    I’m Health/Sex Educator and HIV counselor/tester, I’ve worked with CPS students and I guarantee you.. no student will be learning about “self- gratification”. They’re going to school, not a sex toy party. Come ‘on, Carla.. snap out of it.

    • Jack

      Acceptance BS! Its about helping or "outing" young homosexual kids and teaching them there is nothing wrong with being gay as it is now a norm. Flush it! Sex education is best thought at home by the parents (dad & mom).Not by some dad+dad or mom+mom who confuse and poison the child's innocence.

      • Wakeup

        Parents, if they teach it at all, typically teach it about the same time that their kids are messing around with their friends which is starting as young as 11 or 12 nowadays. More than half of highschool kids though mountain dew was an effective birth control method when surveyed a few years ago.

        And the countries that start this at 4 or 5 don't have the teen STD and birth rate issues that the US does, which is the worth of any developed country in the world. The US has proven that it is not best for the parents to teach it.

  • No, thanks.

    This is absolutely unbelievable. Shame on all of you. This is the reason that Chicago has such high rates of teen and pre-teen pregnancies. Way to give those sponges something worthwhile to absorb.

  • audreyyadams

    Unwanted pregnancies among teens is currently an epidemic due to lack of education, resources and the fact that it’s now a social norm… a valid argument as to why these kids deserve to have prevention education. The STI /HIV incidence and prevalence rates in this city are devastating and these students represent a major percentage of it. Whether they’re are bullied, having sex, sharing needles (tattoos, drugs, diabetes, etc) or molested- These kids are exposed to it all, they deserve to know how to protect themselves and it's our duty as educators to feed them necessary knowledge that could potentially save their lifes.

    • I applaud you.

      I have literally no clue why you were down voted. If I could, I'd give you infinite. Education is literally he only way anyone is able to overcome bigotry and ignorance. Also, if everyone knew how to be safe during sex, saw sex as a normal thing and regarded other humans as equals, this world would be much better off.

  • susie

    how about the basics…reading, writing, and arithmetic.Lets leave sexual education to parents and teach respect and kindness first to these young children who are in school way to long.Its amazing that this needs to be addressed when children can not read. Possibly phonics should be reintroduced.

    • Dear Lord...

      how- Capitalize the first letter of the sentence.
      .Lets- Put a space after the period to the next sentence. Also "Lets" is Let's. It's a contraction of "let" and "us"
      Its- Whose amazing?

      How about the basics: reading, writing and arithmetic?

    • audreyyadams

      Dear Susie,

      Reading, writing and arithmetic are entirely different curriculms which are required by the state of Illinois. It's rather difficult to leave sexual/reproductive ed, politness and kindess education in the hands of our Chicago parents- Because not every child is foruntate enough to have a parent who even knows the basics of any of those. Many children are not fortunate enough to have parents/guardians who tuck them in at night, helps them with their homework, or even teaches them the basic skills in life.

  • Illinois_Mom

    What the crap? First the bullying part for fifth grade should be moved to the Kindergarten curriculum. Second the sex education should go no further than improper touching and the children should be taught to tell a trusted adult if someone does touch them inappropriately in their private places. Fourth graders do not need to be taught about HIV and fifth graders do not have the ability mentally to understand contraception. CIPS is totally messed up and that is why my children go to a small town public school system downstate where there is common sense. Do everyone a favor and teach Kindergarten and 1st grade about bullying others in every aspect like name calling, shorty, fatty, stupid, pulling on someone's clothes, pushing them, etc…. The school system would be a much better place to learn if it weren't for school bullies that make other students hate to go to school. Get real sex education is not the issue that needs talked about, it is bullying and start by 1st offense detention, 2nd offense suspension so parents have to stay home from work and not get paid. Sex ed is not the real issue, it is bullying!

  • Harry

    This kind of plan can only be made by a bureaucratic Socialist organization, such as CPS that wastes tax money. I'm sure the schools can find better ways to use our tax money.

  • Sancho

    American children are not in the top ten in math, reading or science. When I say top ten I mean in comparison to other industrialized countries. This will surely help to correct that. Way to go Chicago! At least I can remain confident that the children of Chicago will pose absolutely no competition to my children.

  • Harry

    It's CPS programs like this, that are dumbing down the students, Use that time to teach reading, writing and arithmetic.

  • audreyyadams

    It is absolutely imperative that these children learn the facts about personal safety, PREVENTION, healthy relationships and anatomy (identifying body parts) at an early age & in safe envorinment ie school. Because unfortunately, an alarming number of these kids live in homes where their personal safety &body parts are violated EVERYDAY by a parent/loved one… and that is what they consider a ‘healthy relationship’. Not every child is fortunate to have a home to live in or has stable guardians who are involved in their lives. I counsel kids everyday in CPS who are pregnant as young as 14 years old, have STIs, HIV, victims of sexual/physical abuse and are exposed to violence on the streets. They're scared, they feel alone and they NEED guidance and education. The only way we can stop this is through prevention education in a learning environment. These poor children are at risk, many are victims. The older they get, the odds are more against them. They DESERVE to receive an education. They deserve to know how to protect themselves so they don't become another statistic.