Illinois’ credit rating downgraded; state drops to worst in the nation

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
A warning came Saturday morning from state treasurer Dan Rutherford (R) IL State Treasurer. The Standard and Poor’s downgrade from A to A-minus puts Illinois last on the list– and means a higher cost to borrow money.
On Wednesday, the state will issue $500 million in new bonds to pay for roads and other transportation projects. Rutherford says the credit downgrade will cost taxpayers an additional $95 million in interest,

When compared to a perfect triple-a bond rating enjoyed by other11 states including neighboring Indiana, Iowa and Missouri.

“Our problem in Illinois is that we have not substantively and fairly addressed the state public pension issue.”

Rutherford points to Governor Quinn and the democratically controlled general assembly for making matters worse in the last two years– raising taxes but not acting on pension reform.

“This problem didn’t come along just now it’s been accumulating for actually decades. Each time the governor set a deadline and didn’t meet it there was some negative reaction,” he said.

“It’s become quite evident to me that the general assembly has not registered what these negative impacts are to be enough to cause a change in the public pensions.”

Rutherford says reform should come in the form of new cost of living adjustments and sliding healthcare costs based on pension income, all of which is a hard sell in Springfield– but would put the state back on better financial ground.

“Illinois is a very good place and we can turn this place around– but the first thing we need to do is fix this in a fair way, our public pensions.”

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  • ismael

    Thank you Michael Madigan Rod and shinny head Quinn. The democrats are mostly responsible for this huge mess and We keep putting them in charge.These idiots have no shame so after the 66% state income tax increase I wonder what they are thinking of raising next. Madigan and Quinn have no idea about budgets and finances. Did these dummies graduate from college? His daughter might run for governor and I am sure the people from Chicago will put her there. What a shame. Shame on you Chicagoans, will You please use that tinny brain God gave you.

      • RJ_USMC

        That would be due to the Democrats who held both houses of Congress, coupled with policies enacted by a Democrat President (Carter), namely the Community Reinvestment Act and Democrats running Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac into the ground.

      • Neal

        Your comment reveals an uninformed simpleton's mentality. The fact that the housing market collapsed under Bush does not mean that Bush's policies created this. Try becoming informed about the causes of the mortgage meltdown, then get back us when you know what you're talking about. A good starting place would be Gretchen Morgenson's book, Reckless Endangerment. She is a reporter for the NYT, so you can't accuse her of being a right wing hack.

      • Concernicus

        Stop right there! Don't you DARE wish the Ill Noise on the rest of the nation! If the nation is to survive, we must keep THAT cancer isolated. Build the border fence… around Illinois!

      • ra44mr2

        Also do some research just do it with uhaul and see how much it is to get a truck INTO illinois as opposed to OUT of illinois. The cost difference is hundreds of dollars. Mainly because people are dying to get out as i was and noone wants to move there anymore unless they are just completely ignorant of how it really is there. I finally got out a year and a half ago and i will never move back.

      • ross

        The problem with Illinois is that there are too many voters that will vote for anything with a "D" after the name. The voter fraud is only a guarantee.

      • Garys world

        Yes, Cook County has that reputation. Gov. Earl Long once said “I’ve arranged with my executor to be buried in Chicago. Because when I die, I want to still remain active politically.”

      • lcky9

        money.. many of us have lived in IL for GENERATIONS our parents, kids and grand kids live here,, we have HOUSES and the housing market is DOWN,, DON'T think for one second that as soon as it quits diving MANY are OUT OF HERE.. I at least feel somewhat better I at least got out of CHICAGO and live where people who know there are TWO parties live..CHICAGO is the CANCER of the state..LOOK who they have for a mayor,,

      • robadude32

        Hi Icky. I hope and pray for all the taxpayers in Illinois that your situation improves but it looks really bleak especially after when you mentioned the R name. I knew nothing positive would come from him. Good luck to you!

      • beachkrp

        Now do you see why only LANDOWNERS should be allowed to vote? The people that don't like it can move, but landowners are rather tied to their land. Landowners should have more say, if not the only say, in the states in which they reside and anyone else can just pack their bags and MOVE

    • Truthinspending

      Most politicians graduated from college. Many of them are lawyers.

      To my limited knowlege, we do not have any high school dropouts holding federal public office. From what I have seen in my 70 plus years, dropouts could not have done much worse than the enlightened clowns we now have in office.

      • Heretic

        High school dropouts would do a better job. The problem with college people is how much they know that just ain't so.

      • Patrick Henry

        RR – “the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; it's just that they know so much that isn't so.”

      • mike

        They have kept your income up IF you are a worker. They have also forced employers to move jobs to other states to find lower wage workers so their products can be competitive with other companies.

      • Yaspar

        But your costs high if you are a cutomer or a taxpayer. Gotta look at ALL side of the issue. "Economics In One Lesson."

