2 teens charged in beating death of man over cigarette

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Two teenagers are accused of beating a man to death after arguing over a cigarette.

Derrick Burns, 15, and William Davis, 16, both face first degree murder charges. They are being charged as adults.

Prosecutors say Burns and Davis attacked 43-year-old Antoine Baker at a home near Augusta and LeClaire on Monday.

The boys reportedly punched and kicked the man. At one point, burns dropped a speaker on Baker’s head.

Baker died from an asthma attack.

Burns and Davis were later arrested. Bond has been set for both at $500,000.

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      • Jake

        Killing an asthmatic over a cigarette…. The man shouldn't have been smoking a cigarette in the first place. That's what killed him, though the violence is not really good… Wonder if the kids got their cigarette….

      • Lady C

        I pray that you and your family find peace bc this is just the beginning of a long road…. God bless you all and I pray he has mercy on those boys because Lord knows they will need it.

  • GibsMeDat

    Probably the typical violent jig behavior…you never know when they are going to chimp out over anything…..Someone prove me wrong with facts and stats too…

  • queenie

    a cigarette? seriously? this story is not about a cigarette……it is about the crackhead mama's producing two pieces of CRAP that was DUMPED into society. they have no feelings…..totally void of them. believe me those two punks will FEEL in jail. their backsides belongs to big bubba now! they will be doing alot of screeming and hollering just like their victim!

    • debo aunt

      naw bitch not derrick he have nothing to worry about,that was two kids who made a mistake and god says not to judge,and you the crap that aint got nothing else better to do but post things about two teenagers who were lacking guidance,how bout you pray for them dumb ass bitch.

  • keeping real

    wow!! well you are monkey as well!! that the fact and stats on those morons comments!!! please do not respond either!! we have enough trash, thank you lil monkey

  • Chicago..Why?

    I can only pray that there is more to this story. If not, I am totally OK with God hitting the reset button and starting over. These 2 kids, I repeat KIDS, are animals. And things are only getting worse.

  • mikki

    its so sad of how r youth has become today no matter what the issue was it shouldn't have happen kid should always respect their elders no matter what i hope the get what they deserved and lillian i will pray 4 your cousin and ur family



    how bout WHERE THE FUCK WAS THE ADULTS when all this was happening but nobody seems to be posting that.children only can be what there brought up to be, it only becomes there fault when they reaches adulthood, as for now and this situation I repeat WHERE THE FUCK WAS THE PARENTS AND ADULTS

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