200 officers reassigned in response to spike in Chicago homicides

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

January’s homicide total surpasses the number of days we are into this year, and in response, the number of Chicago police officers on patrol will spike too.

Beginning this weekend, cops currently on desk duty will be reassigned to the beat. The first wave includes 60 officers, and a total of 200 additional officers will be working the street by the end of March.

Civilians will be taking over the officers’ administrative duties after the most violent start to a year in more than a decade. 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton’s murder Tuesday was the 42nd of 2013. This year’s homicide rate is 20 percent higher than even last year, one in which 506 were killed.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel says the reassignment plan is a swift way to respond to the bloodshed efficiently. Since taking office, he says more than one thousand officers have been reassigned from desk duties to the street.
The Fraternal Order of Police opposes the plan, one which President Mike Shields calls a “shell game.”  He argues that Chicagoans really don’t want civilians guarding drugs, guns and cash in the police evidence room, for example. He says these jobs are for skilled officers.

The police department will immediately move 30 officers to patrol Area Central, and 15 will be reassigned to both Area North and Area South.

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  • John

    Not good enough as most of these cops are in the twilight of their careers and have been content on doing desk jobs while waiting for retirement. Do you think they'd risk their last few years or months on Chicago's warzones getting shot and jeopardizing their pension and retirement pay?
    Time to forcibly retire the old fat dogs and get hungry young ones to patrol our streets. Haven't anyone notice that the "senior" officers are lounging by donut shops and hospital cafeterias killing time while bullets are flying elsewhere. The Police Union is joke and self-serving, it doesn't protect the interest of the people. Instead, it caters to pampering fat abusive cops. Time to abolish them too and let the people control their cops.

  • Jose

    That's oh so clever of you you manipulative media. We wouldn't want you to make our city's representatives look bad now, do we? The original article posted here on this website was stating that Mayor Emmanuel, his board, and others were going to reassign officers due to the death of the 15 year old Pendleton, which was oh so important because she marched representing her school ON Obama's inauguration. Really?!?! How about those before her? Aren't they just as important? What were they doing while children were being murdered? Why wasn't Emmanuel and his team working on this before her tragic passing?

  • Paul

    Yes, Chicagoans don't want civilians to watch over police evidence. But also, civilians don't want to pay higher taxes to support your CBA, Mike Shields.
    Time to quash the Fraternal Order of Police and make policing a patriotic duty again. We don't want police officers getting overtime pay like your average factory worker. Policing is will be so much better without the money-sucking police union.

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