      • beachkrp

        Lawyers are mostly liberals art majors trying to hold on to the fallacy that they are intelligent when they never had any business being in college in the first place.

      • ElectricZyphyr

        It's not because you are black, it's because you cannot speak english or present your self in a manner that may make you employable. I have many friends that are black and are pilots, lawyers and successful real estate agents. Stop playing the race card (it's reached it's expiration date), learn to apply yourself to something and stop expecting other people to pay for your lazy a$$!

      • EviLibertarian

        You know the biggest difference between the successful black individuals you speak of and the Obama phone black people? One group has a chip on their shoulder and the other doesn't. I'll let you pick which one you think the successful group is in.

    • Illinois Native

      As a son of Illinois who escaped to a vibrant sunbelt state, it pains me to say this, but you elected the politicians that turned a former economic powerhouse into a state that businesses and individuals flee.

      You got what you asked for. I may come back to visit Illinois, but would never consider moving back.

      • lcky9

        Don't blame you,, I was born and raised and lived most of my adult life in CHICAGO.. finally got out of there next NEXT is out of the state.. we get hit hard cause AFTER we bought our house my husband got a job out of state and while he can commute we can't sell our house and move closer to his job where taxes are less we don't even get full credit from IL for the taxes we pay in the state he works in,, they only give us partial credit..cause for some reason IL doesn't have a reciprocating agreement with some of their closest neighbors..

      • ra44mr2

        Right there with you i lived there for a total of 19 years but ive had enough and there is nothing short of a lottery win that would get me back to illinois and even a lottery win would just get a time share around xmas to visit family.

    • carlb

      you are right but since 1980 america has become the 47% romney spoke of and reducing goverment becomes anxiety to anyone begging. because thats what they have become beggers and hyenas living on scraps others provide.

      • Pilot_Dave

        How true.. what what happens (soon) when all those with their hands out and those who pay zero Fed taxes are more than 50% of the voters ??? The rest of us will need to move out of the USA… but to where?

      • G. Murray

        Bob, I love our country. I served her in Vietnam when others were doing their best to tear her apart. We have to find a way save her without tearing her apart.

      • beachkrp

        Watch 'Fort Apache' where the Indian chief explains that it is better to go to war than to become "the 47%". Where has that mentality gone?

    • Roberto

      The Democrats need to keep the new slave happy, to continue to stay in power. You feed them, house them, and hey make you money and give you power. The working man becomes lower than a slave, he has to support those whose only job is to vote.

    • libertarian1234

      "Madigan and Quinn have no idea about budgets and finances. "

      And they've lived in a bubble for so long they don't know anything about the real world outside their failing society either.

      But that attitude is rife throughout Washington as well. They're pushing a perverted social agenda on the country while they're ignoring the fact that unemployment is continuing to get worse and inflation is just now beginning to show its ugly head.

      And with a dangerous debt to GDP ratio of 103% and rapidly increasing every month they seem to inanely think that we're in a "recovery."

      Nero might have "fiddled" while Rome burned, but the community organizer and his minions are distracted with their push toward gun control and mandating that diasbled people must be included on football teams or schools will have to face the consequences.

      The country is getting too big to control. It must be broken up into smaller nation-states and the best way to do that is for areas to secede peacefully rather than start a civil war to force the government to buzz off.

      • robadude32

        Sad but true. How the heck do we take the bull by the horns already. I mean Obummer has put many more lobbyists there in Boomtown (Washington, DC) in overdrive!

    • Tervais Sims

      Oh please. We all know it's the fault of the racist whites in the southern part of the state not paying their fair share.

      • TXsms

        Why did the administrator delete my comment? It wasn't racist. Just questioning if Tervais has been to the South. Why so touchy?

    • dwdude

      wait until the pension funds implode…sure glad i don't live under that regime. notice the closer they get to ruin, the more they want to take your guns away? they know what the outcome will be when the collapse comes.

    • Fatboy71

      Hey,I am an endangered species…a Republican in Lala land.. Illinois–Tourist capital of the world… A jobs Mecca…Sun and Fun….well….almost …not…..Any doubt where you are heading as a country look at what the idiots have done here…in the murder capital of the US…..Emanuel (God with us) is clueless and Madigan is the defacto Govenour …and He is a crooks crook and his daughter is the head of enforcement–She is his Eric Holder…TThey believe that all taxes can be raised and nothing can or will be cut.. No one has ever been laid off in this government.. I swear they are like the housewife who says to her husband.."We can't be out of money, we still have checks."

    • EDDDD

      Good point. Of course this state has one of the highest levels of Union members so the correlation between dying economies and Union membership is evident.

    • ken

      The Candyman and his sweet Dems can put a little sugar on this and everyhting will be just fine. It is the evil working evangelical conservatives that have caused this bad situation to become public. Just vote for the Candymand and everthing is fine.

