Police investigating death of baby found in toilet

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Police are investigating the death of a newborn baby found in toilet in the Roseland neighborhood Thursday night.

Police investigating death of baby found in toiletA 16-year-old girl delivered the baby just hours before she was found dead, according to Chicago Police.

The medical examiner’s office says the girl carried her baby to full term before giving birth.

No charges have been filed.

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  • wisconsinite

    the baby would of been welcomed in countless homes since the "mother" didn't want the baby. But then again the whole city has become a toilet.

  • Fready

    I just want to say i know her cousin…. and well she didnt even know she had a baby. She w as just trying to get to school and she thought she had pooped. Ya'll just jumping to a shit load of conclusions that you dont know shit about.

  • Louisa3

    At 16 she still doesn't know that she's pregnant, cessation of menstration along with the baby's movement inside her belly that are obvious from about 5 months on- I'm throwing out the b.s. flag on this one. A baby moving through the vaginal birth canal doesn't feel anything like a bowel movement, but allowing for the possibility that one is a total moron.

    • Fready

      I don't even have to say much of anything else. Its a shame that when this sort of thing happens to anyone else, or any other race, that they arent attack as such; of course, be it a young african american girl, "with no regards towards a human life" and who is "too ignorant and unknowledgable about pregnancy", she is laid as a homicidal and ignorant child.

      It is entirely possible to not know that you are not pregnant, every women is different, every child is different, every pregnancy is different, every birth is different. There are special cases, and there are less rare cases of things similar to this happening, for you to utterly dismiss the possibility is baffling, and labels you a bit ignorant. Once again, Menstruation and its cessation is only a factor of said possibility of pregnancy, as it can stop for many other reason. Also some people have easy pregancy some people dont. hers may have been easy… you cannot tell her how it to be pregnant or give birth.

  • Ami

    With LESS than a paragraph of information, you have already formed opinions and conclusions about this without considering what could have been an accident.

    Her cousin, whom I've heard from, believes this was an accident.

    But thank you, commentors, for IMMEDIATELY assuming the worst because of your preconceived notions of African-Americans without batting an eyelash and with limited information, whether this was an accident or not.

  • Shannon

    Why is race an issue here? It shouldn't be, I don't know why the racism…that behavior shows low regard for human life. I have 3 children and it did for me, feel like a bowel movement, and the most relieving one ever at that. Everyone has their own unique different experiences in childbirth. Ob/GYN's and pregnancy books often warn against using the restroom when having a strong urge while pregnant. Furthermore…I became pregnant at 15, back when it was still very taboo. Words couldn't express how scared I was to tell my mom, and I didn't til I was 5 months along. I was lucky I had a healthy baby, and lucky I was able to finally come clean to an adult. Maybe this girl felt she had no other option, no prenatal care also means no chance for education on the situation. Sometimes you gotta try to see things from another's place. I'm sad to see this story and I hope another girl….no matter what race, can go to an adult for help so this baby didn't die in vain. Very sad:(

  • Shannon

    Wanted to add also that as I young girl, my cycle wasn't always regular. Part of the reason I didn't tell my mom til 5months is because I simply didn't even know myself til I was 3 months….so sad

  • Julie

    ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!!!!! Whether she knew or not…That is just an EXCUSE! Going to the bathroom…she would have indeed seen the "BABY" and umbilical cord…after giving birth! Come up with a better excuse than that! Educated or not…how about common sense…so pathetic…to think that someone is that ignorant 16 or not. Where are the moral and values…I know many people from many different walks of life…it is all about the choices you make!

    • duh

      obvious you're a man and dont understand what services Planned Parenthood offers to un-insured women of your great city….."postnatal abortion" you are disgusting. you are a pig. you fear things you dont understand. why dont you post your real name so all the girls that might be thinking of abortion or adoption can drop their babies off at your house, you obviously have the funds and wisdom to raise them all! also, you're post has nothing to do with this story, idiot!

  • Melissa

    First, all you men can shut your mouths. This is a women’s issue.

    Second, all of you ignorant, prejudiced, hateful women can shut YOUR mouths. This is for reasonable adults only.

    Third, this is a tragic, heartbreaking article, but it’s only part of the story. Until you know everything, keep your mouths shut.

    That should leave us in silence.

  • HiDawnG

    Maybe YOU can help stop something like this from ever happening again? This is your chance to make a life or death difference in the future for the youngest, most vulnerable of all, a newborn baby.

    Maybe you can help make the public aware of Baby Safe Haven law?

    Baby Safe Haven laws offer a safe, legal, option for a desperate parent in crisis. The laws say a parent may hand an unharmed baby, 30 days old or younger, to staff at any hospital, fire or police station. If you or someone you know may be hiding a pregnancy or have a baby they don’t feel they can care for, call the national safe haven 24-hour crisis hotline 888-510-BABY (2229) for confidential help.

    For more information, call or email:

    Dawn Geras
    President, Save Abandoned Babies Foundation http://www.SaveAbandonedBabies.org http://www.facebook.com/SaveAbandonedBabies
    Phone: 312-440-0229 Cell: 312-519-3447
    55 E. Erie St., #2905, Chicago, IL 60611-2255

  • msboss2010

    it is sad but the young lady has went through so much in her life and shes only 16 so she was scared and shocked i mean it leaves no excuse for what she did yeah she could of told someone but…..we were not in her frame of mind so we dont know what she was thinking at tht time we cant judge based on wat the news has giving us……i know the girl personally