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Sources: Jackson Jr penning book

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Jesse Jackson Jr was out of public sight for months but sources say he was writing a book.

Sources tell WGN there are stacks of typed paper in his Washington, D.C. home and he’s been spending many hours writing.

The Chicago Tribune reports sources are also saying they’ve seen drafts of what are Jackson Jr’s memoirs as he tries to quote, clear up his legacy.

Jackson Jr’s will be sentenced June 28th after pleading guilty to spending campaign dollars on personal items.

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  • kirby1414

    I know that this isn't true!! This douche is going to make $$$ out of his crimes???? I wish I could tell all of you reading this that I am NOT surprised – BUT! I am NOT surprised – – I AM SHOCKED!!!

  • kirby1414

    Just happened to think – – I thought that he was SO overcome with his bi-polar disorder that he barely left the house…And he's writing a BOOK!?!?!

  • Joseph Cronin

    This is crazy!! he needs to be shamed into submission for violating the trust of his constituents and the american people! The worse part about it all is that there will be idiots that will buy it and I say SHAME ON THEM! I feel he should also owe back his years of HUGE salary for the years he has been scamming the american people out of their tax money. They need to throw the book at him like they did Blago

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