Special delivery of pills can improve your health

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Special delivery– better health.

Imagine getting a package in the mail with all the answers to avoid disease and embrace longevity. Whether it works or not– doctors aren’t completely sure but they want you to try it and see.

Here it is, the secret envelope. Tear it open and inside you’ll find two pills for every day of the month. Take the 2 and you may stave off more than a dozen diseases and health related downfalls.

“What we wanted to do was really work on proving whether it is effective whether it actually helps if somebody does take in addition to their regular diet extra vitamin d or omega 3 or the combination of the 2 in preventing things like heart disease or cancer or stroke.”

The big pill contains omega 3’s, the tiny one vitamin D. Individually; prior studies have shown huge benefits. Together? Well that’s the question.

All disorders studied on an individual basis against various supplements, now researchers are looking the one – two punch.

Dr. Raj Shah, Medical Director at Rush Memory Clinic says “Every vitamin has its chance in the limelight and I think this is the opportunity for us to address what are the benefits and risks of vitamin d and then the omega 3’s.”

They started recruiting in 2010. So far no patients in the study have experienced or reported any negative side effects, but there are some risks– especially for those taking high vitamin D doses.

The risk mainly with vitamin D is that some people can get too much vitamin D and they can get vitamin D toxicity and what can happen there is they can get problems, trouble thinking they can get problems with having constipation or having more pain in their joints and their muscles so there is a possibility that if you get too much vitamin d that’s stored in fat cells that it can cause more problems.

But the benefits as outlined in the vital study webpage are lengthy. And the best part, you never have to leave your home to participate!

“Everything’s by mail and the surveys they fill out and they also get their medication and what that entails is a blister pack and they have all their medication laid out for a month’s supply.”

A month’s supply for a lifetime of knowledge. But there is one catch– no one will know who is getting which vitamin, the combination or all placebo.

“The study so we have good results is blinded both ways so the investigators won’t know until the end of the study and the participants won’t know.”

“We’ll hopefully have better results that will really help people talk with their doctors to say what we can do to stay healthy.”

Rush has teamed with Harvard to recruit 20,000 people nationwide. They want a good cross section of people and still need study volunteers particularly from the African American and Latino communities.

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