Northeast digs out from deadly blizzard

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For millions in the Northeast, the storm is over — but being snowed in isn’t.

The mammoth blizzard that broke records in some areas left its heavy footprint in place Sunday. Temperatures topping out only in the low to mid-30s were too low to melt the piles of snow.

President Barack Obama announced a state of emergency in Connecticut, which got some of the heaviest snowfall. The city of Hamden had a whopping 40 inches.

“Tomorrow the melting will begin as temperatures climb into the 40s,” said CNN Meteorologist Alexandra Steele. “But it will come with some issues.”

east-coast-snowstormExpect a messy commute Monday morning in hard-hit Boston with a mix of rain and snow, she said.

Boston residents digging their cars out were having trouble finding a place to throw the snow. One shoveler said she was considering taking the train to work instead of trying to drive Monday morning.

“There’s a ton of snow and there’s nowhere to put it,” Lena Berc said. “So it’s really frustrating trying to find nooks and crannies.”

But on Sunday, some normalcy returned to the roads and skies. At Logan International Airport in Boston, a few dozen flights had landed by midmorning, and a spokesman for the airport said airlines were telling him that they would be back on schedule by the end of the day.

The flight-tracking website Flight Aware listed more than 400 U.S. flights canceled Sunday.

Amtrak announced a limited schedule of train service between Boston and New York, while other routes in the Northeast were still canceled and some were operating on a normal schedule.

As of 4:30 p.m. ET Sunday, about 270,000 power customers were still in the dark, an improvement from the 635,000 without electricity Saturday afternoon.

At least nine deaths in three states and Canada are blamed on the snowstorm, which was spawned by two converging weather systems.

Residents from Pennsylvania to Maine are trying to dig out from as much as 3 feet of snowfall.

Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee said Sunday he was pleased with the work done in preparation and response to the storm. He told those without power — more than 38,000 customers — that help was coming.

“We’re working as hard as we can. We’re seeing progress every hour,” he told reporters in Cranston, Rhode Island.

He added that cleanup had been made easier because many residents had complied with a 24-hour driving ban, allowing crews easier access to trouble spots.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino said his city was making side streets its priority Sunday, as crews borrowed additional snow-clearing equipment from other cities. He urged drivers to stay home one more day and said schools there would be closed Monday.

Deadly consequences

At least nine people were killed in accidents related to the storm, including five in Connecticut, two in Ontario, Canada, one in New York and one in Massachusetts — a 14-year-old Boston boy who was helping his father shovel snow.

The boy hopped in the snowed-in family car to warm up, but the engine was running and the exhaust pipe was blocked by snow, causing carbon monoxide to accumulate in the car. Firefighters were unable to resuscitate the boy.

Boston police were investigating another death possibly caused by carbon monoxide, when a man in his early 20s was found dead a vehicle.

The department warned about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning from trying to stay warm in a car with exhaust pipes blocked by snow.

In Poughkeepsie, New York, an 18-year-old woman lost control of her car in the falling snow and struck a 74-year-old man walking near the side of the road, police said. He later died from his injuries.

The situation could have turned out worse for some drivers in Long Island, who had to be rescued from cars that were stuck and virtually frozen in place.

Epic mounds of snow

On Interstate 95 in Connecticut, traffic cameras showed most lanes were open underneath a bright afternoon sun, but traffic was extremely light. One single car accident had stymied travelers in the northbound lanes near mile marker 56.

In New York, the Long Island Expressway was closed through 9 p.m. ET in Suffolk County, New York, a Suffolk County Police spokesman said. Kerry Pecorino said the highway was shut down between mile markers 57 and 73.

In Boston, students at the Wentworth Institute of Technology took a series of photographs covering the 26-hour storm.

iReporter Filipe Pereira said Wentworth students, who were expecting to go to class on Monday, had enjoyed the weekend storm, engaging in massive snowball fights and building snowmen everywhere. People were even skiing down one street, he said.

The streets around the small school were still a mess but they were no longer closed.

“People have been going all over the roads with no problem,” he said.

At its height, the storm heaped snow on Connecticut at a dizzying rate of 4 to 5 inches an hour.

A city official said it snowed so hard that even the snow plows were stuck.

The city has 240 miles of road, Curt Leng said, but only one sixth of the roads were clear. Many others had only one lane open.

“Due to the amount of snow that came down, it seems not even the plows came out,” photographer Mia Orsatti told CNN’s iReport from Hamden. “The street was a white, wide, soft blanket of snow.”

Scott Green posted a photo of his deck in Cromwell — covered waist-high with snow.

Snowfall in Manhattan reached just under a foot, but heavier accumulations piled up in Long Island, where 27 inches fell in Stony Brook.

“Suffolk County has not seen a winter storm like (this) in years, and the massive amount of snow left behind effectively shut down the entire region,” New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said. “From the moment that it became clear that Suffolk County would bear the worst of the storm’s impact on New York, the state dispensed an unprecedented level of resources, equipment, and manpower to support local relief efforts.”

And some flooding, too

Coastal areas of Massachusetts and Maine were hit by storm surge and flooding.

Some homes and cars were flooded and several areas reported up to 2 feet of water in areas on the sounds or Atlantic Ocean.

In Nantucket, Massachusetts, water reached several blocks inland. In the town of Hull, people on several streets were asked to leave their homes, and in Sandwich several homes were flooded and the access stairs to the beach were swept away.

The Midwest is next

While the blizzard that pummeled Northeastern states has wandered out over the Atlantic Ocean, trouble now brews for northern Midwest states.

A major winter storm will bring heavy snow and strong winds from northeast Colorado to central Minnesota from Sunday into Monday, the National Weather Service said. Eastern South Dakota could see more than a foot of snow and 50 mph winds, “creating whiteout conditions,” the weather agency said.

