Illinois Senate passes same-sex marriage bill

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The Illinois Senate passed a bill today making same-sex marriage legal in the state.

The final tally was 34-21, with two senators sitting out.

The vote, followed by a flurry of press releases from the mayor, governor, county board president, and county clerk all applauding the senate.

“Today, we are one step closer to marriage equality in Illinois,” Gov Pat Quinn said in a statement. “This historic legislation will strengthen our state by allowing all committed couples to enjoy the same legal protections and benefits of marriage.”

“This legislation callously redefines a bedrock institution of our society and deteriorates the free exercise of religion in our state,” the Catholic Conference of Illinois stated.

Senate passes gay marriage billAnother rebuke came  from the Christian Conservative Thomas More Society which stated “Why are Illinois politicians working to trample the rights of the millions of people of faith across our state to live and work in accord with their religious beliefs?”

“This is a very important day, to happen on Valentine’s Day, when we celebrate love. It’s also a very important day strategically, because it brings this issue to the Illinois House with a great deal of momentum,” said Mitch Locin of Equality Illinois.

House passage of the Gay Marriage Bill is expected to be much more difficult. That vote will likely happen next month. If it passes, Gov Quinn has strongly suggested he will sign it.

Read the breakdown of the vote (pdf)


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  • LooeyNoorey

    Congrats, Illinois, you Bible-lovers! In Luke 17 Jesus predicted that just before His return to earth as Judge, one of the two big "signs" heralding and, yes, provoking His arrival would be the worldwide repeat of the "days of Lot" (see Gen. 19 for the details). So gays and their supporters are doing a "Lot" to fulfill the Bible, thus making it even more believable. Gays have invented new architecture: closets opening not on to bedrooms but on to Main Streets where kids are allowed to watch naked men having sex in Nancy Pelosi's Brothel District (Google "Zombietime" and click on "Up Your Alley Fair"). You can now expect the "God" mentioned in your state constitution to send you even more droughts, tornadoes and other goodies because you're ILL & ANNOY Him!

    • gary

      You are correct!!! That is why i want to move out of Illinois, they can't pass a sensible budget or manage our money correctly, but they can turn us into Sodom and Gemmorah. Pray for America, with Raum and Barak we are going to need it.

    • middle man

      I kind of envy lunatics like you. Thinking the "second coming" will occur at all, let alone during your lifetime, is the height of pompousness. Thankfully, times change in spite of backwards thinking like this, and much like the dinosaurs…you'll die off eventually.

    • Corey

      I imagine you have read the actual story of Lot in the Bible? Not a story I would base any of my ethics on, in the modern age. Read it again and consider what Lot proposes to subject his daughters to.

  • Cookies

    I tell you……Illinois can't pass a Gun law, but passes same sex marriage. To each is own. I'm happy for those who can marry who they love, but the city of Chicago has more murders then Iraq…Get a law passed to convict murders for life…..Since they pass this law….Let see is Pat Quinn can fight to get the BIBLE re-written. (Adam and Eve).

  • Sprucicle

    Here's me, thinking the laws of this land are to be written independent of any religious scripture. Some kind of separation of church and state. Thank you, comment-section-idiots, for showing me how wrong I am.

    • melts

      So according to your belief, we are all to be Godless. The law of separation of state and religion was made to "protect" religion from the state. I think our legislators and you are a bit confused.

  • Dumb Religion

    The bible is a bunch of made up crap that never really ever happened. What's worse is people will say, in response to things like legalized gay marriage, "Oh, I pray for you America." Okay, so let's get this straight…you are going to pray to the god who created everything, is all seeing and all knowing, and then you are going to expect him/her to change what he/she made happen in the first place. Christians are some of the stupidest people out there!

    • Jane

      Actually, Dumb Religion, there is a lot of historic evidence even outside of Christian scripture for the main events of Jesus' existence on earth, as well as the fact of miracles performed in his name over the course of history and throughout history. Read Craig Keener's Miracles. There is also documented evidence of people dead by all medical standards who have near death experiences and report encountering someone who identifies himself as Jesus — this even reported by children too young to be expected to know religion, and not from Christian families. You are not very familiar with Christian teaching, which sees an amazing story told with coherence over centuries about a God who created the world out of love and calls those whom He created with free will to return to Him. We believe we are on this planet to orient our lives to God, part of which is following laws relating to sex so that we don't define ourselves by that passion but in relation to Him. I suggest that you study a bit more before you call us the stupidest people out there. You won't care about what a positive difference my faith has had in my life, but at least consider the consequences of your attacks if we're right and you're wrong.

      • Downhill from here!

        Jane completely again! Last time I checked a woman and woman, or a man and man can't procreate life.

      • Chris

        There are plenty of heterosexual men & women who cannot reproduce either…therefore they should not be able to get married. This isn't about religion, or procreation…this is about EQUALITY. If the requirement for marriage is determined to be procreation, then heterosexual couples who have had ovarian or testicular cancer cannot get married either.

