Chicago police welcome first detectives in 5 years

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The first class of Chicago Police detectives in five years hit the streets just a few weeks ago.

After a year where Chicago saw over 500 homicides, there have been calls for a heightened police presence.

The city’s newest detectives are now being trained by veterans of the force.

Some are learning the ropes, while patrolling some of the most dangerous streets on the South side of Chicago.

The robbery and burglary detectives of Area South gave WGN’s Frank Holland an exclusive look, in a ride along on a Friday night.

Veteran detective Joe Bowes has the duty to train Detective Thomas Lieber.

Lieber, an 18-year police veteran, is new to Area South and is new to this kind of work, so he has one eye on case reports and the other on his surroundings.

“A lot of these neighborhoods are new to me, so absolutely try to pick up the street names right away and all the other stuff,” said Lieber.

In the Auburn-Gresham neighborhood, where Bowes and Lieber patrol, almost anything can happen on a Friday night.

“Nothing can compare you for what happens out here.  You see a lot of funny stuff.  You see a lot of crazy stuff.  And you really see the worst that humanity has to offer,” said Bowes.

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  • Punch

    Couldn’t afford to promote new detectives for 5 years? With the taxes that we pay, this is evidence that our tax dollars are going somewhere else…LIKE SOMEONE’S POCKET! Then the schools get closed down! CHICAGO IS DUMBING DOWN THE PEASANTS: “A fool and their money are soon parted.” Yes, Fearless Leader Emanuel and King Quinn: Let’s blame just guns for the murders-not the gangs! Great butt cover!
    It’s starting to look a lot like DETROIT!