    • Seth Barker

      You people in IL have embraced Marxism in the most subtle of ways. You revel in the union mentality, you are proud of your “progressive” achievements (now debacles), you embrace the “bad boy” hype………….you get what you deserve. It is engrained in your culture. You want out of this …………don’t vote for anything that is Democratic. We can fix the Republicans later, Democrats are no longer Americans.

      • TXsms

        Dems used to not be this evil. My parents (God rest their souls) were die hard, yellow dog Democrats because they saw FDR as saving the nation. I do think Obama has been the most liberal Democrat ever elected president as he has embraced both abortion on demand and gay marriage, as well as pushed a tax and spend socialist-bordering agenda, all while dividing the nation like no other! And don't get me started on Eric Holder!

      • TXsms

        Administrators, are you afraid of opinions contrary to the current administration? I don't think so, judging by others' comments on this site. I said nothing that hasn't been said in so many words before and used no derogatory terms. Do you allow free speech here?

    • FunDir79

      Downstate Governor would change a whole lot ! I love Chicago and Chicagoians, however, the politicians need to be aware that THERE IS life South of i-80

    • Hank

      This is just the beginning! I discovered that some State Representative from Champaign, IL (Naomi Jakobsson) introduced a proposed amendment to the State Constitution that would change the graduated income tax rate. Doing so would allow the state to levy more and increase taxes on Illinois citizens. Like the US Government, there is no talk of spending cuts, just more gouging of the taxpayer. I bet you can't guess the political party Jakobsson is in? DEMOCRAT!

    • Pete

      The idiots are reflected by idiots! The only ones getting anything out of this are the idiots, so how are the real idiots is now the question? The idiots have outsmarted everyone else so now everyone numbers very few and the idiots rule! Man, how scary is that?

    • My vote didn't count

      Actually, about 66% of Chicagoans are democrats and voted in these clowns. I'm unfortunately part of the minority 33% of Chicagoans that are held helpless as these elected officials use money like it grows on trees. My vote didn't count.

    • John

      Their brains are too tiny to use besides, why should anyone in Chicago care about this problem when there are achievers to pick up the tab?

    • lyndaloo

      One thing that is going up in Illinois is the Chicago murder rate. Unlike NYC the frigid weather is keeping crime down but count on liberal lunacy run Chicago the frigid weather doesn't stop the criminals on the streets or the ones in political offices.

    • selfcenter

      I say GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let the stupid people that elected these thieves (and the electorate knew they were thieves) suffer….They desreve what they get………… I hope it gets so bad they start eating each other…

    • MichMike

      Why do people insist in calling these people stupid or dummies. They are organized crime, syphoning off as much money as they can, in as many ways as they can. You write as if they care about the state going bankrupt. They don't, except for any impact on their theft.

    • Dennis

      Ismael: My downstate senators are leading the charge to raise taxes on the "rich" by proposing that we abandon the flat tax for a "progressive" tax. The answer is ALWAYS to tax more by the democrats. The scam is that they convince the average guy that its free to them, we'll just get the money from those evil rich guys. Irresponsibility piled on top of immorality. And the press cheers them on. Ditto at the national level.

  • Bilbo

    One of my biggest fears is that Illinois is only a microcosm of what we can expect on a national level. After all who did the current administration learn from?

    • gcornwallis

      What I am really afraid of is these Illinoian moving to my state and voting. I know a few, and of course they think they know better than all and espouse their uber liberal "progressive" America hating ideals. I have said to them many a time, "Look at your state, its been run by democrats for the past…well forever!"

      • edward

        Absolutely true. Look at what happened to Vermont. All the biggest communists, oops I meant democrats. fled the fiasco they created in Manhattan to infest and corrupt the formerly great state of Vermont. And I mean the worst of the worst fled NY.

        Democrats need to stay in the states they ruined: NY, IL, and California.

      • beachkrp

        All the more reason for only allowing Landowners to vote.. People should not be allowed to vote for the worst policies and then leave so that everyone else has to deal with what they voted for and then spread it to the next state.

      • TXsms

        Yes, I hear that Californians are moving to TX, and I dread to think they might turn our state purple or even blue.

    • Jack Armstrong

      Dear Bilbo: that is no fear. that is a reality. I suspect you already know that. Illinois Democrats are stallling – hoping that House of Reps – in two years – has a Democrat majority. then they will go after a major bailout. In the meantime – spend as usual. That is what keeps them in office.

      • beachkrp

        It's not going to happen. Presidents typically LOSE seats in Congress in mid-term elections. Exceptions are 1998 and 2002, and in both instances the GOP retained or gained control of both chambers.

        The GOP always is stronger in mid-term elections because the Presidential get-out-the-vote weapon isn't out in full steam.

      • TXsms

        I've come to that conclusion, too. There's interest and heavy turnout by lower info voters in Pres'l election years. Those inbetween races don't attract them much.

