Poll: Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s approval rating slipping

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Fewer Chicago residents are taking a liking to Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Crain’s Chicago Business and an ISPOS poll says only 2% of city residents strongly approve of his job performance.  12% somewhat approve of his performance.

Crain’s says on the other end, 13% strongly disapprove, 9% somewhat disapprove and 13% lean toward disapproval.

He was more popular in Crain’s last performance poll in September.

Statewide, Crain’s reports an increase in negative attitudes toward the mayor because of a wave of murders in the city, proposed school closings and his hard-ball image.

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  • mike

    Why did it take this long to see it???? He is the worst mayor ever,not just that chicago ever had but any town i wouldn’t even want him to be the tv mayor for Mayberry. …….

    • pagan69

      WHY, do you people up there allow these people to take root up there in the first place? They are like drugs JUST SAY NO, they are like gangs boot them out of your neighborhood. That is when you demand you right to personal protection. that puts yourself on an equal footing with them.

  • kirby1414

    I think this is a 'stepping stone' for Rahm – – I think that with his Washington connections, he's looking at the White House as is future…He denies it – But, from other things I've read lately – that's his goal. Now the BIG question: Who will replace him? Yet another 'connected' politician concerned with padding his resume', among other things~

    • pagan69

      I think the country has had enough of Chicago in the White House. It will be another 150 years before they elect another president from Illinois. Besides Chicago is the NEW DETROIT.

  • J Cronin

    you are all sheople….he is trying to make this city better with the resources he has. The things people are complaining about are mostly out of his control. you can sit there and complain about gun violence and the recession blah blah blah….but none of that is his fault. How about parents grow up and actually instill some values into their children and be more actively involved in their lives so that none of this happens in the first place….and if you give the lame excuse that there isnt time…then keep in your damn pants til you are mature enough to use it and take responsibility for yourself and the ones you create.

    • Former Chicagoan

      He has cut programs to the poor and needy and shredded the morale of his police department. CPD hate him as do all city employees. He has also lost a tremendous amount of popularity with African Americans ad Hispanic voters. He would be fit as the as the mayor of Glencoe or Highland Park. He has no connection or understanding of most Chicagoans.

      • Bob

        I grew up the Southwest Side/ Midway Airport. I have lived in DuPage county for over 20 years. All my friends in including the women are firemen or police/persons, (my respect for the Ladies in Blue)

        He is out of touch with the civil servants!!! His goal is the White House not Chicago he is another Obama Only of another color.

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