Parents say school closures violate children’s civil rights

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Some angry parents who say their children have become victims of violence since their school was closed are filing civil rights complaints against Chicago Public Schools.

At the beginning of the current school year children from Price Elementary School, 4327 South Drexel Boulevard, were folded into the student population at National Teachers Academy, 55 West Cermak Road.   Some parents and activists say it has made for a dangerous mix and children are getting hurt.

Today parents sounded off against CPS outside the Price school, which closed last fall.  The same fate could possibly be facing over 120 other city schools, due to under-enrollment and under-achievement.

The protesters claim Price students have not been welcome at the National Teachers Academy, 22 blocks away in Chinatown, and there have been a number of skirmishes, including what the protesters say was a premeditated attack on Monday that landed one former Price student in the hospital.

A police source confirms the attack occurred at NTA.  A 13-year-old boy suffered head injuries and a 15-year-old was arrested.

The parents and activists have filed two civil rights complaints, and they are demanding a meeting with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.  They claim CPS closures violate civil rights because childen are denied a quality education in their own neighborhoods.

So far, no response from CPS to the group’s protest.

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  • Tired of Morons

    It sure does violate the civil rights of these children. Every child in this great country should have access to an education!

      • Tired of Morons

        "Free handout" ? Bob you don't know your own country so shut your mouth before you look even dumber than you already do. Familiar with the laws of the U.S. there Bob? Look it up dumb*ss!

  • Todd Pardee

    Doesn’t the poor education they receive now violate their civil rights?
    What did you think was going to happen when Karen and the teachers union held out for huge raises when they knew the system was broke?

  • Tired of Morons

    It sure does Todd. We need to revamp our education system so it is not based on property taxes. Undoing that will help to make education more even especially for inner-city children. It's just not fair that an education for a child in Naperville is 20 times better than that of a child in Chicago.

  • Todd Pardee

    Are you nuts? Where do you expect the money to come from? Do you really expect your property taxes to go down when education is backed out of property taxes? It’s about living within your means! CPS and most of Chicago isn’t doing that!

  • get real

    Maybe if these parents got jobs and paid taxes their school would be open. The rest of the state has been paying too much for chicago's welfare parents.

    • Kay

      How do you know that all of these children parents even recieve welfare? Cause I dont see that info anywhere. Or is it because they are Black?

    • Taxman

      @get real- What you said makes absolutely no sense. Do you know how public schooling is paid for? You are seriously tying two separate issues into another.

    • Angry Chicagoan

      Get Real, what in the world makes you think the taxes in your municipality pay for Chicago Public Schools? That statement in itself was assine. Your following statement was just plain ignorant. Since your statements indicate you don't live in Chicago, you should have probably kept them to yourself. Since you didn't…you should expect unkind commentary and feed back.

      The Chicago Public School system is trying very hard to eliminate as many Public Schools as possible. The reasoning is so they can collect rents from Charter School organizations willing to take over those properties. At the same time, CPS would be eliminating their civil responsibility. By keeping a small percentage of school, they stabilize their own existence and purpose. From a business stand point this is a brilliant idea. However, from a civil and moral point of view this is bullshit!

      But more importantly "Get Real", the majority of families affected by these potential school closings are not on welfare. I can also assure you the property taxes of the homeowners in these areas are more than whatever you could possibly be paying.

      Wait! Are you paying taxes? Probably not. Otherwise, you would know yours aren't paying for shit in Chicago.

  • Shwantae Mosby

    I'm a parent of an NTA child, and I have TWO degrees. Mr. Get Real, had your people stayed somewhere in Europe and left the rest of the world be, we would NOT have this problem. Had Africans not been victimized by your pedophile, black-women-loving white men, we would not have this problem. Mr. Get Real, the greed of YOUR people is why this world is going bankrupt and WE are so tired of people like YOU. But you can see the tides turning, can't you? The middle class is folding, and you shall fold right along with it! So Mr. Get Real take a number because the welfare line is waiting on you. I hope you can stop jacking off to your three-year-old-son's picture long enough to read this. Who am I kidding. Right?

    • Ed Ucation

      Race card? Hey guy, are you familiar with the history of education in the U.S.? Then you do understand the significance of Brown v. Board of Education. Okay then. Well, not much has changed over the last couple of decades. Conversely, though, your ignorance does suggest that you must have received quite a poor education.

  • Louisa3

    then riddle me this, why is it that in the city of Chicago where they spend more per capita per child than any private school or most suburban schools for that matter and certainly more than in other neighboring states- is the education provided such crap?
    and that's based on the stats of "underperforming" and test scores. It can either only be the teachers or the parents. Period. Not the money spent.

  • JustOneMan'sOpinion

    Tired (et al)…Unfortunately it is not the property tax system that is the primary issue with the CPS school system. In fact CPS has more funding per pupil than many suburban schools (see, for example,… ). Obviously we can have a wide ranging discussion for why CPS is getting less done with more (some popular, but by no means correct theories are, less parental responsibility in the aggregate than other schools, having to deal with outside pressures that many other schools do not (gangs, etc), sheer inefficiency of the administration, teachers, etc).

    Focusing just on the school closure issue, there are many schools that are operating significantly under capacity. Clearly in a perfect world we could address the underlying reasons for this (largely due to population loss in the southern and western portions of the City brought on by a laundry list of causes, safety, economic downturn, increased gentrification and segregation, etc) but, in terms of CPS, it certainly doesn't seem to make sense to operate 3 schools at 60% when two schools will do.

    • Al et

      Hey Just One Man, that is the MOST biased source I have ever seen. Try writing an opinion on something that doesn't use completely biased sources (windy-city-young-republicans…pffffttt!) and I just might consider your argument. Until then, get an education on using unbiased internet sources. Been to college yet? Seems likely not.

  • christa tenner

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  • Diane

    HAHAHAHAHAHA How RIDICULOUS this is! Learn how to be a parent instead of accusing everyone else of causing your problems! So instead of stepping up and helping to educate their kids, these parents play the race card again and again and again and again……
    Civil rights = snivel rights STAND UP and be a PARENT to your kids.