    • kal1966

      Not a chance. The Northeast, their way of life, the propaganda is all coming to an end as it should. You refuse to identify the problem because your cowards. Unruly, impoverished blacks are choking your cities, burning through your resources and you would call it like it is.

      • Mario

        Yeah well we are sending them back south from where they spawned. Chicago alone saw an outmigration of 160,000 blacks, mostly to the south. Good luck with that.

      • Farm Boy

        But in most of the southern states law abiding citizens are allowed to own firearms for protection, wheras in Chicago, only criminals own guns. I don't believe the criminals will make the move — they don't like the possibility that their "victims" might shoot back at them.

      • beachkrp

        Criminals don't move. They have too much of a good thing going. The same things happened in New Orleans. The first people back after Katrina were the criminal element because they couldn't function outside of their element.

      • Guest

        They won't go back to the South. They still think that Democrats run the Southern states; why do you think millions moved from the South and into the northern big cities after the Civil War?

        (Not taking into account that the Ku Klux Klan was absolutely, overwhelmingly Democrat, as was the lion's share of southern states).

    • Rcarole12

      I'm with you the Dems are so bloody set on spending and borrowing they are ruining the country. The homeless of today would have been hobos in the past who didn't want ties but at least were willing to work for food. Now they want soup kitchens and welfare. Ghetto kids think the only way out is to be a tv or music star or sports figure and how many of them are there. Darn few in comparasion.And I have to say I am as guilty as the rest of you in giving my kids and grandkids so much they have no work ethic. All in all we are in a mess.

    • carlb

      mostly the blue states. thats is why americans living in the red states need to arm themselves because one day all these blue states will fan out when the money dries up. that is the future we leave our kids. also it only ytook 50 plus years to turn these parasites into what they have become! eisenhower is rolling in his grave!

      • beachkrp

        The cost of living is lower in Red states compared to blue states and mostly that is because the red states are more self-reliant and are right to work. A buck goes farther in a red state than in a blue state. That means that wages can be lower and that means fewer dollars that are susceptible to being taxed on the Federal level.

      • beachkrp

        About fifteen years ago, I was talking with a recruiter in Houston that was trying to head hunt a guy in Chicago. He explained to the candidate that in Chicago he would have to earn $105,000 to have the same standard of living that a $65,000 job in Houston would provide.

        It isn't doesn't sound as impressive to the girls that you are trying to hook up with at the local singles bar.

    • MDABE80

      Bilbo…it's happening now. It's not like it's something to be fear in the future. Obama's doing everything possible to HIDE it and NOT cure it. It's his plan. He hasn't changed his plan from Day 1. It's real….it's not just a media construct. It's on NOW. FIght it!

    • Mark Urbo

      Another perfect illustration of leftist policies gone wild.

      Obama is imploding the US economy and its currency in the same fashion. The greatest economic engine in the world, the world’s reserve currency, and the most powerful force for freedom worldwide [via its military] is being taken down to its knees by this POS America hating leftist radical.

      The LSMedia is in lock step with this administration and completely unrestrained since Obama’s re-election. Implementation of the left’s economic ideology will prove more destructive than anything in our countries history.

    • Cliff RL

      "After all who did the current administration learn from?"

      The problem is not who they learned from but the fact that you and I and millions of others did not stand tall years and years ago as they began nibbling at our freedoms. Why get mad at the man that picks up money off the street — when we simply failed to repair the hole in our pocket!

    • pokey

      Consider this, these thugs want very badly to disarm us and ensure the exclusive use of violence belongs solely to the government. With no recourse other than to meekly accept forced dependency or face violence by government proxy, we will find ourselves slaves on the land our forefathers shed blood and died for.

    • Squadron911

      Take a gander at Nevada. All of the California creeps that are managing to get out are comming here. They're starting to ruin our economy as well as what they just left. Then they turn around and re-elect Harry (PINKO) Reid to f-up the rest of the country as well.

      America: You get the government you deserve.

      K/H D

    • I. M. Screwed

      As morality and virtue dissipates and corruption and basic instincts combined with tribal alliances rule the day, then the country will look like Chicago.

    • Jerome

      That's a big 10-4. Our Idiot President and his two-bit liberal administration tools all learned The Chicago Way right here, in the most corrupt government outside of Venezuela. The city of Chicago is bankrupt, Crook County is bankrupt (and raised my property taxes by 38% last year while the value of my home dropped again), and the State of Illinois is bankrupt.

      And the all have one thing in common: they are run by the Democrat party with zero opposition. Crooks, liars, and racists, all of them. But they are in favor of gay marriage, so it's all good.

    • Clayton

      Why, Chicago of course. Obama was bred out of corrupt Chicago politics. That is why Illinois is the worst in the nation, Their corrupt congressmen and governors have finally broken their crap-stain of a state. I go to college at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. You want to talk about a microcosm, our university is owed over $100,000,000 by the state and haven't seen a dime. So what do we do? Spend over $2,000,000 on a new building an needless remodels.

