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How did the flu vaccine work this year?

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Influenza worsens across the countryAs the flu season winds down, there’s been some analysis of how this year’s flu vaccine worked, and the flu facts are not making health experts feel very good.

This year’s vaccine worked in only about half of those who got the inoculation. In better years, the vaccine was 70 percent effective.

Among the elderly, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the vaccine’s has only a 9 percent success rate in fighting this year’s most prevalent flu strain. Experts don’t know why.

Health officials advise elderly people not to try to deal with the flu alone. They say anti-viral medications can help lessen the severity of the illness and avoid the need for hospitalization.

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  • Jackie

    No shots of my family EVER! We boost our natural immunities with vit C and D dosages upped during flu and cold season. Everyone I knew that got the flu shot and the flu had the worst time ever this yer. My kids both got it and it lasted o ky 2-3 except a slight cough for a week. Stop believing media ads for big pharma and these toxic vaccines! Just say NO!

  • Bob

    How can anyone ever prove that a vaccine is effective? How does one prove that if someone doesn't get sick, it's due to the vaccine? It's impossible to know if they would have gotten sick if not vaccinated. So essentially, it's impossible to prove a negative. So, any studies that claim vaccines are effective must be fraudulent. On the other hand, studies that show vaccinated populations still get sick, that is real proof that vaccines don't work.

    • Ed.

      A vaccine is proven effective by studies of at least 2 groups in an area where there is an illness you are vaccinating against; one group vaccinated against the illness and the other group not. If the vaccinated group has a significantly lower percentage of people getting the illness than the non-vaccinated group then the vaccine is deemed effective. NO vaccine or medication or treatment is 100% effective and as the influenza vaccine is targeted towards the most prevalent strains that are circulating it might not protect against a rare strain that has just popped its head up and started spreading.
      Bottom line: much fewer people get the flu if vaccinated than those who do not.

      • Ed.

        Ed. Plus if you get vaccinated and DON'T get the flu you CAN'T pass it on to someone who can possibly die from it (Elderly, young children, folks with chronic illnesses or weakened immune systems).

  • McKenzie

    The way Vaccines work is they introduce a sample of the virus or thing they are designed to inoculate against and the immune system develops the anti-bodies for that pathogen specifically. The thing about viruses, more specifically the cold and flu, is the mutate VERY quickly. Flu vaccines work because it generally mutates slowly. The lessened effectiveness of the vaccine this year only means that the strain was very responsive to mutations, not that it was worse than other versions of the flu from previous years. There's no possible way to make a vaccine work 100% of the time and the regular 70% is pushing it even then. If your shot didn't stop you from getting the flu it's not because the medicine was bad or that the flu was worse than it normally is and you shouldn't say all vaccines are bad just because of the flu. Remember vaccines wiped out Polio off the face of the map. For those saying Vaccines are a hoax I'll ask you this; have you ever hear of someone dieing recently from Polio?