Best Buy cuts hundreds of jobs

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

As store closings loom, Best Buy today announced the elimination of 400 jobs at its Minnesota headquarters.

In a statement, the company said today’s move represented more than job cuts, calling it, “the first phase of this initiative, with additional reductions to come during the year.”

The company says this will save the company $150 million, with the ultimate goal of saving $725 million in costs.


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  • kid1339

    We can hang on 4 more , most of the senate congress & Obama will be gone . Maybe we want be a third world country by then. You never know , but just maybe . The reason they can't pass any thing in Washington ,,trey don't know what's going on !!!!

  • Brent

    I can't wait for them to go bankrupt. After their Geek Squad ripped me off by not doing what I paid them to do, I swore never to visit this place again. Moreover, the Store Manager was huge slob of a dirtbag, apologized like he was reciting a poem, very impersonal and unprofessional. After this, I bought my laptop, printer, router, and flat tv at Abt – your loss Best Buy!
    No wonder you guys are about to go under!

  • No Mercy

    I agree with Brent, although I never did use Geek Squad because I knew they were a scam to begin with. Best Buy sucks, their employees suck, their conduct sucks and now they're facing the consequences. I can't wait for the whole damn company to be gone, the world WILL be a better place without Best Buy.

  • Diane

    The article is about Minnesota who is very proud to be a " Hope and Change" state. How's that working for you by the way?? Unfortunately Illinois is in the same boat. Small business owners can neither afford to maintain their current staff nor hire new employees due to Obamacare and tax codes. Its hard to see any business fail but that will be SOP real soon in ILLinois.

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