Mayor calls criminal justice system “revolving door”

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Criticizing Illinois’ criminal justice system for its lack of truth in sentencing, Mayor Emanual and city leaders are demanding stricter gun laws.

During a news conference Monday a the 15th District Police Station on the West Side, Emanuel said he will work with lawmakers in Springfield on a more comprehensive gun strategy.

Emanuel wants to increase prison terms for people convicted of gun related crimes.   Currently, the average sentence for someone convicted of a gun crime is two years, but most offenders served just one year.

The proposed legislation comes as two suspected gang members are questioned in the murder of 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton, who has become the unofficial face of gun violence in Chicago.

Pendleton was killed January 29th as she and a group of friends stood in a Kenwood park.   Police believe a gunman mistook the teens for rival gang members.

Police made the arrests early Sunday, one day after Pendleton’s funeral.  Prosecutors have not yet filed charges.

Chicago murder victims, including Hadiya Pendleton, served as the inspiration for the proposed legislation.

It calls for increasing the penalty for felons caught with a gun from two years to three.  It increases the sentence for someone convicted of a gun crime and does not have a FOID card from two years to three years in prison.  Emanuel and Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy want offenders to serve 85% of their sentences.

McCarthy says when New York City passed similar gun legislation, that city’s murder rate dropped.

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  • Brian Millersmith

    Longer sentences would do no good. Here's why:
    1) Prison time is an honor for idiot gang bangers
    2) Longer sentences = more time to mingle and get to know MORE gang contacts, for once they get out.
    3) Most of the "convicted ones" aren't the actual ones who committed the crime. Newbies do time as a "right of passage" in place of the older gang bangers.
    I've never been in a gang and I know this. Come on, wake up politicos! Either that, or it's an effort to pacify the ignorant public…

  • jeff

    ok so some walks into my house armed ……. i sit for defending my house . we are not allowed to defend our families ??????? this sounding more like canada just come and take with no wrong

  • Lloyd Christmas

    it can't make that much of a difference. if longer sentences are handed out for gun crimes, then those found guilty will still be out early due to overcrowding and good behavior. and 'Wasting Time', i'm pretty sure Brian Millersmith was kidding around about executing criminals, maybe you should lighten up and spare us our history lesson

    • Wasting Time

      Ever listen to yourself ? According to you… we don't need a justice system in America – it "is useless." But, "cops" will take care of, or in your words, "eliminate" everything. Yeah, great idea, let's just turn police loose and let them do what they want. They never do anything wrong. LOL… Please spare me your ridiculousness.

  • Sam

    The criminal justice system is indeed a revolving door because it centers on retribution, incarceration, and rehabilitation. That's how its done in this democratic society, unless laws are changed. It is protected by the constitution ( Rights of the Accused). Gone are the days when there was swift deliberation of justice and summary execution because the current system protects the rights of the accused to minimize the execution and incarceration of innocent suspects. That's just how it works in this bureaucratic system of government.
    Do you wish this society was like that of China, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, or North Korea where offenders are swiftly tried and dealt with harsh punishment such as beating, lashing, or hanging? Yeah, I don't think so?! People here are too delusioned and abusive with their concept of liberty and equality. It will not work in this ultra individualistic society.

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