Dominick wins Cicero town president race

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

With 25 of 33 precincts reporting, WGN is declaring Larry Dominick  the winner in the Cicero town president race.

Dominick will be president for a third term.

Dominick has 61 percent of the vote.

Juan Ochoa has 30 percent and Joseph Pontarelli has 9 percent.

Dominick has been accused of corruption and nepotism.

In the campaign for this race, Dominick has been accused of voter intimidation and fraud. He has denied those claims.

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  • Ivonne

    Larry Dominique accused people to vote for him! He and his team will come over my house everyday putting signs when we would ask him not to I been leaving here for 18 years n Larry Dominique has not done a change besides corrupt the town of Cicero

    • Lou

      You obviously havent been living in Cicero.. I mean cmon you even spelled his last name wrong…

      What do you call the new parks, ice ring, town hall, public works building, the new business district buildings, countless new businesses all attributed to Cicero's new business initiative? I've been living in Cicero through the Maltese administration, Ramiro's, and Larry.. And by far… Larry is the only one who has turned Cicero for the better..

      • Fools

        New parks, town hall, public works, district buildings…ALL municipal entities that ensures he can spend more tax dollars to benefit him and his cronies NOT the citizens!!! More government jobs that he can give to his family and friends! Yay for that!

  • Stephanie

    Don't know why he was even able to run I guess this town just loves to be robbed and played like fools great run Juan Ochoa a hell of a campaign won't be long before more crazy accusations about this fool come out and hopefully people realize they missed a good opportunity to witness a real leader!!!

    • Ivonne

      I can’t believe Larry Dominique he has not done a change!!!!! He wants a person like Larry in the office when his assaulting teen age girls!

  • leo

    Apparently, You Bafoons don’t know how to spell,Mr. Larry Dominick “Won” by being the better person for OUR TOWN! he has brought Huge Commercial developments to Cicero, and a 60% oh I’m Sorry 61% of the Peoples Vote Got him back In Office, Ochoa take your 30% of chicagoians, Joe P with his WHOPPING 9% , Hope You put your resume’ s out there for LawnCare, or wait you Use to help shovel snow, Comming from a Resident for Life! Today Cicero Got What We Wanted/Needed

    • Sally

      All the commercial he brought in was mentioned years ago before he even became president. It's sad that there was a small turnout of Cicero voters and many of them were intimidated to vote. A lot of it was through misunderstanding and fear that was brought to them about voting. Who wants to vote for someone who was accused of multiple sexual harassment lawsuits? He has been accused of many things but unfortunately the Cicero residents only see what they can get for free or cheap (ice rink, parks, entertainment). Think about why Joe ran for president…. he ran for president because that's when Larry D was going to court and he might have been indicted. Joe and Larry know the same people, therefore, the same people would be running the Town because they all have the same connections. Why do you think Joe P wasn't Larry's competition? Both would end up doing the same thing at the end of the day.

      • Rose

        Larry wasn't indicted. I don't believe those of us who have lived here a long time are looking for free things. What we are looking for is a stable community, a safe community free of the gang thugs running the town, a local government that you can get services from and care about the residents and their needs. instead of Joe leaving the fold he needed to get behind the same people running the town and show Chicago that we don't need or want them. He needed to stay unified with the people that most of us have known for years.

  • vincent

    Just goes to show you hispanics from cicero always vote for your own never the caucasion guy dominick keeps taxes low helps our senior citizens and doesnt suck up to you free loading gang banging hispanics who want free food free rent free free free get a job.

    • Rosie

      That is very ignorant for you to say. I believe Larry Dominick has done great things for our community. Being hispanic myself I do not vote due to race but based off what I see and what I know Larry Dominick will continue to do for the Town of Cicero.

  • Rose Kurczab

    I have live in Cicero for 29 years. I am very happy with this town. What we didn't need is a Chicago machine candidate backed by a bunch of hungry power crazed aldermen bringing their agenda into our town. This town is wonderful to us seniors and Larry provided and cares for us. What does Chicago do for its seniors? When Chicago raised our water, this town shared the burden especially for the seniors.
    When I need a service from the town they respond and take care of it. Thank you Larry and those who help make this a safe and comfortable place to live.

  • Juan Alvarez

    Larry Dominick people stold votes because my neighbor when to vote and he had to fill a paper because he supposedly already had voted.

    • Rose

      sounds like Chicago style elections. I have been voting in this town for 29 years and we never had anything like this until the city aldermen got involved. This is an example of how Chicago runs their elections not Cicero. Which proves we need to keep them out of Cicero. That is why so many people left Little Village and came here. They were fed-up with this type of bullying and were looking for a town that cared about its residents and their families.

    • Just me

      I would be surprised if he did… I have to say they did a good job in getting people to vote….
      and getting votes.. they had ppl picking ppl up to take them to vote if they didn't have cars etc.

  • Fools

    All of the fools that reelected him deserve what they get. The people praising him must live under a rock. Educate yourselves so you can make better decisions next time. I guess what they say is true… ignorance is bliss…

  • Just me

    I don't give two s . h . i . t . s what larry does in his free time, all I'm saying is he needs to get on the freak'n police departments a$$ !

    At least when betty was around, the cops did their jobs! now the cops won't turn their heads when a young boy is getting jumpped!

    Larry does plenty of peace marches when ever someone is murdered, but what he should be doing is cracking down on the police force and making them do their job!

    I'm not saying SOME don't do their job…. BUT our police department could be WAY BETTER!

  • Jimmy Da Gent

    Let them have Cicero it is a Mexican infested Dump any way thought i would live there for the rest of my life , i dont even go to Cicero no more cuz of the shit hole it has become sad but true

    • Just me

      and good, stay out of cicero….
      cicero isnt a racist town where ppl of color are afraid to come through…. because ppl here are not the ignorant biggots that once over ran cicero…

      soooo stay the fk out of cicero….

  • john

    when will the U S attorney come in and audit the books ,see where the money is really going to these construction projects ,these phony lawsuits against the town so his cronies get to defend the town at ridiculous fees ,Hispanics have no one to blame but themselves being the majority and being robbed by the minority white establishment

  • tony la

    Larry gets a bad rap. How could a man intimadate voters in three different elections over 12 years. He has done a phenominal job. Everybody forgets about the gazillion square foot Wirtz warehouse that was built in town. The only people who have a problem with Larry are people and politicians who live in Chicago. Chicago tried to force feed their politicians down our throat and could not do it. You dont want to live here but you want to govern us. All these supporters who worked for Ochoa wanted jobs and only jobs. Who is chiding who. We are special people in Cicero. Until you become one of us, you will never govern us…..period.