High-ranking gang member gets 40 years in prison

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The alleged No. 2 man from one of the country’s most notorious streets gangs has been sentenced to 40 years in prison.

Prosecutors say Vincent Garcia, 35 ,  was a leader in the Latin Kings, in charge of 10,000 members in Illinois.

He was convicted of using murder, shootings and beatings to protect the gang’s drug trafficking business.

Last month, Augustin ‘Tino’ Zambrano – considered the highest-ranking Latin King in the country – was sentenced to 60 years in prison.

During the five-week trial, prosecutors alleged the Latin Kings originated in Chicago`s Little Village neighborhood, but later started branches in other states.

Gang leaders outside of Illinois followed rules set by the Chicago operation.

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    • Guest

      I totally agree. Worthless dregs of society. I say that all thier family members – his wife and kids or girlfriend- should lose ALL Public Assistance. Tired of these scum bags collecting the public dime while committing crimes.

      Cut off Alll PA for any knnown to be in a gang and their family. Period.

  • Alyssa0411

    He'll be running business from behind bars, there's no stopping a gang leader like this guy. We have guys out here in Ca. putting out hits from behind bars at Pelican Bay.

    • retphxfire

      Very true. You read about how these gangs just keep getting stronger and stronger because those in prison are recruiting from the other inmates. So you have business as usual on the streets and more thugs walking out of prison into the gangs. The only way it will ever get better is if law enforcement can get citizens to talk AND provide protection for the witnesses before, during and after they testify. When killing a witness, their family and even their friends is par for the course no one is going to step up to help prosecutors.

    • Erik

      or we could do the common sense thing and just start putting them down like the rabid dogs they are. Doubt they would run much from the cemetary. I worked in the jail systems for awhile and can tell you there are people in this world that will never contribute anything to society and have no respect for anything or anyone. Most of them don't even know what respect is as fear and respect equal the same in their minds. I really wish we still practiced frontier justice in this country because it's a real waste of resources and needlessly dangerous for the rest of us to keep these dirtbags around.

      • Kid

        You used to work for a jail system? I'm sad to see the jail system has turned you into a beast who will raise your children to be beasts. Your no better than the murderer behind bars when you advocate indiscriminate killings.

  • Guest

    Cut off his old ladies and kids Welfare and POublic Assitance. She/they know he is in a gang and they most likely are as well. Chose that life than no Pulbic Money- period. Ciut them off – they are already committing cvrimes while living off the tax payers money. So we are paying them to be criminals. Enough!!! Cut them off!!!

    Matter of fact- anyone out commnitting crimes should lose their Public Dime.

    Think I will spread this word to the Tea Partiers and the GOP. Time to cut them off.

      • Guest

        In your dreams- check out the amount of good ol' gp'ers and tp'ers on the public dime. You will be shocked. They surely don't practice what they preach. I digress.

        Besides Einstien- I said they should be know of this issue as they would fight it. Go back and finsih high school.

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