Coyotes spotted in Chicago, suburbs; Dog killed

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Coyotes have been spotted in Chicago and the Western Suburbs.

Witnesses say they saw two coyotes, traveling together between Washington and Jefferson Parks.

image001That included a path through the University of Chicago. No one was harmed.

A woman in the suburbs says her dog was killed by coyotes last week.

The woman lives on the border of Aurora and Naperville.

She said coyotes took her dog from her yard last Friday morning.

She ran outside after hearing the dog cry, but by the time she got there it was too late.

The woman told her story to WGN-TV, as a warning to other pet owners.

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  • Joyce Dowling

    A coyote ran in front of my car this morning, 10:00 am at the intersection of 1st ave. and ogden in Brookfield. It crossed from one side of 1st ave. to the other side.

  • Stacy

    The past 3 years I have lived in Naperville we have seen coyotes around our townhome near 59 and Ogden Ave. In the morning and late evenning, sometimes we hear them howling at night. Its a very eerie sound. Someones I see them cross the side street from the common area infront of our house and into the landscape yard across the street. I see their borrow. There is also a forest preserve near by. I have 2 yorkies and I don't like to walk them at night anymore, we have had one to many close ups.

  • Chris

    I am sorry for this poor pup, but if you read the news or open your eyes you will notice the Coyote's have been here for a very looooooong time. There have been numerous attacks on small dogs in the burb's and it phases me that each new attack creates the 'OMG, really??' response. If you have a small dog, even in your yard, you NEED to keep watch. A great idea is to keep some pepper spray handy. Won't permanently harm the coyote but will stun him long enough to get your dog and run to a safe place. It is more normal for them to eat a small dog than it is for us to eat cows, so it's time for small dog owners to face the facts and take responsibility by being prepared before this happens. I feel bad for the dogs but am starting to lose compassion for the owners who seem so shocked by this.

    • Sylvia Wills

      My granddaughter Crystal [ who lost her pet to a coyote ] was born and raised in South Carolina.
      She is fairly new in Chicago. My friend,
      we do need more compassion and love for our fellow man or woman. God Bless you…………

  • Skip

    I was visiting the family grave site at Graceland Cemetery at, Irving Park Rd. & Clark St. on Chicago's North Side last September, when I looked to the left after placing flowers in a vase, I saw a Coyote looking at me about 100 yards away. The coyote took off after a few seconds and met up with another Coyote that was also in the cemetery.

  • Jordan Lu

    I am skyping with my friend and his friend trolled around the news reporters xD i will point out if they have video SOMEWHERE ON THE INTERNET

  • Amanda

    I don't think yall would be singing this tune if it were your dog. You should be ashamed of yourselves for posting such negative comments. Someone wants to make others aware of the danger in their local area and you bash the situation? You are evidently heartless. Again, shame on yall. I highly doubt you would even have the nerve to say those comments to the lady's face. Maybe when your toddler gets attacked because you took your eyes off of him/her for a split second and you know what to do because you saw this segment you will be thanking her and probably putting your story on the news!

    • Chris

      Who the heck is bashing this lady?? The only thing said is the 'fact' that they have been around here forever, the 'fact' that they prey on small animals including small dogs as a natural part of the circle of life, and the 'fact' that small dog owners need to take precautions ahead of time to protect their little one's from the coyotes that, once again, have been here forever. I see no where in these comments where this lady is specifically bashed or put down. I am shocked that it bothers you that people think dog owners should purposely make themselves aware of potential predators living in the area and take precautions before this happens.

      • Amanda

        I love how I said "yall" and you are the one that took it personally. And no, yall didn't bash her directly, but comments like "Coyotes have to eat too" show no compassion for the lady's mourning or the death of her dog. How about showing some sensitivity? When something like this happens to someone's child you wouldn't be saying "I have no compassion" or "Parents should take more responsibility by being prepared". Fact is things happen out of people's control and they never think to be prepared. I hope this never happens to you where something out of your control happens and someone says that you should have been prepared while you're dealing with the heartache.

      • Chris

        Yall? I sure hope you meant to reply to someone else because my comment does not say 'yall' anywhere in it. 'They never think to be prepared'… um, this same kind of story has been in the news multiple times over just the past year, what is there to think about? And yes, with coyotes all over my suburb I most certainly would take precautions with a small child as well. This is not just some rare freak accident, or is this your first time reading the news?