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    • jStuart

      Since it is happening on an Obama supporting state I hope they get another 40 inches. The Union can't work with Marxists trying to run our lives.

    • CoverUpLeaked

      There was a Coup. When a Coup happens government takes control of the media much like they've done with online commenting. Want proof? Know why stories about Sarah Palin only run on weekends and holidays? Know why she chose the same day as the death of Steve Jobs to announce she was ending her run for president? Know why she stayed 40 miles away from the debates and wasn't at the Republican National Convention? Sarah Palin has to avoid crowds now that the truth has leaked out. She was planted in the 2008 election with no intention of winning. Like I said, there was a Coup. Obama is merely acting as president for unelected officials using the office of presidency to target commie-unity organizers at all expense to us, our economy, our quality of life, and our Constitution. Search Sarah Palin's dirty little secret for the BIGGEST cover up in history.

    • CT Storm

      Worst storm I've seen here in central CT. I was too young to dig out the 1978 storm but remember that one lasted 2 days. What you Political junkies are forgetting is that there is a LOT of money in CT. So much to keep the kids staying at home, forget about God, not worry about the very high property taxes and when people get old they just buy a cheaper house in Florida or North Carolina if they are sick of paying 15000 a year in taxes for a house on the shore. I still don't know understand why the inner city thieves haven't driven to the shore and rob from those people. Oh yeah, because they are black and stick out like a sore thumb.


      Your right now watch congress and Obama throw another $50 Billion at this Storm!
      Ive lived in Florida almost all my life and I have never received a Dime from FEMA or
      the Government! Nor do I want too! It is called personal responsibility and Insurance!

  • Obama for King

    Obama could care less about these poor people. If it doesn't further his communist/dictator plans to steal guns, money or liberty than he'd rather be golfing. He (and the losers that enabled him) are pathetic.

    Keep on ignoring the real news stories. Maybe they will go away.

      • AlwyReady

        They are all globalist puppets, when are you going to wake up? Bush went into office with ZERO(0) Deficit, when he left-$TEN(10) TRILLION DOLLARS in deficit, they are all on the same globalist team. Ronald Reagan brought FEMA to its prominence, helped to finish the auto industry and many other un-American activities while he was in his most important starring role. Wake up Hawk!


      Don't worry about it no need to prepare Obama and FEMA will take care of you!
      Every time there is a storm or Disaster Obama & Congress will just throw another
      $50 Billion at it!

  • Misha

    Blame it on GW Bush and his EVIL Global Warming plot. Republicans are bent on destroying the planet by polluting the air, water, seas and eating animals!. They also want to arm everyone with machineguns, (those assault weapons you know) to purposely go out and murder school children. That is why they like the NRA because the NRA likes it when people get murdered. People with guns kill people, and white, old republicans like people with guns who kill people. People who have guns should go to prison or be arrested by Obama.

  • brace_for_impact

    Obama will need to appoint a STORM CZAR. They will need their own building in D.C. with a “starting” staff of 200 and an initial operating budget of “only” $20 million. They will have committees that coordinate with Obama’s global warming team and generate new enforcement penalties (not a tax). And it will all be done for the children, so their generation doesn’t have to endure the hardships that we do.

  • john q

    This is Bush's fault, plain nd simple. I heard he poluted the air along with Cheney and Halliburton, clearly a case of global warming. To remedy the situation Obama has no choice but to take your guns and money, Oh and by the way, I heard Bush cut down a tree, and likes to kick puppies.

    • Misha

      My uncle says white people is why he cant still gets his check. I don't know why he says this, but he likes it when I rub his ankles.

      • MayhemLikeMe21

        get ur white-people supported welfare checks while you still can honey….the govt. teet that ur suckin' on won't last forever…..then you people will be shufflin' thru the streets begging with ur hands out sayin' "why isn't our lord obama doin' anything about this?"

  • nvrat

    Obama could halved stopped this disaster by Presidential Order and criminalizing Mother Nature for attacking his people in the Northeast. As usual though he found something more demanding (besides golf) and that was to continue his tirade against the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

  • Ralph

    Obama will have to move his tee time a bit to make a phone call to the gov and make a tv appearance. He's practicing his sad look in the mirror while aides load up his clubs into the beast.

  • HiDest

    Sooo WHY are you shoveling out your car??? Where ya goin??? Must be a liberal posing for the media, WAIT, is that Obama under that hood…figures…

    • MayhemLikeMe21

      ….yeah Candi, you're correct…….but like he and his chief SS officer rahm "dead fish" emmanuel said: "never let a crisis go to waste", i'm sure that they will find a way to use this storm to their advantage, as they did with Sandy…..

      and i know that barrack hussein can indeed part the oceans and seas, and then walk on water like all his supporters believe…..(not)


    So what is this leading up too?
    Watch all the sniveling and crying start!
    Followed by the Democrats throwing another $50 Billion at the problem!

  • GilliganOhare

    Gasoline shortage being ignored by the Administration Press…. People should be aware of the coincidental gasoline shortage in many areas. Imagine if this were a real catastrophe by nature or man or the government. What better way to keep people in place than a gasoline shortage. People should start storing emergency gasoline year round, be it 30 gallons in the garage or 200 gallons in the ground.

  • CoverUpLeaked

    Even with this storm story our government insists on running the conversation here. There was a Coup. When a Coup happens government takes control of the media much like they've done with online commenting. Obama is acting as president for unelected officials using the office of presidency to target commie-unity organizers at all expense to us, our economy, our quality of life, and our Constitution. Search Sarah Palin's dirty little secret for the BIGGEST cover up in history before it disappears forever, like free speech.

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