    • JOHN T. FOX


    • lyndaloo

      I suggest everyone who does NOT pay federal taxes are NOT allowed to vote! That would cure the problems in IL & around our nation. the teat suckers are outnumbering the tax payers. Dems love this.

      • Icetrout

        & Just why should I have to pay taxes to support these bums? Everyone just do as the entitlement crowd does & don't pay another cent in taxes!!!

      • TXsms

        Dems would fight that tooth and nail. They'd call us greedy, selfish, and unfair, maybe even downright un-Christian!

    • Icetrout

      Ah-hahahahaha… GovWorkers think the TaxSlaves should work harder to support them…probably the reason Gov wants to take away weapons from the TaxSlaves…..

    • radiomankc

      I suspect when pressed, you have no clue why you don't like Obama compared to, say McCain or the one who was just defeated, luckily for the economic health of the country.

      When I draw guys like you into chat, I discover you don't know first thing about politics or economics, and even less about foreign policy. You just repeat crap you see on Fox or read on Tea Party blogs. But don't broaden your knowledge by reading and watching anybody else. And those guys know next to nothing. Why do I know you're not well versed? Because you can't intelligently criticize the government, you don't know anything but cheap shots like "Chitstain". And to think, they let mental midgets like you decide who will run the country!

      • TXsms

        The default slander Dems use against Reps is the FOX/Faux News arrow. It's as worn out as the race card. The comment boards I see are pretty evenly divided between intelligent posts and cheap shots fired by both sides! I suggest, Radioman, that you underestimate human nature in presuming your side is superior.

    • Econ Guy

      Chriss, I work with a large private company that sells to the state of Illinois. Over the last two years our receivables length of time from invoicing to payment stretched to 12 months. Illinois is now C.O.D. with our company and I know we are not alone.

    • Stormy

      In a few more years of Obama deficit spending and Bernabke's QE, the same is going to be asked about our federal government securities. Then what?

    • doubting_thomas

      These credit ratings are PHONEY.
      NO entity that hopelessy far in debt deserves and A rating

      The US G can NEVER pay off 122 trillion in unfunded liabilities, the Govts A rating is a fraud.

      If it were a private person or corporation, theyd be in RECEIVERSHIP

      second-amendment DOT tripod DOT com

    • My vote didn't count

      They should redo the credit ratings to a simple report card.
      AAA = A
      AA = B
      A = C
      So an A- credit rating is really like a C-

  • Michael Risby

    Well, they elected Democrats to office (again and again), so the reap what they so. Next up, California, then the country. This is what Democrats and Socialists do.

  • sharon Lee

    Anywhere that Democrats rule you will find devastation of morals, economics. They always act as a regime and not usually in accord with our constitutional law. Obama and his regime are a perfect example of what I am writing about.

    • John West

      If Obama is not gotten rid of in … Say a coupe or a meaningful impeachment … You know OUT OF OFFICE …. Then America is doomed. You will not see a peaceful end to his term. Things are deteriorating too quickly now.

      • lyndaloo

        The useless idiots who pay no fed taxes in Calif just voted for higher taxes on the "rich & greedy" – you know the people who get up & go to work each day. I suggest if you do not pay federal taxes which 47% of Americans do not then they should NOT be allowed to vote.
        The non-taxpayers are outnumbering the taxpayers.
        87million dependent upon taxes while only 109million actually pay taxes. UNsustainable!

      • TXsms

        I do not understand the administrators on this forum!!! They deleted another comment of mine that is no more inflammatory than any others and with no derogatory language. Let's see if THIS one gets through!

      • TXsms

        There. It got through, but didn't make my point. I've never had comments deleted on any forum but this one. Administrators, you must be very touchy here.

    • lyndaloo

      As Hillary Clinton famously stated this week: "At this point what difference does it make?" Well of course it makes a lot of difference. But dems/libs have a mental disorder so they cannot think/see/hear straight. Democrats/liberals destroy EVERYTHING they touch even the English language. The uneducated, the useless idiots (angry & bitter & never being allowed to forget slavery of over 200 years ago) – the blacks & the socialists elected dems/libs and our job NOW is to stump for conservative candidates in 2014. If you sit back & wait for someone else to do it Illinois is dead & so is the USA. Liberals/dems/socialists MUST be stopped.

    • Danny Newton

      We are faced with a new morality based on fame rather than Biblical principles. The president simply says that something is the "right thing to do'" and no one questions the calculus required to come to that conclusion. Women in combat is immoral but it is touted as the right thing to do. Abortion is immoral but it is seen as a positive thing and helping the economy for the last 40 years. The debt is off the horizon of concerns but we formulate immoral inflationary means to pay it off. Our children will be tax slaves.

      • TXsms

        Don't forget gay marriage. (Bet this will be deleted, too.) Remember DOMA — the Defense of Marriage Act signed by Bill Clinton in 1996, as Americans in general wanted to protect that sacred institution? How soon we changed.

