Forbes ranks Chicago as 4th most miserable city

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Do you feel miserable? If so, join the club.

Forbes ranks Chicago as the fourth most miserable city in the country. It blames violence, high foreclosures, and falling home prices.

Forbes also ranks Rockford as the third most miserable place, thanks to the 11 percent unemployment rate.

Lake County, Illinois, sits in the ninth spot, due to plummeting home values. Milwaukee and Gary, Indiana finished in the top twenty.

The most miserable city: Detroit.

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  • jeff

    yup sorry i cut the line at getting shot at and robbed………….. if 773 and 312 burned down tomorrow and millions were dead here id fell no remorse

  • Rick Phillips

    Why don’t people sign their name when they say something? Is it because they know they are so far from reality they don’t want everybody to know?

    If you are going to say something, have the guts to use your real name.

  • kirby1414

    Add to the list: gang related killings, peoples fear of being on public transportation becasuse of thefts and assaults, the highest gas prices in the country, high parking prices. Even what ws once considered the best/lowest crime areas of Chicago – the higher end shopping areas are in fear of the thefts, gang related robberies, the flash mob antics/group robberies. The city is a cesspool of robbery, killings and fear for the people that used to enjoy the city. People are NOT even safe jogging along the lakefront. And of course I have to mention again: all of our politicians are also thieves and full of corruption!


  • JJ Seereded

    I lived in Lake County IL my whole life, what a joke real estate taxes were. Got the hell out last year and live in California now. Bigger house half the taxes. Try to convince my family to do the same. What a dump.

  • Peggy

    Maybe! But I will bet the people who live there do not think so.Most people are pretty happy with where they live and do so for their own personal reasons. Money would probably be the main reason to stay where you hate, simply because you cannot move.

  • Harry

    Why is it that cities that have less restrictive gun laws, have less crime and cities that have much more restrictive gun laws have more crime ?
    Why is gasoline much more expensive in Chicago and the streets are in such bad shape ?

    • JJ Seereded

      Ask Representative Jackson, oh wait, hes going to jail along with his wife. So how many is that in the last 5 years going to jail that are Illinois politicians?? Even the damm govenor. I can think of at least 6. Those are just the ones that got caught. And all those dumbells that live in Illinois just sit there and take it. Either get off your butts and do something or get the hell otta there. WAKE UP PEOPLE!