Hundreds to march in support of ‘Wild Hare’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Hundreds of people are planning to march in support of an iconic Chicago reggae club.

The Wild Hare restaurant and bar moved from Wrigleyville to a new location at 2610 N. Halsted a few years ago.

Since then, it’s owners have been twice denied a music license.

The owners claim they’re being racially discriminated against.

Neighbors say they’re concerned about traffic and insist race has nothing to do with it.

Friday night, Bishop Larry Trotter and his parishioners will march outside the club.

Bishop Trotter says he reached out for Mayor Emanuel for support but had no luck.

He’s hoping the march will open up communication.

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  • Danielle

    I wish i could be there!!! Im rooting you all on!! Love how they try to blame it on traffic…HELLO its downtown Chicago theres traffic EVERYWHERE!!! Best of luck to you all!!! Been a Wild Hare fan for many years and will be there in a couple weeks to celebrate my birthday!!!

    • ChicagoJ

      A. It is NOT downtown Chicago (only suburbanites call the entire city "downtown"), its Lincoln Park. B. This has nothing to do with race. We have enough bars and the problems associated with them in an area that has over many years become a family neighborhood. C. These guys made a bad bet and lost. They opened without the right permits and assumed a rubber stamp. We, the taxpayers who live here, have rights too. Considering the carnage occurring on he South Side, the "bishop" would do well to help his own neighborhood and leave ours alone.

      • Drea

        Sounds like you picked the wrong neighborhood to live in if you knew there were bars there and they have been there for more than 30 years so why did you move there?…know your facts the Wild Hare was given a alcohol lic without any problems…why don't you move to an area that doesn't disturb your exsistance…

  • Adam

    They need to stay in their own neighborhood?! What a racist response and a perfect example of why this issue has racial overtones. To say that Halsted and Wrightwood is a 'family neighborhood' is factually incorrect as well, this is a live music corridor with 4am bars and tons of live music. You can't arbitrarily allow some businesses to have live music and deny others, it's simply not fair not to mention that llike your comment, it's blatantly racist.

  • Chicago Resident

    The clientele of the Wild Hare's concerts mainly consists of white college aged kids – so it does not seem like there is any racism actually at play. What is really happening is that Rev. Trotter is trying to use his position to help his friends. This is improper and dishonest. He should use it for the public good, not to help a bunch of his buddies sell more liquor to concert goers. By the way, residents on the South Side routinely reject requests for PPA's, mostly to black business owners. They do so for the same reasons that the community has here. So Trotter has done a double wrong, here by being racially divisive for a profit motive.

  • Cha-Cha

    Come on people this is Halsted Street!!! Like the previous person said in an earlier comment,why allow some establishments to have live music and not others? Halsted is a street filled with a lot of places to visit and have a good time!! So why not have another place for citizens to go to mingle. Instead of maybe having to stand outside cause another establishment is crowded or there may be a long line lets welcome another place!!! Lincoln Park is a great and good size neighbor. Lets remember even though Lincoln Park is not downtown,this is still an urban area,not suburban!!!

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