200 cops redeployed to streets in wake of teen’s violent death

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy announced changes to the department in the wake of the death of 15-year old Hadiya Pendleton.

200 officers will be redeployed from desk duty to street duty.  They say the move will make the department more efficient.

The changes come too late for the family of Hadiya Pendleton.  However, her father welcomes the changes, saying he hopes a bigger police presence could save others.

Nathaniel Pendleton says the shooting death this week of his daughter has yet to sink in with his family but he anticipates a lifetime of pain.

He applauds the city’s efforts to step-up policing.

The officers will be reassigned in small groups, with all 200 on the street by March.

The mayor says their purposed will be to reduce gun violence and gang activity.

“We should have clerks doing clerical work,” said McCarthy.  “We don’t train people to be police officers and have them doing clerical work.”

Hadiya was shot in the back after taking her finals at King College Prep on Tuesday.

The sophomore had marched with the school’s band at the Presidential Inauguration in Washington, D.C. just a week ago.

Police believe the gunman mistakenly thought Pendleton and her friends were rival gang members.

The teen was an exemplary student and even took part in an anti-gang PSA while in the sixth grade.

“The loss of any child in any community in this city is a loss to the entire city,” said Mayor Emanuel.

60 officers will be redeployed immediately to the Central, North and South area police districts.

Civilians will pick up clerical responsibilities within the department.

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  • Logan

    I thank its a good idea to bring more cops out here on the streets, this is so dam sad that these stupid gangs are disrupting the beauty of this city. Build new recreational ficility or something for these kids, create a softball league, flag football. Too much time is the devils workshop.

  • Susan

    While I'm very happy they're deploying more officers to the streets, this is old news. The original plan was announced a few weeks back. Perhaps it's being done to make it look like a reaction to this young girl having been murdered. I just wish the govt would be honest for once. This should have never happened to this girl or her family. I can't imagine the heartbreak. We can do better than this.

  • AJAX

    It's time to get proactive instead of reactive. There will be plenty more if the city doesn't hire more officers. Is it true that CPD hasn't hired since 2006? I've tried to apply but can't. I've been an officer in TN for the last six years and I acually want a pay cut to try and make a difference in my city, but I can't apply…… I'm still in my twenties and want to be back in the Chicagoland with my family. I don't see how they aren't hiring like crazy right now.

  • Allen

    We'll see. So far Rahm Emanuel and Gary McCarthy have a verydismal record of being effective in reducing gun violence. Personnaly, I think the city needs a new police chief who can get the job done.

  • AMomma

    Do we need the National Guard in Chicago to get enough manpower on the street? Is Manpower what we need? Where are the parents of these out of control young people? Maybe they need a good trip behind the woodshed.

  • Don

    Chicago fails. It is one of the most racist and violent cities in America. Many more children will die as a large portion of the populous, mostly minorities, are quarantined on one side of the city without jobs or education…the results, gangs, drugs and the murder of children…good job idiots.

  • Tommy

    The news commentator says "the reason she was shot is because some gang members thought she was a in a group of people from a rival gang"….
    How can anyone give a reason for why a 15 year old was shot……a 15 year was shot and killed….there's no need to try to give a reason….that is beyond insane and the people of this city have lost their minds and souls…a reason?…speaks volumes…. what a sick and stupid city.

  • Marie

    I am so tired of this violence in chicago! This has to stop! Stop Stop! Please stop ! I know times are and the family values are deminished, but why must kill each other and our kids to prove how angry we are or to prove tough we are? So what if someone looks like their are apart of a gang, their on your side of town,wearing the wrong color or if you are in a gang yourself," You Don't Have To Kill Someone Or Beat Up Someone To Prove A Point! Come On Stop This Maddness! Stop The Shooting! Instead of depending on the police department, maybe the united states military should be the next major step because I am really tired of this!

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