Convicted murderer “mistakenly released” from Indiana prison

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A man serving a sentence for murder has been “mistakenly released” from prison.

Police are searching for 44-year-old Steven Robbins who was serving a sentence in the Indiana Dept of Corrections for murder.

According to a statement released from the Cook County Sheriff’s Dept, an investigation into the circumstances regarding Robbins’s release has been ordered.

Officials are seeking the public’s help in finding Robbins.  The sheriff’s office describes Robbins a black male, 5 feet 5 inches tall and 190 lbs.  He has a tattoo  on the right side of his neck that reads “Nicole.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 708-865-4915.

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  • john smith

    i feel i have the real souloution to these home grown terroist. In chicago Number one start the draft back._CpD knows who these Gangbanggers are where hang out and live.So whether its the FBI or the_Army its time for this Genocide of our youth to STOP NOW. Its time for Us As A People to take back to_the Streets Pickingting And Protesting.First boycot that Dam Con the lottery& the Liquor Stores Till -_We As A People can once again Say It Loud Im Black &IM PROUD.But if our own people would -_simply learn to share with one another.thingscan change.We need love Brothers& Sisters._

    • john smith

      to you hell is where you and your king is shoulld be.First listen to The late Great Song.Whats Ghoing-
      On, Marven gaye Song.And I am Going to Give U Some more Wisdom Listem to another legen-
      song Frankie Beverly& Maze We Are One. Their are to times we are equel when we are Born-
      And and when we die .So to my Brothers&Sisters In Chihcago I Would to say keep Your Head up
      pete.They Say men should Not Cry.But With Tears in my EyES.Ijust want say My Heart is truelly
      Broken. To you Sarah F You are ether a Aunt Jane or you never seen mandingo.

  • john smith

    To my People in the Chi.Cant You see Its Your People That You Are teraing Apart .We Have To change
    Our Ways .To Father Flager.I KeepYou In My prayerys.And I can never say it enuff .How Proud of-
    your people that understdand What You do Is God sent .And how they stand beside you in a very-
    dangeroyes situataion I know you &your flok have saved many lives. Helped many Familys also me
    Too my critics I know some of my words are miss spelled . But I cant sleep I cant eat &its all because-
    My Heart Is Truely Broken.

  • john smith

    The above postings were accidently posted and put on this website! These comments and opinions were to be posted about the precious young lady who was killed due to mistakingly thinking she was associated with the wrong crowd, which made her an innocent victim. I apologize and had no intentioms to comment or relate to this man who was mistakingly released and there is NO way to delete a post once it is submitted!!!
    John Smith

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