    • GetAJobGetALife

      All you have to do is look at which party is in control. If its under democrat control-it is corrupt, crime ridden and a giant shiphole.

    • Ken Lee

      Boy, you can say that again. What happened to statesmanship in this country. Surely very very few and being too quiet in Congress.

      • guest

        Texas had an 8 billion dollar budget surplus this last year. You should attempt to learn things before proving your ignorance in a post for all to see.

      • Polska Arizona

        …and Chicago Democrats, please don't move to Arizona either, you would not like it here. Free Market capitalism is practiced here… oh that's right… you wouldn't understand. Southern Illinois conservatives, however, are welcome — escape the blue while you can!!.

      • billy

        amen brother ! Texas rocks the blacks and Hispanics are cool and conservative as well
        everyone gets along great and works their tails off young and vivacious ladies to boot

    • kimba

      Texas is in one of the best fiscal states in the nation, and we can blame Bush for our lower taxes and our growing economy. Liberals just need to stay away.

    • eegor

      Please don't move to Texas. As a fifth generation Texan, I ask you to please stay in your home state and repair the mess you've made of your state. We'll be just fine. We won't ask you to bail us out. We don't need your help when we get hit with a hurricane. We will take care of ourselves.

      Take care of yourselves… PLEASE!

      • Robert

        Yes, I moved here from the Police State of Missouri 32 years ago. I left my voting pattern up there. When in Texas, act like a Texan! Also the state is now closed please stay in your own F'd up state and fix it yourself !

      • Guest

        So glad I made it in before the gates were closed then. I have no intention of turning the state blue, red is hot.

    • dee

      texas is the best state in the union. low taxes, good employment and wages, hard working, independent people who do not need or want federal interference, oil, a great coast, good weather.
      truly the Lone Star State. we can secede successfully; can you?

    • Dual Citizen

      Obama has more people riding in the wagon than pulling it. When your wagon gets stuck in the creek, at some point you have to stop beating the taxpaying horse, and start unloading the entitlement wagon.

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    Good riddance, Felonois, Quinn's Land of Lenin. Have fun in Third World Totalitarian Hell with Moonbeam's Stalinfornia, the Cuommunist's Nueva Jork and the clueless O'Malley's Maryland.

    • Ron Smith

      It's not Illinois' fault. We consistently vote against the liberal Demo-rat-ic machine. It is the clowns in Crook County that that vote the fools in.

    • MD Resident

      You mean the OMalley Maryland that is first in Education for 5 straight yeas and has the highest incomes in the US? Idiot, go back to your tin foil hat.

    • Thestupid50%

      I love you Barak Hussein Obama, aka Pharaoh Hussein divine offspring of the sun god, may you and your heavenly consort, Mother of the Nation, Michelle live forever.

  • Southern Illinoisan

    Those of us in the southern part of the state are conservatives who always get out voted. When Quinn won re-election he only won 3 counties in the entire state and you guessed it, 2 of the 3 were Chicago area counties. It has always been joked about the lower half of the state we should separate from the rest of the state. We could have a South Illinois and a North Illinois (ika Dakotas). These guys got us into this mess but do not have the guts to stop spending nor make real cuts. The state owns land everywhere and much of it is not being used, sell it and then collect the property taxes (its not rocket science). I could go on but I have errands to run. Ugh,….

      • Ron Smith

        That's right. If Crook County were made the fifty-first state, Illinois would be in good shape. How can we constitutionally do that?

      • DAVE

        US Constitution article 4 section 3. Read up, this needs to be what we should be looking at, 535 men trying to govern 310 million people ,does not work, that is what we were supposed to be doing all along, Read about how republics used to operate, say before 1800

      • Dan

        Same thing here in CA. The large cities run this state. LA, SF, and Sacramento. If we could split CA into 2 or 3 states things would be more manageable. As it stands now the loons run the asylum.

      • exbobbie

        You're right Dan, if you look at the Blue/Red map of California, it is more red than blue, unfortunately the blue's in the large cities outnumber us red's. There was a movement started to get a proposition on the ballot to split the state north and south east, ummmm! I wonder what happened to it.

      • TXsms

        It seems to be a pattern of the entire nation: The big cities of populous states like CA, IL, maybe even NY, color the whole states blue, and their electoral votes in turn tip the whole country blue. When you look at the red/blue voting map, the country is mostly red. 'Course Libs would say those states are backwards, fly-over states.

    • kdp

      I'm sorry for you, Southern Illinoisain… I was born in Illinois, raised there and other places, and now live in Texas… I love it here! People WORK for the most part, and we pay our debts WITHOUT state income taxes. We even get to keep our guns, here

      • Southern Illinoisan

        I know I have cousins in good ole Tx and I could not agree with you more. I have lived in IN, KY, and GA and they were much better as well.

