LIST: Chicago area school closings

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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    • GreatGreen

      For some kids its the only 2 meals they will get in a day,that's why there open.And only place they have to go,other than the streets.

      • UKnowImRight

        Since when has it become the jobs of the schools to be the parents for all children. Does it stink, yes, but it doesn't change the fact that the reason CPS does such a horrible job at educating kids is that they are tasked to do everything but what they are supposed to do…teach!

      • Nene

        If these kids need help there are many programs like dcfs, dfs, dhs, shelters, and warming and cooling centers. This is the excuse they give to keep open the cps schools. Kids have other places to go. If the school is the only place then when they get to school they shouldn't have to do any work just eat play then leave.

      • voice of truth

        not the school's job to feed. Sounds harsh, but when schools became more about being a parent than learning, well then you have an answer as to why things have gone downhill.

      • betty

        I would like to know where the parents are to cook these kids meals and why are they not out working and then have babysitters that is what we did in the depression days….we had good food not fast food or deli's there was no such thing why should the schools be "parents" feeding the kids and babysitting them after school….Why do yo parents have kids if YOU cannot support them yourself….

    • GetACluePeople

      It is a forecast, not what is currently happening. This is the Midwest…if you want schools to close for a forecast try moving to the South. Common sense, use it!
      Besides, thanks to the teachers taking a week off to demand more money…snow days are a luxury that your children will have to pay for in June.

    • Brian Millersmith

      These little bastards need all the schooling they can get. Saturdays & Sundays, too. 95% of CPS students are as dumb as a box of rocks…

      • Nene

        Not really you a$$hole. People like you need lots of help and love, because clearly you didn't get it as a child. These kids in the cps school are smarter than you lol.

      • Brian Millersmith

        I have a Masters Degree. You are the uneducated a$$hole! What do you do for a living? Dig ditches???

    • Andiejo

      Oh please! I remember the year we reached 27 below. CPS didn't close. When the April '75 snow storm hit, not only were we in school but were on a field trip at the Goodman. Didn't get home until after 7pm that night. But in the burbs, things are different. Most of the transportation here is school bus based. In the city I always lived within 4-5 blocks of my school until high school. Out here in the burbs, my daughter's school is five miles away – and due to parking lot restrictions, they encourage bus transportation. This is why schools will close more often in the burbs. It's a transportation issue.

      • jen

        Thank you. Will you please tell that Psycho! I'm from "back in the day" and a product of CPS …I know what our Inner City Children can do!

  • Ann

    you can make a search of the school. Open the link above these replies where it says CLICK HERE (right below the image of the school bus). Then there are 4 tabs where you can click over STATUS SEARCH. You have to write the name of the school and city and it will bring a list of names where you can see if the school reported or not. There is also another tab where you can write the info of the school and receive emails notification if the school informs any changes. Its easy.

  • merril enyeart

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  • Nene

    All the schools in Chicago is a joke. I'm leaving the city for Minnesota where the schools is great and they bus all their kids not just the kids in the suburbs. The crime is very low and the cost of living is ok. They not segregated and the transportation is cheap and clean. Chicago as a city sucks.

  • Nene

    I love Chicago, born and raised here. But I can't take it anymore I mean between the corrupt politicians, the cold weather, the high crime, the high cost of living, the segregation, the failure of the schools, the high transportation costs, not busing the kids to school, and the lack of resources Chicago is going down under fast. Chicago is losing a lot of it residents to Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin. I pray for Chicago. I pray for the Jackson family. I pray for the people who have to live here and worry about getting shot everyday. God I pray for us all.

  • Garrick

    The city cries its broke! To save money they close 54 schools and fire 1000 teachers! They are crying how the polcie department is under manned and they are over worked! The plan to fix all this is to send kids accros gand lines pack the class rooms and give the police more work to do when they can't handle the work they have! Let me see do this make any sence! Not one of them wanted to take a pay cut! They raise taxes again to pay for what?

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