      • Dumb Religion

        Oh Pascal's bet. Oh I am so scared. Nothing of what you say is backed by any scientific evidence. In other words, you can't prove anything of what you just said which makes you pretty dumb to base your life on it. So go ahead and continue to be stupid but keep your stupidity to yourself or at least just among your fellow christians. The rest of us need real evidence before we act in an uncivil manner toward our fellow citizens. Idiot!

      • Juan

        Jane don't waste your words in trying to educate a moron. This guy is a non believer and no one will change his mind. Remember it is a few against billions who belief. He probably believes his mother didn't give birth to him that he came out of the ground.

      • Dumb Religion

        Juan- religion is not education. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Education is based on evidence whereas religion is based on belief. Again, another christian idiot. Next…

  • Downhill from here!

    Marriage is between a man and a woman – open and closed case. If they want to be in a civil union so be it, they can't help how they were born! I can't wait to move out of this state, and the democratic BS!! The people that run this state are so corrupt it's scary!! Illinois needs to stop worrying about who can marry who, and start worrying about what matters – the fact that we have the highest murder rate in the nation. Stop trying to take guns out of the abiding citizens – because the murders aren't the ones handing over their weapons, and put money and energy where it belongs in protecting the innocent people!! I love how they find time for BS votes, and not where it really matters. Marriage equality should be one of the last points of discussion!!!

    • John

      Yes, marriage is term for the union of a man and a woman. There shouldn't be so much argument about it. The legislators should focus on pressing issues such as pension, healthcare, gun violence, and education than symbolic gay marriages. How come this state is so tolerant of gay rights and all. Forget about it! Enact sensible legislation.

    • Bill

      This is your opinion on Marriage, other people have different opinions then you do. No one is ever going to be perfectly correct esp when an opinion is involved. Government is there to protect us under some basic ideas, Like all men are created equal. If that holds true then all men should be able to get married regardless of who they want to in the eyes OF OUR GOVERNMENT. If the Eyes of your god then your church can decide if they will administer it or not, but GOV shouldn't deny equal rights that you or I can have to others.

      • John

        This is not just an opinion about marriage, it is the fact about marriage. Anything different from this is an opinion, like what you gays believe.
        Spare me the Equality Clause, its been greatly misunderstood and abuse by the self-serving gay community. This clause does not mean that men should marry other men. Yes men are created equally but there are limits to what men can do like logic, common good, and ethics.
        The government has the moral obligation to protect and preserve the basic unit of society, the family. Not your gay family with adopted kids!

      • Bill

        There is no fact when it comes to a single word. How one person uses a word can be different depending on the different culture the two come from. For example once working with someone from the Englewood area of Chicago and listen to the radio they told me to "Yank it", To me this means pull the radio out. To them and from where their culture was "yank it" meant turn the volume up. To them I would be wrong on pulling the radio out, to me they would be wrong with the meaning of turning the volume up. Everyone in General has some basic points we can agree on with the word marriage meaning, but everyone can disagree on points also. This heavily depends on where and what culture we personally are coming from. If you come from a Culture heavily based around Church and god then you meaning will be different from someone comes from a different culture…either is right or wrong. The governments basic job is just to ensure we have basic rights equally among us, your society and family comes heavily from you culture…trust me you don't want government in these! Equality "clause" means if you and i can do it, then so can he or she (given they did nothing to be prosecuted in court for that right to be taken away…like voting rights for felons..). Logic, Common good, and ethics come back from our separate cultures….not government. I don't have a gay family as I am strait (catholic also), regardless if i have the right then so should gay people… at least in the eyes of our Government. Equal rights have been argued over with slaves, Japanese Americans, Women, Bi-Race couples, and this is just naming a few. Same sex marriage is just today's equality debate and change. Logic, Common Good, Ethics, basic unit of society and family are still around today as they were before those past (and still going present) debates even came up…America changed for the better over time and we are still going even stronger today because of those past debates and the people who argued them and fought for them, this is the beauty of this country!

  • Alex

    A big step for equality and a great justice has been done today. Let's hope that many other states will start to open their eyes, hearts, and minds for equality of all peoples. Well done.

    • melts

      Why don't we just throw marriage out? Then the problem would be settled, wouldn't it?
      Anyone can therefore marry anyone, and any number of them. What about those poor polygamists? Don't they have rights too? Let'see, who could I marry? My daughter? My two next door neighbors?

      You people are insane.

  • visiting

    Some of the comments that were pro-traditional marriage with no objectionable language were deleted. Were any of the other view? Or is this another instance of deceptive media?

    • melts

      One thing Quinn does, is keep his word. At least about this legislation. Remember he promised to sign this bill before he was elected by pinheads.

  • Cheap Pink Tickets

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