      • babydriver

        Don't forget the cops do roadside body cavity searches there too.

        And please don't forget the Texas Dept. of Public Safety ran interference for the FBI, BATF and the Army Delta Squad that murdered all those folks, including kids, outside of Waco not that long ago.

        Texas is FAR from perfect. The entire USA is in for a very rude awakening. It will be too late for most.

      • TXsms

        I live in Waco, and was there during the Branch Davidian standoff. Crazy stuff. I heard that David Koresh & company moved to TX from CA and brought property in the area for his compound. (In other words, he was not a hometown guy.) They lived out in the country, and few locals knew them. It was hard to know whose side was right at the time. News media reported that Koresh & Co. had an arsenal of firearms and may have been molesting kids. Then the standoff happened, which was brought to a head by Janet Reno & tanks, and ended by the horrible fire. Just a trip down memory lane…. No, TX is not perfect, baby(driver).

    • Alan Simmons

      Southern Illinoisian: You are absolutely correct, however common sense is not found anywhere in state government. I lived in Carbondale for four years as I was completing Ph.D. coursework. When I renewed my tag one year, I noticed a "miscellaneous vehicle usage tax" (this was in 2005). When I asked about it, it was to pay for road maintenance fees on state highways IN CHICAGO. Nothing like paying taxes to maintain a city that cannot support itself!

      • Geri

        The Wind Power Turbines that used up Federal Grants for Illinois residents were placed around Princeton area and they power Chicago.
        Why do all the other regions have to support this area. Why can't these Federal grants go to the private sector first like in other states.
        Seems like everywhere else is having to support Chicago and they do NO giving back.

      • Libby

        That has been the trick that kept Illinois alive all of these years. They have trucked in money through grants etc. from other states to cover the costs that they have run up in Chicago.

        Obama doesn't know any better because that is where he was taught how the system worked and as far as he is concerned, you can borrow forever from others.

        It's about time the wheels started falling off so the people of this country can see exactly what Obama has brought to this nation and maybe once they hurt enough, they will stop voting for a big smile and go for intelligent leadership.

      • just mark

        Chicago does too give back to the rest of the state!!! Why just the other day there was a huge drug bust of "product" that came right down I55 into our fair city…

    • SixFive175

      When you draw that line, dividing IL north vs. south, make it along I-80. I live in the Peoria area and not near Chicago. We ALWAYS get out-voted down here.

      • Dawn

        I don't think so!! I live just 2hrs from the suburbs and 20min north of I-80. I do NOT want to be considered part of Chicago. The political mind set changes just miles outside of the Chicago city limits.

    • Bob

      Finally I'm hearing it: Sell off public land (privatize it) use it to fully fund the pensions. Texas is 99% in private hands. Do you notice the difference?

    • OwlCreekObserver

      I've said the same thing for years. Make the border along I-80, so that except for the Peoples Republic of Urbana, all the state's common sense, freedom loving folks would live in South Illinois. Though the state's capitol is in Springfield, the state government is told what to do by Chicago. No Chicago mayor would ever want to be state governor because all the political clout is in Chicago. Good old Governor Blago (now in prison) didn't even bother traveling to Springfield unless he absolutely had to, and then he would commute down and back to Chicago on a state aircraft the same day.

    • Southern Illinoisan

      PS to all of my replies… I am tempted to get the movement started, but I am too busy running a company and dodging increased regulation and taxes just to stay in buisness.

    • SA Wallick

      I 'm reading a book written by Bob Sturm, (deceased) and it's about my relatives that lived in Southern Illinois and they were liberal (Democratic) down in the Southern part of IL too, for many years.

      • wgwst

        Good for you! I love to see somebody taking action, and not just complaining!

        I'd participate, but I live in Alabama ;-)

      • lyndaloo

        Come on, you can still help the people in Illinois no matter what state you live in. The internet allows you to help candidates in other states. I did it with Wisconsin's governors race and I live in PA>

    • Geri

      I love the North/South idea!!!
      However, in defense of my family in the Princeton area (still 2 hours away from Chicago) They have seen an increase of population even way West because they no longer want to live there. Why Princeton? Because they can still take the Amtrak to/from work..
      Everyone knows the problem is Chicago, so why not let that portion try being their own state and quit giving the rest of the state a bad name.

    • N. Illinoisan

      Very true, but they would never let you do that since Southern Illinois would send 4-5 conservative congressman and 2 conservative senators to D.C. and the Democrat mafia would not allow that. All the Democrats have to do is win Cook and Dupage with their large population of moronic white liberals and radical blacks and Mexicans to ensure perpetual control of Springfield and electoral votes to a Democratic presidential candidate. This simply isn't fair to the rest of the state.

    • Missy

      Well at least you have good neighbors, more than I can say. I live right outside of Chicago (I can walk to the city limits) and I am surrounded by either stupid people, evil people, or both. Some of them are family members. What is wrong with people? I want out of Illinois so badly.

