1 killed, 2 wounded in shooting on South Side

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A man was shot and killed, and two others were wounded, in the Grand Crossing neighborhood.

The shots rang out at 75th and Champlain around noon today.

Devin Common was pronounced dead at the scene.

Two other men were rushed to Stroger Hospital in serious-to-critical condition.

Devin’s mother claims he was on his way to get coffee when he was killed.

She lost another son to a shooting in October 2011.

Check back for updates.

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  • Mya

    They have been sweeping ghettos in Chicago. Remember Cabrini… Simply moving these people all around is like a cancer to the city. It makes the gangs worse because they are moving into territories they aren't welcomed in. We need some focus on programs that will help with education starting with the men.
    There needs to be strict curfews for anyone 17 and under. Miss curfew, your parents get a fine. Then your household loses some assistance. We need to rework how people get assistance in Illinois so that we will not have next generation poverty. All assistance should come with a start and stop date. I'll give them 2 years then after that, if needed, again you will get one year but it will be the last time you can dip in. This seems harsh but it will eliminate the comfort factor and get people off their asses and to work. All of this is because people have far too much time on their hands and very little social responsibility.
    I'm so sick of these people killing one another yet directly contributing to their problems. You cannot have it both ways. It's hard enough working and getting pinged with all the state tax just to watch a large section of the city turning into Detroit. I promise if we could just get 60% of the people out the door and working somewhere with a small amount of assistance a lot would change.

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