Live blog: Inside the courtroom of Peterson retrial hearing

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

In another interesting twist in the case of Drew Peterson,  the hearing for a new trial for Peterson has thus far focused on the behavior and ethics of former defense attorney Joel Brodsky.

A former law partner of Brodsky’s, Reem Odeh, told the court that Brodsky was “furious” with her when she said she was leaving the firm.

Judge Edward Burmila asked Odeh why she didn’t take pertinent documents with her upon leaving.

Odeh answered by describing a tense situation where she left quickly and had her belongings shipped out.

Odeh said that at one point Brodsky “physically attacked” her and the police had to be called.

The second witness has now been called.  He is a law professor who teaches professional responsibility and ethics at John Marshall Law School.

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  • elizabeth

    lying through her teeth. She attacked joel, there was a witness who was present at this time. Joel couldn't do enough to facilitate her departure. He even moved her stuff out because she was causing such a scene in front of clients that joel couldn't take her being in that office alone one more day. He was afraid she would steel files and cause damage to records which she threatened to do. This was only when she found out that joel signed a 10 year lease at the existing location after she spend a month prior shopping for offices to move to and was in now way interested in paying the rent which was unaffordable to her based on her type of clients (low income immigration). she didn't handle anything else other than filling forms and appearing on immigration cases. even the more difficult ones she would refer out cause she couldn't handle them. she has no knowledge of law. Had to be schooled on how to write a motion or any other similar type of documents on behalf of her clients going thru divorce which she started to accept only if it was a straight divorce no kids and uncontested. couldn't even do those right.

    • Anonymous

      This character assault on Reem Odeh is not good Mrs. Brodsky. She may have had low income immigrant clients, but it seems to me that outside of the Peterson money, she was the only person bringing any money into the firm. Your comment here also contradicts your husband's insistence that he fired Ms. Odeh. I don't which one of you is telling the truth here. Maybe you, maybe him, maybe neither. His charge of fraud against her is one that he has leveled at countless attorneys and judges. Mr. Brodsky is paranoid and thinks that anytime something goes wrong for him it was solely because of fraud and forgery. He has the man who cries wolf. Please stop this defense by character assassination. It is not only beneath a lawyer, but also a horrible use of ad hominem attacks.

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