      • Chris

        Oh sorry, just realized it was you who said yall, and no I didn't take it personally…hence why I said I don't see ANY comments bashing her directly.

  • Janet

    We are in the south suburbs of Alsip and we constantly have people complaining of coyotes coming our of our cemeteries day and night. Animal control doesn't do anything and the village of Alsip isn't capable to handling this either. Just need to watch your animals, mostly don't bother humans.

  • Monique

    We saw a pair of Coyotes on our street a couple of months ago. Just a couple of weeks ago there was one hanging out in Hiawatha Park at Forest Preserve and Addison.

  • guest

    I used to live in Phoenix and I'd see and hear them all over. They are scrawny little things but, if the picture in this story is of the dog that was killed, yeah, not much bigger than a rabbit and that's one of a coyotes main sources of food. I've always kind of looked at them like raccoons. Annoying but harmless. To humans, at least. Best keep your dogs and cats inside or in sight.

  • Don Moody

    The lady in this story is our daughter. She has only been in the area for a few years now. Yes coyotes are a real problem in 49 states now. And what our daughter is trying to say that You just dont think about how quickly and defenseless this will happan. I know that coyotes are ruthless carnavoires and will kill children just as easily. These animals are natural predators that stalk and kill in a swift motion. I would think that would be more compassion and understanding among civilized people. But then again not everyone is civilized and compassionate. We need to have solutions for problems as things will only get worse if you ignore the wildlife issues. Thank you for reading and your suggestions are welcomed.

    • guest

      I feel so sad for your family. We live in a rural area, and it is true that coyotes aren't aggressive towards humans but like everything they have to eat and they seek small prey. That poor sweet little cutie dog! I am all for wildlife rights but I am also a dog lover, own 1 little & 1 big. It is a heartbreak when something like this happens, because our dogs are so much a part of our family. I send my prayers.

    • Meridith G

      Don……….I recognize the open field and i live right near there……. Please thank your daughter for me….and extend my sympathies…..Ive known we have coyotes in the vicinity but honestly they were further out more in the cornfield areas…… before this year I had a good size german shepard so I never really worried…… but now I have 2 small dogs… so thanks to your family It made me "re-aware" of the danger and take precautions for my 2 dogs………..

      To the idiots with cold comments…….. may you grow up someday and realize your comments are what is wrong with the world today…….

  • Crystal

    Thank you to everyone who is being nice about the situation. We just wanted to get the word out to those who don't understand that this is an actually a real possibility. I know I was the greatest mother to my little one (so your rude comments will not hurt me)…I just happen to be in the dark about the possibilities of these coyotes in my neighborhood…just like all my neighbors. Opinions are opinions…but all I ask is that others who already knew this danger…be respectful to us. If I could change the outcome I would in a heartbeat….because our hearts are broken.

    • Meredith G

      Thank you for sharing… it made me re aware of the danger ….. and I am so sorry for your loss and i apologize for the fools we have to suffer…… apparently they didnt have great mothers or they'd have better manners and some commpassion

  • Sorry for your loss

    To those folks who are saying 'coyotes were here first', so were bees and I would imagine you would be upset if you or yours were stung to death! We humans have a unique bond with our pets, and I can tell you that I cried when I read this story & saw the photos. Mercifully, coyotes are not like cats who toy with their prey, they dispatch quick, if that can be of some comfort.

  • sadsack

    Well sorry to hear lady lost her dog to the varmits……..I guess since everything around here is protected by law…..Next time you see a coyote …pull out the old 30-06 and put it down …works everytime …….personnel i like a 22-250 rifle with the extend mag for 20 rounds…….Have a happy….:)

  • Kim

    I live next door to this sweet little dog. Most of us here have dogs. I hate that people always have to be cynical and negative. What has happened to our hearts that we cannot grieve for someone at the loss of a loved one. There are people who have animals and people who have pets. Pets are part of the family and if you cannot understand what a horrible loss this is for these people you need to just crawl into your miserable life and watch your heart shrink a little each day because you forgot what it means to care about others.

  • D Marie

    I feel so bad that this happened to this nice loving family.. And to have to bear witness to it all is just horrible. I would have a very hard time heeling. I hope they are able to remember the fun and loving times with their little cutie. I'm very glad they spoke up and told the news because we all need to watch our kids and small pets.

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