High school lockdown drill to include gunfire

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Responding to the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Connecticut, a northwest suburban Illinois school is planning a very realistic preparedness drill.

Gunfire will be part of a school drill Wednesday in the north Chicago suburb of Cary.

Cary police will use blanks so students at Cary Grove High School will hear what a gun shot sounds like.

The school will be on a simulated lockdown for 20 minutes Wednesday.

Senior Colin Olsen is ready for the “Code Red” drill.

“Supposedly the teachers do it on institute day.  They’re all ready. We’ve just never done a drill like this,” he said.

It’s the first time District 155 will use the gun fire during this type of drill during school hours. Once all students are locked inside of their classrooms, an announcement will be made.

“They will describe that there will be simulated gunfire in order to help our staff and students understand what gunfire would sound like coming for another part of the building so that if that active scenario ever happens they can identify it as soon as possible,” said District Spokesperson Jeff Puma.

Reaction from parents is mixed, he says. Some are in favor of firing the blanks, others simply don’t understand why this drill, one that deals with a potential threat of gun violence, actually has to use a gun to make the point.

Social workers will be inside the school to talk with anyone who has problems after the drill.  A letter from Cary Grove’s principal encourages parents to talk with their students, about their feelings.

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  • Wendy

    I do not see what harm it can do MOST kids gun shots sound like anyway.
    Just my opion.raised Rockwell projects at the age of 3 all children knew to drop

  • Just Me

    Wendy, it's about bad, evil, and terrible guns being in a school for any reason. It's about "concerned citizens" who have ZERO idea what goes on in the real world, and are so afraid of guns that they simply can't wrap their minds around the reality of active shooter scenarios in their school. Nope, can't happen here. (NIU, Columbine, Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, etc.). I'm surprised they didn't tell the school to not hold the drill, since that would scare their little snowflakes (in HIGH SCHOOL)!

    • Just Me

      I'm curious what the thumb-downers are thinking, since they didn't post comments. Do they not believe in reality, in the fact that "it CAN happen here", or that their little snowflakes might have to act to save their own lives someday???

  • WilliamJ

    This two and a half minute coverage aired immediately following the 7 seconds of coverage given to the 4+ kids shot dead in Chicago today. A 15 year old boy on his way to get coffee for someone, and then two more glossed over, and oh yeah — "and a 15 year old girl was shot in the back, and later died".

    Why gloss these souls over just to give a school drill almost 3 minutes of coverage? Common sense should be disgusted.

  • Barbara Rago

    It is so sad that we live in a time where this kind of "Drill" has to be practiced. When My Parents were little they were Drilled on what to do if the A bomb was dropped, our Generation was the fire drill and now our Children are being drilled on what to do if a mad man enters the school with a gun! Signs of the times we are living in.

  • Falling

    It's one thing to go through a dispassionate drill like fire and earthquake drills (and now lockdown) and entirely another thing to try and simulate the drama and emotion of the event. Do schools typically pull out the smoke machines for their fire drills? And yet that is probably a far more likely occurrence.

    An established routine is necessary so people know what to do in emergency. We don't need to create fear and drama to do so. Run the lockdown and leave aside the shooting blanks imo.

  • intriguedbyr

    This is an outrage! This is what our law enforcement and military have taken an oath to do in the 'homeland'? An obscene measure being taken to create new 'jobs' for security companies probably owned by the friends of Rahm and Quinn. Our government is so corrupt they should be locked up for life as a domestic terror group. It is that serious now. Our freedom and liberties are being chipped away inch by inch, nothing getting better for the people, but those bankers and corporations sure are getting their bonuses and their pockets have never been so full of your money!

    Doesn't anyone remember Germany years ago? I doubt it, Illinois schools don't teach history, they teach test taking and agendas!

  • AMC18

    People are making to big of a deal! Im a student there and I personally believe that its something that should be done every where. This is a quite suburban area and many people here are sheltered. Sure it may not sound like real gun but it did simulate what it would be like hearing a random loud pop that you're not expecting. And it's nice knowing, and being put to the test, of what to do if something were to happen. At least there aren't bomb threats anymore.

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