Police targeting gang of Pendleton’s alleged killers

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Hadiya Pendleton’s accused killers have now put their entire gang in the cross-hairs of the Chicago Police Department.

Police say Micheail Ward and Kenneth Williams are gang members.

In response to the Pendleton murder, the police will target all members of their gang, singling them out for arrest for even the most minor offenses like driving while talking on a cell phone.

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  • KAY

    This Is The most talked about murder that Chicago has had.. And people die here everyday. Hell even babies die. I guess their not worth as much fame huh? Smdh

  • Lloyd Christmas

    I really feel sorry for these two boys. They are just a product of their environment. They grew up with poor schooling and society expects nothing better from them. I hope they don't get too harsh of a punishment.

    • Lloyd Christmas

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Sorry folks. I didn't know there was another Lloyd Christmas on this blog. Pretty funny. I was wondering why 'Bob' was commenting on my posts in other blogs. Now I see. Well, can't win em all! But fraudulent Lloyd Christmas, why are you writing as me? Just wondering. Our views couldn't be further apart. I despise all these scumbag bangers and their pathetic friends and family who refuse to cooperate with the police. Send em over seas and let em shoot it out with Muhammad.

      • Lloyd Christmas

        Hah! I am the real Lloyd Christmas and, yes, I don't think like you. I hope my friends don't think that I think in the ways that you have commented. There are reasons that gangs exist in our country and it's because the laws here create them. If the children of this country had better schools and lived in better neighborhoods they would not be in gangs. So quit writing comments under my name and calling me a fraud. Get another name… your the imposter.

    • kirby1414

      YOU ARE KIDDING —right??? Or are you a killer too?? Something to hide??? KILL THEM BOTH – STRING THEM UP LIKE THE MURDERERS THAT THEY ARE!!!

    • Baldy

      they are product of THEIR choices. Lots of people overcome their surroundings and are living a positive lifestyle. Choices get them in trouble. It sounds like you making bad choices to. Don't use the environment for bad choices and be irresponsible.

  • sam

    this murder is talked about a lot because the girl went to the white house and was a model student. If she was just any person that gets killed in chicago it wouldnt have made this much impact. Chicago murder capital of the us smh

  • keshonda

    that is some fuck up shit chicago is gettin so fuckin bad it dont make no fuckin seance 15 that girl hade a whole life in fornt of her

  • Joymar

    This is a start! Let's support President Obama, Mayor Emanual, Commission McCarthy, and all the others who are trying to make Chicago a safer, gang-free city! Illinois needs firmer laws governing shootings of this type.

  • Johnathan

    I think that the gun control laws should have been changed when in columbine happened on April 20, 1999 even tho that happened in a diffrent state. Some action should have been taken through out the U.S! I'm not understanding why the cops in Chicago and even the president haven't put there foot down along time ago and tried to stop this. This all could have been avoided along with the other shootings and murders in the city of Chicago. I am very upset over the gang violence and violence in general. IT HAS TO STOP!

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