Bond denied for man charged with murder of Clemente High School student

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The man accused of killing a Clemente High School student is being held without bail.

Larry Luellen made his first appearance in bond court Saturday morning.  The 34-year-old is charged with murder in the shooting death of 18-year-old Clemente High School student Frances Colon last week in Humboldt Park.

“The fact is, we have a good strong case, good enough to charge him at this point.”

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy talked just after Luellen’s appearance in bond court saying an anonymous tip led investigators to Luellen, who they believe was targeting another man in a drug dispute but hit Colon in the back instead, killing her as she walked in the 1100 of North Pulaski February 15th.


“He was chasing one individual down the street firing shots at him, which anybody conducting a gun safety course or teaching somebody how to shoot will tell you never to do because as you’re running the gun is bouncing around. So naturally he hits the wrong person.  Not that it would’ve been okay if he hit that person but he hits an innocent person who was not the intended target. And everybody fled the scene.”

At least three cameras, he says, caught the moments leading up to the shooting and the shooting itself.

Luellen was on probation at the time for a 2010 felony conviction, court records indicate he’s had gang affiliations in the past.  Right now, even though police have witnesses, they say the man Luellen allegedly targeted in the shooting isn’t cooperating.

“If we don’t get that anonymous tip in the Luellen case we probably wouldn’t be standing here today.  We may have been here in 2 weeks or a week from now but god knows what would have happened between.”

Because of his criminal past and this latest allegation, Luellen faces life in prison if convicted.

“These crimes serve as a reminder to the criminals in this city and the citizens will not tolerate their violence.”

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  • Juan

    Where is that idiot who said the shooter was Puerto Rican? You must feel real dumb and stupid now.There are no more Puerto Rican troublemakers in Chicago, They all moved to Puerto Rico to ruin my beautiful island. The crime rate over there is just as bad as Chicago's south side. All for the damn drugs.

    • pagan69

      Ah yes the Ghetto Lottery, Go to Jail Sue the Cops, Pull a gun Get Shot, break into a Downstate Home Get Shot and Killed, Relitives Sue Homeowner for Loss of Wages, Not Down South, Judges Consider you a Fellon even in Death

  • kirby1414

    Any chance this d/bag has a previous record??? WOW! That mug shot just about says it all, doesn't it?? And to think this idiot could have been part of King Rahm's basketball program and NOT killed this young girl…I can that could have been his future – – HAD HE ONLY HAD A CHANCE AT THE PROGRAM…Damn!

    • pagan69

      Perhaps police should offer up free ammo and range time so these prigs start hitting what they shot at and as a graduation present they all get a ride to Cook County Lock-up

  • Marzelle Luellen

    Every single one of yall is wrong. First off thats my cousin. Second he is a changed man of GOD. And every single one of you who feels its your place to judge are wrong. GOD has something planned for each and every one of you. As well as the real people who did kill that girl. He is innocent and GOD knows so i trust and believe GOD almighty will take care of this and the real perpertrators will see justice

  • Marzelle Luellen

    i refuse to dignify the ignorance of any you. Like i said i have belief in Jesus himself that the correct justice will be served. And the Lord wlll handle all you as well

  • guest

    i just want to send my condolences to the family of the beautiful young lady that was at the wrong place at the wrong time on the behalf of my family i am his first and favorite cousin and i know it was truely a accident he is a man of god and he has changed his life around he has things going for his self and people want to bash him all the time their just jealous theyve always tried to bring my cousin down but you cant hold a good one down like i said we surely have been praying for my family as well as the young lady family and cpd yaul didnt have to put that damm mug shot of him on tv because he got better pictures you guys could have put him on a got damm shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • guest

      innocent until proven guilty free hin it was an accident i wish i could bring that baby back to her parents im so so so so sorry for your loss please forgive him he is a man of god tears for both families

      • wisconsinite

        with the mindset of you and your other family members , may'be the whole bunch of you should be behind bars.

    • steveo

      accident my ass what did he trip with a gun in his hand asshole he shot at a person that is not accident and killed an innocent girl

  • sharong4

    This man should not be tried, just fried. How is he going to be running and trying to shoot someone? Even I know that doesn't work. He must have been watching too many cowboy movies. That only works in the movies. These young boys had better sit down. More and more time is going to be handed out because of these fools. Another beautiful young lady is dead because of some butt hole trying to play God. They always say what goes around, comes around. Maybe he had better watch his back in prison. These young gang bangers are taking things to a whole nuther level and I don't think some of these old true gang bangers are going to like it.

  • anonymus

    on the street trying to be bad with a gun now he sitting behind bars looking like a little b**ch thats what u get looking like u wanna cry u scared now fry his ass