Reward grows for information on girl’s murder

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The reward for information leading to the arrest in  the murder of a Chicago teenage girl continues to grow.

15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton’s was killed yesterday by a single bullet in the back by a gunman who mistakenly thought she was with a group of gang bangers.

Hadiya’s family and community leaders gathered in the middle class neighborhood of North Kenwood at the park where she was killed just a block from President Obama’s home. The park at 45th and South Oakenwald Avenue is only blocks away from King College Prep School where she was a sophomore.


Hidiya Pendelton, 15, died after she was shot in the back Tuesday.

St. Sabina’s Catholic Church donated $5,000 to the reward fund making it over $1,000. Father Michael Pfleger called it a bounty on the head of a killer.

“This is Sandy Hook! This is Connecticut. This is Newtown, right here! We have to be just as outraged,” Pfleger said.

“She was the light of my life,” said Hadiya Pendleton’s father Nathaniel.

Last week Hadiya performed with the King College Prep band at the Inauguration in Washington.

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  • Todd pardee

    This is Sandy Hook? This is Newtown? This is over 20 Sandy Hooks, every year! Forget banning guns that was done for over 30 years here…..doesn’t work. You want to change the constitution? Change the part that allows these gang bangers to associate on street corners, pull their cars over for no reason and search for the guns that are already illegal to have. I’d rather see Marshall law on the perpetrators of these murders, than the law abiding hunter



    • bobhamiltonchicago

      There is a very good chance that the real printed tree money will help catch the little thuggy who thought a pistol made him powerful. LOL It actually just revealed how truly weak, both mentally and morally he really is. The great Chicago Police Department and amazing detectives working this case will have this junior thug in 72 hours.


    Citizens of Illinois and Citizens of Chicago, there are no more excuses from Rham or police chief and politicians. OH father Phlager. You all are nothing but talk, making sure no one votes you out of office. Decades and decades of people gunned down by gangs. We the people it is the responsibility of those we voted into office to serve and PROTECT THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES. Father Phlager why aren't you protesting the gangs homes,business, the prostitutes, street corners where there hanging out. CHICAGO POLICE NEW THIS PARK WAS A GANGS TURF. SO WHY WASN'T IT PROTECTED BY POLICE. WHERE WERE THE POLICE. CITIZENS OF CHICAGO WAKE UP. FIGHT BACK,STAND UP. POLITICIANS WANT TO TAKE GUNS AWAY FOR YOU TO MORE GANG TARGET PRACTICE. STAND UP AND CARRY A GUN TO PROTECT YOUR FAMILY. IT IS OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO PROTECT OURSELVES. AND YOUR FAMILY AND CHILDREN, THE POLICE ARE NOT DOING IT. THEY CAN RAISE TAXES TO ROADS AND TO MAKE CHICAGO LOOK PRETTY, WHILE YOUR CHILDREN ARE GUNNED DOWN. GOD HELP THE POLITICIANS OF CHICAGO

    • sharong4

      AMEN!!!!!!! Without a gun, these punks wouldn't fight in a Race riot. They don't care about anyone's life they are scared to fight like men. Any time you have to run up behind someone, you are a coward. What happened to face to face confrontations or fist fights. There isn't enough money that can bring that child back to life. A young lady's life has been taken. Catch the punk and beat him down. I know in my neighborhood, someone would have found him. DEAD or BEATEN and turned in to the police.

  • Sherry

    The *inanimate object* that took the life of this young, beautiful, gifted young lady is the biggest coward in the world. What would this piece of crap be without his big bad gun.

  • Maurice

    Gary McCarthy You been singing this same song everytime a child get shot down in the streets of chicago about this strategy bull that you have moved police officer off of desk duty and on the streets and more police in high crime area's to fight the gang violence. It doesnt seem like your startegy is working seems like you need more assistance such as the FEDERAL GOVERMENT (ATF, FBI AND MAYBE THE U.S. MARSHALLS) FOR ASSISTANCE TO HELP CURVE THE VIOLENCE ON CHICAGO STREETS. THIS IS VERY SAD WHEN YOU TURN YOUR T.V. SET ON THERS A NUMBER OF KILLINGS. WHEN IS IT GOING TO STOP. Can anyone of you politicians exsplain that.
    Jessie where are you step up to the plate. when there's a civil rights issue your're in the media its time that you step of as a leader and find out whtas the problem. Will Chicago exceed the 500 or more murders in 2012 with the start of 42 in Janurary of 2013 It sure looks like it a reoccurrence of 2012.

  • Lucy

    It really makes me angry that this one murder seems to be "THE" one that hits national news with reward money and so on. So many innocent children die in these streets of Chicago and are forgotten the next day. This innocent young lady happens to get gunned down a block from president Obama's Chicago home and happened to have performed at the inauguration last week and now it's worthy of national news?! Now McCarthy wants to do all possible to catch "this killer"? Not fair to the rest of those young souls that got murdered innocently and their parents that have had to deal with this mediocre Chicago police. SMH

  • Alan

    What causes these black kids to have a love to kill each other? There's no white man handing out money to them to shoot up innocent black kids that want escape the pathetic neighborhoods that black people created. You drive around in black areas what do you see…trash and garbage thrown on the street, broken glass everywhere, who's doing that, black folks! Why do black folks rob from there own? Why can't they have a family reunion without family members fighting or killing another family member? It's no excuse for that, it's the fault of parents. Any idiot knows right from wrong, stop excusing for it and fix it!!!

    • Just me

      wow really?
      First off it was white people who created this society… white people enslaved african people and segregated them from the beginning …. and guess what as far back as that may be , they set the foundation for society today.

      Oh black kids this and black people that…

      well how about we take a look at the white people who decide to shoot up and kill multiple people at once…

      all the kids who shot up their schools… guess what?! WHITE!
      the man who shot up the theater ???! GUESS WHAT ?!!! HE WAS WHITE!
      the person who shot and killed innocent children and teachers at that school?! GUESS WHAT???!


      HE WAS WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      So quit the bull s. h . i. t
      stop bringing up the color of peoples skin because the real one to point fingers at is white people/

    • sharong4

      One thing for sure, you don't hear about too many Black MASS MURDERERS. Find the men with the sheets that started it all, then maybe you can talk. Look in the mirror and what do you see. A pale face that took land from the Indians. Get a life. Stop trying to make the Blacks feel like they all created a situation for themselves. Did your family own SLAVES?

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