Illinois House to debate concealed-carry laws today

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Illinois is the only state in America that doesn’t allow citizens to carry concealed weapons; but that may change.

House speaker Mike Madigan plans to open house debate on concealed-carry Tuesday.

Test votes could be taken on issues like concealed-carry in churches, casinos, sports stadiums, on public transit and even in day-care centers.

It’s a departure for Madigan, who normally prefers to cut deals privately, then present finished legislation to the House.

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  • lee

    the concealed carry law should be passed !!! Its our right and we have a right to protect ourselves and carry in the ONLY state that does not have the open law. Illinois needs to sto trying to be the worse stats in the nation a nd start trying to pass laws that really matter like the high prices we have andgas prices and taxes. Worst in the nation is Chicago !!! GO figure !!! GUns dont kil people its the CRAZY ones behind the gun that pulls that tricgger and taking them away wont stop the crime from happening if people new how to use them properly !!! Its those people that should NOT have a gun that has them that need to be taken away and YES stiffer laws for keeping them in jail would make a BIG difference !!!! Are we suppose to make a law for everyone that has lost a life to a gun violence? We dont take away knives and cars that kill people or the drunk drivers out there they still run the streets…

  • Scot Arcari

    Its scary to think of a trend in which violent criminals move to Chicago because we dont carry guns and were utterly defensless.. At least let us have nunchucks and switch blades so they think we have some means of defense,, .

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