2 in custody in connection with shooting death of Hadiya Pendelton

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

One day after 15-year old Hadiya Pendleton was laid to rest, police say two persons of interest are being questioned. No charges have been filed. The young men were pulled over sometime overnight near 67th and South Chicago Ave.

Police say Mayor Rahm Emanuel personally called Hadiya’s parents to share the news.

The King College Prep student was gunned down in Harsh Park a week after she performed at events for President Obama’s inauguration. Police say a gunman hopped a fence and opened fire on a group of teens who were huddled together under an awning to escape the rain.

“If there’s any truth to this, it is comforting to know that one less killer is off the streets, possibly,” said Shatira Wilks, a cousin and the family’s spokesperson.

Hadiya’s family was invited to attend the State of the Union  in Washington D.C. on Tuesday.

Following the address, President Obama will take his policy proposals on the road. He has three stops planned, including one in Chicago on Friday, where he is expected to discuss gun violence.

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  • Glad I left

    Sad story, like so many other sad Chicago stories, early, violent death of kids with some promise.

    And, now her passing is merely a photo op and a crisis too good to waste for politicians who will promise change.

    She’ll fade from our memories, except for her folks and family, another headstone, another promise of change, like Derrion Albert.

    • messyjacksonjr

      Let us pray that they have the right suspescts in custody for this horrific crime and not just some innocent black males that they can easily pin this rap on.Millions of our tax dollars are being used to pay settlements for individuals that have been convicted and later exonerated because of police misconduct and mishandling of evidence.All we can do now is hope that unquestionable evidence has led to their arrest

    • sobeit

      You are so very correct, politicians will milk this story to death, and no doubt Obama will bring her family to Washington to protest guns… Guns do not kill people …people with guns kill people…and the news media will print what the police want them to print about what type of gun was used Look at that LA former cop, where did here get the assult rifles, etc… Think were all need to carry guns… In texas you have the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS>>> and guess what there is not this kind of killing… why because people will shoot back and no one knows who has a gun or not…

  • sobeit

    If these two are the ones who shot her, let's make it easy on our court system, save the taxpayers money… put them in the same park tell them on the count of 2 run,then have the officers shoot them in the back – -and let them lay there. I don't see Jesse Jackson or Boobby Rush walking the street, especially Rush, Wasn't he the leader of the Black Peacestone nation… maybe I'm incorrect…

  • bobhamiltonchicago

    Most people cannot imagine how someone could actually pull the trigger of a gun, intending to kill someone you don't even know! But these little thuggies are even dumber than that, they don't even actually have a target!, and if they did, they couldn't hit the person because they don't have any marksmanship skills or training! So they hop a fence with the pistol in their hand and start firing in the general direction of people (they don't know) as they're moving and yelling some intelligent gang slogan, holding the pistol sideways and pointed down because their wrist is bent but their pants are falling down at the same time.

    • sharong4

      When he hopped that fence his pants should have gotten snagged and the gun should have been pointed at his head. We all his pants were sagging. It's bad to say, but maybe his parents would have felt something about what other parents are going through, knowing their child was out there killing people. If it was so easy for him to do that, what's to say he hasn't done it before. How many people has he killed?

  • messyjacksonjr

    SOBEIT,Why is Bobby Rush name even being mentioned in this discussion,he didnt pull the trigge some people just need to complain about something even if they dont have a valid reason this is a clear example of stupidityand the main reason why people are getting accused and tried for incidents that they have no knowledge of.Lets stick to the subject and leave politics out of this,this incident was not politically motivated