Police investigating sexting scandal at Munster high school

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Indiana police are investigating a sexting scandal involving 20 students and nude photos of female students.

12 teenage boys suspended for possessing the inappropriate photos, a school code violation. The students were turned over to the Munster police who are still investigating. They say child pornography or child exploitation charges are not out of the question.

The Munster school district says female students took the photos of themselves and digitally sent them to male students at the school. A parent found out and told the principal.

Munster High School

Munster High School

12 boys, freshman through seniors, were suspended for three days.

The girls who sent the photos received no penalty inside or outside of school. Some, if not all of the girls, were minors.

The school district says the boys were punished because they were forwarding the photos and had them on their phones on school property. The girls punishment, so says the administration is that they have to live with the digital footprint that’s nearly impossible to delete.

Police have yet to file charges and there’s a chance they never will.

The school is maintaining this was nothing more than students making a huge mistake.

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  • Just Me

    Surveys show teens are sexually active and interested in sex; surveys also show parents deny this routinely. MPD should administratively close the case as 'no victim, no crime'.

  • Mombeenthere

    I pray there are no charges the school has no business what is on a child's phone. Suspensions should not even have been issued. The girls in this story are guilty of creating and distributing child pornography. Imagine if you went to work and they demanded your phone and then went through your deleted images and websites. This has to stop it is kids experimenting and should be dealt with by the parents. This is not a school issue. In our parents time it was poloraids and in our time video tape. Stop ruining these kids lives over show and tell. And if you insist on charging the boys start charging the girls

    • Debbie

      There ought to be accountability, sad though that our teens think this is a BIG JOKE.
      We live in a pornagraghic world, and until we take our self worth and dignity back it will get worse, and happen again, Shame on the parents for not teaching our young people Respect and Love for each other. When God is out of the family,,,,,,,,,,,,,anything goes.
      May the Good Lord have mercy on us all….Amen

    • Will

      well in reality what they did happens to be illegal and it is known as child pornography so i think that girls should at least be punished for that

  • Randy Boise

    They are all criminals if they participated. The prisons are full of porn 'lookers' and sexting is porn or it would not be called 'sex'. Prosecute them all or let the hundreds of thousands of men and women go from prison for doing the same exact thing. They all did it for sexual reasons. Can we really expect teens to be able to send all the porn they want as teens, then suddlenly stop at age 18? That is the same as saying they can drink alcohol all they want until 21 then stop cold turkey, who could do that?

    • Randy Bo Bandy

      Give me a break. Are you seriously implying that sexting as a teenager is equivalent to being a convicted sex offender? What a joke.

  • Jennifer

    This article does not tell all. The girls are not charged because it was pics they sent last summer to a boyfriend, not on school property. Many months later, presumably after a break up, this one boy sent it to lots of his friends and it was forwarded around on school property. I am glad it all came to light. This is not ok. Girls too often try to impress a boyfriend or cave to pressure, thinking it is a man who cares and would never forward it. Such a shame as it will likely follow her much of her life. I do not think they should get a felony charge, but some punishment, perhaps a class or community service.

    • Krisbw

      Right, and you are to be believed why? Really, whenever a female does something wrong there is another female who rushes to her defense for no other reason then you share the same gender. Gender solidarity is gender bigotry.

      The story clearly states that is was multiple of young women who sent pictures to young men. And frankly, the thought of so many young women dating the same young man is unbelievable. So unless you can provide proof to backup your claim, you come across as nothing more then a male hating bigot.

    • Gloria

      "The girls are not charged because it was pics they sent last summer to a boyfriend, not on school property."

      That makes the girl guilty of producing and distributing underage porn, and if the boy was also underage, she's guilty of distributing porn to a minor. Not only should she be charged, she should be charged for three separate crimes.

  • Charles Fourier

    The girls who took/shared the photos and started the whole thing receive no punishment. The guys who received and shared the photos are suspended and are possibly facing serious charges. E-Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y….LOL

    • Krisbw

      This is why a growing number of young men are hesitant to date and refuse to marry. Women don't want equality, they want gender superiority and older men are happy to accommodate them so all young men can do is MGTOW(Men Going Their Own Way).

  • Krisbw

    This is why we need a national male educational system. K-12 schools for boy's and colleges for young men. If anything the young men where the victim's as they had no control over this at all. So what message is sent today? If a teenage girl wants to get a guy suspended or sent to jail just sent a picture. The entire administrative staff needs to be fired and I hope the parents plan a lawsuit against the sexist bigots.

    Also, I hope WGNTV is well aware that news stories have a habit of staying forever. So forever this news channel will be known as a news channel that supports gender discrimination and bigotry for failing to cover the human rights violation aspect of this incident, and this shows the world what a fine, male hating place Indiana truly is.

  • AnthonyZarat

    Typical feminist sexism. The females who generated and distributed illegal items are not charged, treated as victims, and given sympathy and support. The males who received the illegal items (intentionally or not) are suspended, and possibly charged with life destroying consequences.

  • todd lissner

    well they should not treat the males diffrently from the females,but the whole thing was the teenagers own buisness.ageism is rampant in this society and has destroyed it.age is nothing but a number.being older does not make u smarter.age discrimination regardless of the age being discriminated aginst is wrong.support the national youth rights association.they had the right 2 send echother nudes if they had the permission of the person the photo was taken of or did not know she didnt want them sent.its no diffrent if sum1 over 18 sends a naked photo online by text or sum other way then if a person under 18 does it really!!!!

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