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Chicago man arrested in gas stealing scheme

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Police in suburban Riverside foiled a gas stealing scheme after a month long investigation.

On Friday, Riverside police arrested Darius Williams, 35, of the 400 block of Irvine in Hillside, and according to officials he gave a full confession detailing the scheme.

According to police, Williams and another man were first caught on security cameras siphoning gas at a 7-Eleven at 26th Street and Harlem Avenue on Jan 20.

Williams somehow disabled the pump’s measuring device, police said. His SUV was later searched and officers found 10 5-gallon water bottles, a hose and pump used for siphoning gasoline, and other materials used for transporting fuel, police said.

“The defendant in this case gave a full statement that he and another individual known as ‘Mike the gas man’ conceived this plan to steal gasoline and then sell it on the West Side of Chicago,” Riverside Police Chief Thomas Weitzel said in a press release.

Williams was charged with retail theft of motor vehicle fuel and criminal damage to property.

“Mike the gas man” remained at large Saturday night, police said.

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      • Tired of the Morons

        Lovely defense. Spare me. The point is another black committed a crime, again. I could have seen that one coming if I was blind.

      • Tired Cowards, II

        Interesting to see that blacks aren't the ones shooting up schools and killing children. Who are you more afraid of? Your children being shot at school or your gas being stolen? *I'll wait* get a life coward. I dare you to tell an African American how you REALLY feel.

      • Tired of the Morons

        You use a psychotic idiot as a defense? There is a great difference between an African American and a dumb black jackass doing what he does best and then crying about it or blaming society dumbass. You have no defense for that but to make your dumb comments trying to turn it into something else. I hear Jesse is looking for a new wing man. Please apply.

  • Tired of the Morons

    Cyber-coward that's funny as hell. And the point is what? Oh, that's right, another of your beloved brothers committed another crime and you have no defense for the truth.

    • Tired of Cowards

      You're still sidetracked I see…The point IS, that you make unintelligent racist claims, yet you offer no real solution to anything and, most importantly, all the while you hide like a coward behind anonymity.

      • Tired of the Morons

        Your breaking my heart. I say it in public too and don't really give a s h i t. You are what you are and unless you act differently the truth hurts. You jump on racist remarks only because you have nothing else to defend the truth of the matter. Another daily crime, another black did it.

      • Tired of Cowards

        Where do you say it in public? Prove it, I'd like to see. Otherwise, which again it proves THE POINT of you just being a cyber-coward, you're a liar too.

      • Tired of the Morons

        You still don't have defense. Oooh Cyber coward and now liar. Keep trying, you still have nothing to use to defend against me being right and another one of your beloved brothers doing what they do best.

    • guess


      • Tired of the Morons

        Another laughable defense that doesn't change the point of another of your black brothers doing what they do best.

      • Tired of the Morons

        Then we get to support him for the next 10 years. A better idea is to put him back on a boat and send him home. We only have to pay for that once.

      • guess

        And if they were to put him back on the boat, ya momma would swim over to bring him back, so she can keep gettin that BLACK MANDINGO POLE…..

  • Gas is too damn high

    Nice that google puts an add for a gas pump for $12.99 to give everyone else the idea. I'm going to get a locking gas cap for my car.

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