Kelly declared winner of 2nd District Democratic Primary

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Robin Kelly has won the Democratic Primary in the race to replace Jesse Jackson Jr. in Illinois’s 2nd Congressional District.

As of 10 p.m., Kelly received 51 percent of the votes with 533 of 545 precincts reporting.

Halvorson called Kelly earlier Tuesday evening to concede and congratulate her.

The Republican Primary for the 2nd District seat was too close to call.

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  • pagan69

    Now you know what it costs to buy an election in Illinois. You sold out cheap, look out Rham looks like there is a big dog marking in your territory.

  • Nathaniel ballard

    I have a question why don’t felons have the right to defend there self with a firearm what makes there life lesser then anybody else’s life if your done your time you should be able to carry a firearm

    • pagan69

      Well if you are that worried about it you should have voted her out, but the big scary TV ads told you the streets would run red with blood and you would get fat drinking cola products, if you voted for anyone else, God What a Gullible Breed you People are in Chicago. Now the only thing you can do is elect (dare I say it) a Republican.

  • Jim

    I guess gun control is the only issue in the broke, unemployed and bankrupt south and southern suburbs. Once again Robin Kelly as been able to advantage of the stupidity and apathy of the people.

  • kid1339

    She acts like a member of the Jackson clan She don't even know what she's lying about just like Obama & the other crap heads in Washington . .

  • Dan Heff

    She said last night TV she campaign at polling places yesterday. That is illegal, if Jordan was any type of Journalist he would of question her on her illegal activities. and about her statement about " help me look like I knew about the issues in the debates"

  • Raise More Hell

    I don't much like Bloomberg. But buy the election? All he did is make sure people knew where Halvorson stood on one issue. Was her position not portrayed accurately? Not that I could see. Even w/o the gun issue Halvorson is truly a Blue Dog POS who would sell out working Americans. Congress (not just from Chicago) is full of careerist blowhards without a clue. If Kelley is not the best candid for the job, blame that on typical Chicago politics, not Bloomberg. Be thankful you avoided a real disaster yesterday.

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