Man charged for robbing 5 girls at knifepoint

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A man is being held on bond for robbing five girls at knifepoint.

Andre Stovall is charged with five counts of armed robbery.

Police say Stovall and another man robbed five girls at the Metra station on 83rd Street, Friday night.

Police say both men threatened to kill the girls if they didn’t hand over their phones and purses.

One of the girls got away and flagged down a police car.

Officers arrested Stovall, but the other man got away.

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    • You're the Moron

      When larger numbers of people are gunned down and murdered by white people in theaters and schools do you see those coming?

      • parrish duke

        No if he was white he would have directed his anger at a elementay school. and then blame it on video games, television, and society – When people wake up instead of falling into steroetypes, and bigotry – all races have issues – none worse than others, we are all human – 2 legs / 2 arms / 1 torso / 1 head nothing more nothing less

      • Tired of Morons

        Really, the chimps in the jungle behave better than 1/2 the south side. They are not human. If they were we couldn't guess the color of the person committing the crime so accurately without ever seeing them.

    • Tired of Morons

      Makes no difference? This is a regular daily multiple occurrence. So don't give me you B S and your lame defense. Another crime, another black man doing it. I don't make this up. Watch and read the news. They do it to themselves with little help.

  • Tired of Morons

    Really? If I had a dollar every time a crime is committed and i find a black mans face on the article I'd be doing pretty well.