Drew Peterson sentenced to 38 years in prison

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A judge has sentenced Drew Peterson to 38 years in prison for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio.

Peterson, 59, was convicted last fall of murdering Savio in 2004.

Drew Peterson to get sentenced or retrialJudge Burmila denied his request for a retrial early Thursday afternoon, and went straight into the sentencing hearing.

During his sentencing, Peterson was given the chance to speak.

He started off by saying, “Good day, my name is Drew Peterson, I hope I don’t aggravate the situation.” Then he screamed, “I did not kill Kathleen!”

A family member of Savio’s yelled back, “Yes you did!” The family member was removed from the courtroom by the judge.

Peterson apologized to the judge by saying he must have been whoozy, he complained that the state police set him up. Judge Burmila warned him against any more outburst.

Peterson then said, “I loved Kathy(Savio), she was a good mom, she kept a nice home , she did not deserve to die. She had an accident.”

At the end of his speech, Drew Peterson looked directly at Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow and said, “Never forget my face. I don’t deserve this.

Peterson is also a suspect in the 2007 disappearance of Stacy Peterson, his fourth wife.

He has not been charged in that case.

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  • Kay Hensin

    If he was going to whack somebody he, as a veteran cop, should have kept his cool, used his experiences, and did so in a more inobvious manner. But then again when one kills over hate and money they aren't thinking too smartly.

  • Ghf

    59 + 38 ?? That's not old, if you're a tortoise or a whale! You know his fellow inmates are just gonna LOVE a former policeman. I hope they show him a whole bunch of true love!!

  • Steve

    Yes! It's about time! I knew the defense is using the ruse to keep Peterson out of prison. Nice try sunglasses clowns. We, the people of Illinois, are sick and tired of the rouge cop attempts to keep himself out of prison. Peterson murdered his wife, did things to keep himself out of prison by covering up and used the defense is the act of coward.

  • Rolo

    Criminals! Come to Illinois! Doesn't matter what side of the law your on. Be it Congressman, President, Governor, cop, gangbanger, They're all the same in our eyes (and jails) They just haven't caught up to the president yet or he'd be joining all of them

  • christa tenner

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  • bobhamiltonchicago

    So Drew Peterson is going to be sodomized on a regular basis… they can see right thru him in jail. They can read his insecurities and obvious weakness about his masculinity as a cover for his latent homosexuality. They will help him work through all of those feelings in about one therapy session. His new name will likely be Vicky the vacuum, but in time, he will get used to it, and may even prefer that treatment.

  • Ken Jenhom

    Hey bob go back to the bar son. DP is an a-hole but his latest two ex- wives were no angels either. Have any of you idiots thought about why DP's first 2 wives are alive and well??? Oh by the way, he will not be going to a hard-core prison. Ex cops do have some clout.

  • Ty Keller

    I was in the Media Room when he took the stand. The room got real quiet as everyone was getting ready to type on their laptops, hands poised, complete silence, then out of nowhere "I did not kill Kathleen!" To which a female voice was heard saying "Yes you did." There was a brief pause and after the shock wore off, reporters were typing as fast as they could, phone calls were being placed to the outside, detailing the first words of DP's long awaited opening statement. After about 35 minutes of listening to him cry about being mis- treated and noting all his civil rights being violated and how due process was not followed in his case and hoe the ISP railroaded his case. He was finally sentenced and the whole thing was over.

  • Heather from NY

    FINALLY Justice is served for 'poor 'Drew the shrew….its about time!!!! I guess its proof that revenge is best served cold….Kathleen finally got him for what he arrogantly thought he could get away with….her death. There is a God……R.I.P. DREW!!! and DONT BEND OVER FOR THAT SOAP, HONEY!!!