Mother who lost all children: “They took all of my babies to gun violence”

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

No one understands the impact of the gun violence plaguing the city of Chicago better than a local woman who has lost all four of her children in fatal shootings.

“Four, no more. They took all of my babies to gun violence,” said Shirley Chambers. “I don’t understand it.”

Her son Ronnie Chambers, 34, was fatally shot in the head early Saturday while sitting in a van in the 1100 block of S. Mozart Street on Chicago’s west side. She lost her son Carlos, 18, in 1995. She lost her daughter LaToya, 15, in 2000, and her son Jerome, 23, was shot and killed a few months later.

It was a violent weekend in Chicago with at least 7 people killed in shootings on Saturday alone. For the third week in a row, police held a press conference on Monday to show off confiscated weapons and push for tighter gun laws. Police say they have seized 574 firearms, so far this year.

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  • Gina Brown

    Hey Racists, man up and stop hiding like your coward azz fore-fathers (the only diffence is they hid under a sheet) and you hide behind a monitor and keyboard. you hate minorities..don’t be shy let the world know how you feel….come on make your mother proud:-/

    • harry

      gotta pull the race card. you people hate it when the truth is thrown in your faces! It's always the white man's fault. there is no accountability with you people.

  • harry

    maybe if she would have been a better mother to her children. why have four kids you can't afford. probably all from different fathers.

    • Truth

      Question…..why wold you assume she couldn't afford the kids when she had them?……and why assume they they are of different fathers?

  • giovanni_68

    I do feel sorry for the mother in the way that she lost 4 children. This story should be a lesson to us all.
    I am white but work with all walks of life. I have friends that are black,white,asian, hispanic and indian.
    I do not judge by color, however I do judge by lifestyle. I cannot stand the whole RAP ( crap ) and gang banger life style. I cannot stand to see anyone that participates in RAP music or any kind of gang banger activity. They are all ignorant and foolish. Those 4 kids got exactly what they DESERVED.
    If you are going to belong to a gang, use and sell drugs and carry guns, you eventually will be shot and killed. I am happy the world has 4 less dangerous criminals walking the street.
    If I were president, I would ban all rap music and gold teef !!!!!!!!!!!! Wake up AMERICA !!!!!!!

    • Truth

      Wow….I have a hard time accepting that a 15 year old girl DESERVES death. You are a IGNORANT BIGOT!!! People that listen to rap music do not deserve to die and are not gangbangers. I think IDIOTs like YOU deserve DEATH!!

  • Dee

    I don't feel soory for this women,she did not raise her children properly EARLY on,also THE BIBLE say's in COLOSSIANS 3:25,QUOTE ,for the wrong you do to someone,it will come back to you.

  • Sadd

    Mother of these children I honestly Pray for you and hope you be alright in life just know prayer and God is your answer to sanity in this situation. May God be with you!!!!!!!!

  • Sadd

    Ms. Shirley Chambers I really apologize for the ignorance displayed on this page just know not every one is educated a lot of people on here suffer from self education which most time is less than no education

  • BlakkVoice

    No let's not blame guns. It's true a gun is nothing more than a tool and without a human being to use it, it can't hurt anyone. But let's talk about who and what is really to blame: YOU AMERICA! You callous, cold-hearted A** people on here talkin bout "if she got her kids out of the ghetto" Umm excuse me? You stupid A** ignorant, imbecilic, asinine son of a ***** THEM KIDS AT SANDY HOOK WASNT FROM NO GHETTO! COLUMBINE? THAT WAS NO GHETTO! VIRGINIA TECH? NO GHETTO! LONE STAR? NO GHETTO! So only gangbangers, drug addicts, thieves, and vagabonds deserve to die like this? And DONALD TRUMP DOESNT? Bernie MADOFF DOESNT? Rupert Murdock DOESNT? It doesn't matter WHAT A PERSON DID WHILE THEY WERE HERE NO ONE DESERVES TO DIE LIKE THAT! I'll leave you a**holes with this: Those who have the ability to STOP RACISM DONT HAVE THE WILL, and those with the WILL TO END RACISM DONT HAVE THE ABILITY! Because truth be told your comments stem from your latent racism and prejudice…thank you.

  • James

    Illinois, specifically Chicago, has the strongest gun laws in the nation. Yet Chicago has a murder rate off the chart! I don't believe the problem is guns. It is the criminals who have the guns, and they appear to be killing each other.


    People can be so ignorant to the fact that this woman has lost all four of her kids due to gun violence. It doesn’t matter if she lived in the ghetto or lived in a suburban area, nobody deserves to die. Why can’t people just send their condolences instead they have to be so judemental and start pointing fingers. SMH. What has this world come to? Ms. Chambers, I am very sorry for yet another loss in your family my GOD bless you. I will keep you in my prayers/

  • Rody

    When I was 8 my mother saw what was going on around us and moved us out of the dangerous neighborhood. For 6 years we moved once a year until we were finally living in a place where we felt safe. When a mother wants to protect her children she will do whatever it takes to protect them. My deepest condolences, but she shouldve moved heaven and earth to move out of her surroundings when her first one was shot. Its sad, but many people feel that they deserve their fate, the children really dont. My mother would rather have killed me herself whooping my a** so I stayed in school then let me become a victim of street violence. Wake up Chicago. If you dont like where you live move the f out.

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