Chicago police sergeants agree to new contract

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The City of Chicago and its police sergeants have a deal on a new contract.

The Sun-Times reports, the agreement gives the sergeants a 2 percent annual pay raise and reforms the sergeants’ pension benefits; more details of the agreement will be released Tuesday.

But the contract is far less generous than the one the Fraternal Order of Police is seeking for police officers; the FOP reportedly wants a 12 percent raise over two years, plus lower healthcare premiums and a $3,000 annual stipend for each officer top meet the city’s residency requirement.

At a news conference Tuesday, Mayor Rahm Emanuel lauded the new agreement, saying that it could provide a pathway to help solve the city’s pension crisis.

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  • Sam

    FOP is a greedy and slimy POS. The city is broke and they want more. So broke because the city has to pay up for all the settlements cause by rouge cops. Part of the contract should be that the FOP nd not the city should pay up all settlements arising from police negligence and incompetence. Its their dogs, they should curb them and train them.

  • NorthSide Teacher

    This group does not represent labor but management. If they were a labor union they would be considered scabs. They sold all of the other unions in the whole state down the river. Rahm cut the weakest group from the fold.

  • Rich

    The Sergeant's Union is not, has not been, and never will be the collective bargaining agent for current retirees and those active members above or below the rank of sergeant. Yet, Jim Ade and his crew has the audacity to negotiate a contract that will affect every person in the police pension system, including those who are already retired.

    Mr. Ade, the pension crisis has already been addressed by legislation that has been proposed and enacted into law. This legislation will finally require the City to pay an actuarial amount that it has ignored for the past thirty-plus years. Any bailout by added contributions and give-backs is not bailing out the pension fund, but instead bailing out the entity that created and ignored the problem for decades.

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