Drew Peterson transferred from Stateville to Pontiac prison

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Convicted murderer Drew Peterson woke up Saturday in his new home for the next 38 years.

It’s the Pontiac Correctional Center, a maximum-security prison that has a protective custody unit.

After Thursday’s sentencing for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio, Peterson started out at the Stateville prison Friday morning in suburban Crest Hill, but was quietly transferred to Pontiac.

He was processed there and prison officials released his new mug shot, shown here.

Peterson is 59 years old, and pending a successful appeal by his attorneys, he won’t be eligible for parole until 2047.

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  • JT12

    You must be an idiot. For if you knew the real truth about his 3rd/4th wife you might just keep your mouth shut. This guy should never had been indicted let alone found guilty.

    • not surprised

      I'm an idiot lmao! You must be a cop also, all you idiots stick together. Please tell us what we don't know about his third and fourth wives. Btw if he was such a decent guy then why would he have four wives, you douche! You don't find it funny how his third wife is dead and his fourth one missing, you ass.

  • Jonathan

    wow, the truth is he killed em!! Wow, I suppose you will be there to be his next victim. I suppose he was given the amighty right to KILL two or more women, and if we knew the truth you would be serving time with him, for sheer stupidty.

  • Will county citizen

    Regardless of what we as a society believe about what actually occurred between drew and his wives, there is a constitution in place to protect us as Americans, drew's constitutional rights were violated which is how the crooked will county states attorney was able to get a conviction, first and foremost they adopted drew's law which allowed hear say evidence which is absurd, you had the states attorney who intentionally threw remarks out there which were not to be allowed at trial, once spoken you can't just let it go, his attorney Joel Brodsky was another worthless one who was in it as a publicity stunt, based on all the railroading he should have never been on trial in this case, you can not convict a person off of a thought, for all you out there who support the railroading of drew Peterson I pray that you find yourself and or a loved one in a circumstance such as this where your enemies make false statements to destroy your lives, he will prevail through all this nonsense, and when he does I pray who sues the shit out of Glasgow and his bs team of liars.

  • becca

    blah blah blah with the " his rights were violated " crap. Enough! To often the system works
    to the advantage of the criminal and for once the pendulum swung the other way.
    He is off the streets and someone else will not die. Karma's a bitch and for once Justice has

  • doogie

    he'll b someone's mistress…stick him in the ass. he should have gotten life in prison without the possibility of parole. makes me happy knowing, he won't be 93 until he is eligible.
    on that note…let the appeals once again begin..for yet another low life…MURDERER, MURDERER, MURDERER…now watch some flaky bitch feel sorry for him, be his pen pal, and eventually end up marrying him..ugh just the thought…barf city..

    • pagan69

      Upon personal observation (as a Medic) in one of Illinois' Wearhouse Facilities, COPS DO NOT HAVE A PLESANT STAY THERE. Even the Celebrities.

      • doogie

        so what's your point? as far I can tell you are saying a whole lot of nothing, in response to my comment. dork ass

  • Elise E

    Will County Citizen is right! I personally am convinced Drew killed Kathleen and got rid of Stacy, too, but James Glasgow flagrantly VIOLATED the US Constitution to get this conviction. I don't know how he even got to bring it to trial. Here is the thing: Glasgow is part of the Will County good old white boys club and he is an arrogant metrosexual who thinks he can do whatever he wants. Drew is guilty, but I believe his constitutional rights were grossly violated by Glasgow getting that "Drew's Law" passed to be able to use only HEARSAY evidence. I am appalled that this could happen to anyone in the United States. Want somebody to go to prison so you can be a star? Make up a law that violates the Constitution and get it passed. Listen people – this SAME LAW COULD AFFECT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS if they ever get in any kind of trouble. Innocent people can be locked up under hearsay. THINK AGAIN, PEOPLE!

    • GM53

      you need to research it a little more. "Drews Law" has been over blown by the media. It's already been appealed and the appeals failed. That's why Drew's trial too so long. The law matches the laws in many, if not most other states, and matched federal law as well

  • Diane

    @ becca~

    Dear Becca, I too have sat at my keyboard and written the most insane stupid comments. Fortunately I didn't strike the "SUBMIT" icon as you did. I'm more frighten by your mind-set than Drew Peterson walking the streets. Peterson was only a threat to his wives. YOU are a threat to everyone.

    Thank you Elise E and Will County for acknowledging that the Constitution was twisted in order to bring this case to trail. I guess some folks do remember what they learned in their Constitution classes.

  • becca

    Yes, lets all stand behind the constitution, most of which is totally outdated and does not
    apply to todays society. If you dont go around elimanating wives you dont like you should
    FRIENDS. Diane, a bit of a hypocrite are we not? Love to spout off about the constitution
    only when it serves your opinion. Society should be more afraid of constitutional lunatics like
    yourself than people like me who know that once in a while justice prevails, at whatever the cost.
    Maybe you can go visit Drew and comiserate over the injustice of it all.

  • becca

    As an example of flawed laws: How about we update the law that says once found not guilty
    you can never be brought back to trial no matter the circumstances. If you are allowed to
    appeal a quilty verdict than the state should have the right to retry a person if new evidence
    is available to prove their quilt. Ignorance is just standing behind a law simply because its there
    and disregarding whether it needs to be changed or is wrong. In this case the new heresay
    law WAS appropriate considering the circumstances. Hopefully it will be used again to convict
    more sicopaths like Drew. Its time criminals get manipulated a bit by the system instead of the victims.

  • mother-jones

    Trying to remember to critique the post and not the poster. But I have to shake my head at Becca. What?? HUH?? You gotta be kiddding. Even Judge Judy wouldn't allow half the crap used in the Peterson trail to be allowed in as evidence. The D.A. shoul d be fired and the judge and lawyer disbarred.

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