Hadiya Pendleton’s parents speak out on gun control

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With the parents of murdered Chicago teenager Hadiya Pendleton in attendance last night, President Obama called on lawmakers to give  the Pendletons and other victims of violence a vote on gun control.

pendleton parents

Cleo and Nate Pendleton, parents of Hadiya Pendleton, joined CNN for an interview.

Cleo and Nate Pendleton were First Lady Michelle Obama’s guests at the State of the Union address.

“It meant the world,” Cleo Pendleton said in a CNN interview this morning.  “It was quite an honor.”

It is an honor the Pendletons have paid dearly to receive. They have become the focus of attention in the debate over gun violence only because their 15-year old daughter was gunned down by gang members who wrongly thought they were aiming at a rival gang.

Even so, Nate and Cleo Pendelton support the second Amendment.

“I believe that there is a right to bear arms,” Cleo Pendleton said this morning.  “But as far as putting weapons on the street that could hinder the performance of police officers and law enforcement officials trying to protect people, those weapons should not be readily available to anyone.”

Hadiya Pendleton’s death gained national prominence and focused the spotlight on the issue of gun violence in America. First Lady Michele Obama traveled to Chicago to attend her funeral services, demonstrating the special nature of this case.

Nate Pendleton is concerned that assault weapons are sold not only to the military but also to the public.

“I know we need assault weapons because we have an army.  But how are they getting on our streets? That’s what I would like to know,” he said this morning.  “Why can’t we just stop them from being sold in regular stores?

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  • get real

    look at them. they are happy to have their 15 minutes of fame. they were the ones to live in a dirty hood. and now they want to bans guns? one day after you smile and laugh on camera and have dinner with the president? i shouldve never voted for him.

    • messyjacksonjr

      YOU are so stupid,is it really 15 minutes of fame because they have an opportunity for their voice to be heard after losing their precious angel?Should they crawl under a rock and never be heard from again or should they speak out now in an attempt to stop other families from losing loved ones to senselees violence in any neighborhood?,NOT just the dirty ones.People are getting killed all over the city ,not just the southside.i hope that other people dont have this same outlook as you cause this problem would never end as long as we complain and cease searching for a remedy for our continuing problem

      • get real

        random act of violence happens everywhere in this city. ive seen and had felt it. guns are not the problem. but to lose our rights to an act that couldve been prevented is different. only lake and dupage county are allowed to have ak's and assault rifles. not chicago and the chicagoland suburbs. chicagoans are now allowed foid cards to buy guns. but the guns that are used by gangbangers are not registered or they are either stolen. it's not a gun problem here in chicago. it's gangbangers.

      • get real

        did you see the video of them laughing and smiling one day after they buried their child? after the so called killers got caught? didnt look like a family that was mourning.

      • Empress

        I can tell you are young. They're being able to laugh and smile was just one moment in time of a life time of pain, heart ache, and tears in the lose of their precious daughter.

      • Howard

        absolutely crazy that people throw around the term 'assault' rifle like it is the same exact firearm that the military uses….military style 'assault' rifles are fully automatic..not 'semi' automatic. EVERYONE GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT BEFORE YOU START COMPLAINING…OR NOT…MAKE YOURSELF LOOK LIKE IDIOTS….KINDA AMUSING WATCHING….

      • get real

        wow you really are stupid. xm's are assault rifles that can be bought here and they are semi. you cant buy colts or ak's nor a tech.


      You really sound dumb. If the networks contact you to make a comment about an issue concerning your family, I'm sure you would attend. No child's life should be in vain.

  • get real

    those guns were not bought from a gun shop. gangs have guns. this isnt anything compared to what happened at sandy hook. this is a gang problem! do not take our rights. chicago is a dangerous city and i know. i watched my my best friend get shot and we werent even gangbangers. for nothing! they will shoot you just for having your hat cracked.

    • messyjacksonjr

      Your best friend got shot for no reason and you are expressing how you feel about it right here and right now.What give you the right to take a stand and take away these peoples voice.You both have the right to express how you feel about it,they just happened to have gained national attention and you did not.Find something else to WHINE about because you are making yourself and the rest of the people look real stupid.

      • messyjacksonjr

        GETREAL,you need to co to the dirty hood and express your thought,I promise your misery will be ended real soon A%&hole!

      • get real

        you wont know. i bet youre black. i hate blacks that act like stupid idiots. i was a mld, and i aint even latin. it's not worth it in gangs. either make money or go kill. what do you expect in the bad neighborhoods? a tragic event. i learned mine. what did they learn? having dinner with the first lady? so shut up if you done anything.

  • get real

    i stayed with my friend when he got shot and i didnt run. not a single person came back for her, and they were friends? and they didnt call 911?

    • Sympathetic heart

      Several of her classmates came back to help her. Hadiya's best friend ran in the same direction as she did when she heard the shots. Hadiya told her "I've been shot". Hadiya died in the arms of her best friend. Another girl screamed for someone to call 911, which a neighbor on the street had already done so. This info was in the news. I personally know she was not left alone.

    • charles

      If you stayed with a friend who was shot. Where do you live and do you have "gang" ties?
      The people in Aurora,Co were not gang members, the children at Sandy Hook were not gang members. There are crazy people everywhere idiot.

  • get real

    not a single person knows what her last words were. because they ran like cowards. and she called them her friends? i stick a middle finger for those so called friends. i would always stick with my friend that is down no matter what.

  • Joymar

    The Pendleton's are handling the loss of their beloved daughter with dignity. I would hope that we could respect them for doing so. I also respect them for taking this opportunity to voice their opinion on the causes of gun violence. I don't agree with them as I am anti-gun, but I honor their right to have an opinion on this subject. They have paid dearly to do so. We should realize their loss is also our loss.

  • pamela henderson

    i just don't understand how people can be so jealous about someone child trying to make a difference in this city they smile because they have faith in god. when you have god by your side why look sad they know that god has their back and she in a better place. this was a terrible, terrible incident but god make all the calls and it was her call.

  • RealityCheck

    I think I speak for the majority when I say I am so over hearing about these people and their daughter. What about the other people who have lost their lives to gun violence? What about police officers who are killed in the line of duty who lose their lives to gun violence? What about the many children from Sandy Hook who lost their lives to gun violence? Why is this girl so special? BC he family is politically connected- that's why. Because Obama, who half of you stupid people voted for, chose to capitalize on her death, to make all of u think he cares and to reel in the public, especially the black community. And if any of you really believe that all those "kids" in the group that was with this girl that day were all innocent, law-abiding, non-gang affiliated "kids" then you all are more naive than I thought. Lets be real.

  • Lilac

    I wonder if the first gorilla would have attended the funeral of a white teen who was knifed by blacks? Hmmm, I think not. Wrong color, wrong weapon.


    I would like all the people to know that children who were killed before Hadiya and after are just as important. However, due to all the increased deaths among children people are getting fed up. The children Hadiya was with were from the volleyball team and they did call 911 and they did stay with her. Now this family is not politically tied to President Obama and the First Lady is not a gorilla! Next, the weight of the parents is irrelevant and this violent act could happen in Naperville/ Wheaton/Orland Park/. Finally, a family can grieve in any manner (smile when thinking about a love one, cry when thinking about a loved one) while being interviewed. Now everyone who watches television series to understand African Americans and don't know personally know anyone African American, shut up.

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