    • SBL

      I've said this a long time….the Chicago area is a drain on the state's economy & no Republican will have a fair shot at the governorship until something is done, like getting rid of Chicago & making it like DC. Let them have their own tax money & let the rest of the state do its own thing. I'd bet our taxes would be a lot lower.

    • My vote didn't count

      Not that I'll do much, but there is a minority (perhaps 33% at best) of conservatives north of I-80 or "north Illinois." So yes, it feels our vote doesn't count.

    • ware adams

      Quinn has been doing his job and is #1 in speaking and trying to get pension reform. His own party seems to be owned by the crooked and greedy unions. Don't blame Quinn.


    Durbin, Duckworth, Schakowski, Preckwinkle, Madigans, Daleys Strogers , Rush,
    Karen Lewis, Culleron, Chicago aldermen , Lipinski ,

    • Stretch7

      I agree with all of those, except Lipinski. I went to one of his town hall meetings , and changed my mind about him., and if you look at his record he really isn't a liberal
      Lo I reluctantly have to give the devil his due.

    • Kid Pizazz

      It takes a special species of clod to live and work in Cook County Illinois! You are either a shoebox-stuffing political cretin living off the buffalo-brained imbeciles who try their best to survive the corruption; or you are a food-stamp addicted, Obama Phone aficionado, Welfare and Winehead Baby Mama wid six chilluns by five ghetto daddies! Dig It Folks! The Land Of Obama In All It`t Glory! Hope And Change! Sing Halleluya!

  • ConsLibertarian

    Welcome to the new United Fascist States of Chicago. Obama wants to make the US look just like that. Also known as Chicagostan. Did you know that Chicago is more dangerous than the war zone in Afghanistan?

    • The Madhatter 46

      Now the mayor- Comrade Rahm wants to dump state retirees healthcare onto the federal government through Obamacare!!! Next, California will get a bailout from the federal government. And our national media, the Pravda of the west will support both moves.

      • ConsLibertarian

        California has already gotten a bailout. You just were never told. The banks were sued for the 2008 financial debacle, they settled. California got 75% of the settlement. Hmmmm, they never told you that on the DNC media? Aka state run propaganda?

    • danab

      Afghanistan is a 7th century dysfunctional society based on Tribalism, nepotism, bribery and religious zealotry. Chicago has the same characteristics . Tribalism is" gang affiliations", Nepotism is R Daily the father and R Daily the son , Bribery is also known as "the Chicago Way" ( they even gave it a name ) and finally religiously zealotry is the religion of " Liberalism." There is of course one big difference , Afghanistan has about 7 working toilets, Chicago on the other hand IS one big toilet

    • N. Illinoisan

      Yes, and if we traded the black gang bangers for the Afghan Mujahadeen crime in the windy city would decrease. Imagine that.

    • Dee

      Right on…time for another REVOLUTION in OUR nation – we're overdue…rise up America – let's stand up and be counted!!! Down with tyranny! Down with Osama's,( ooopss!!) I mean, "Obama's nation" the ABOMINATION of this century… RISE UP AND REVOLT!!!!

    • Cathy

      Maybe those gangs are Obama's civilian military he wanted. So he has to disarm the legal gun owners and allow the illegal gun owners.

  • Jan Weber

    Illinois looks like a good take-over target for Wisconsin. The only downside I can see is that all of the US flags will need to be re-done with 49 stars.

    • Matt Fischer

      Illinois is too arrogant. Even though they are at the bottom of the pile, they still consider southern Wisconsin (my home) as a suburb of Chicago.

      • Ron Smith

        Illinois is not arrogant. We are kindhearted and giving. So much so that we will gladly give Wisconsin all of Crook County.

    • NotOn MyWatch

      Accept Porto Rico to statehood as they have petitioned – still 50 stars. No problem! Of course the politicians are Useless Eaters, so they go before the Death Panels their Rat-in-Chief said didn't exist. Give the corrupt cops to their victims and we won't have to worry about burials. Give us back our gun rights and the rest will behave themselves as we rebuild.

    • philD

      We really don't want it. I used to go Chicago every winter to enjoy the lakefront, museums etc. Too concerned about the crime and corruption. New destination.

    • Mark Carlton

      Why would Wisconsin want it? As a Michigan resident, I wish we could slice off Detroit and force it on Canada — or anyone else.

    • Free American

      Great idea! Without guns, who's gonna stop any foreign gubment from taking over another? Who?? And acording to Mr. Hillary Clinton, "What differance does it make anyway?" Really, 57 states, 1 state, it all belongs to the libtards anyway, right? I think not. MOLAN LABE!

  • aaa

    "It's Bush's fault" President Obama was quoted as saying on the White House lawn, when asked for comment on this issue, he was heading for the golf course and on to his somewhat native Hawaii for a 30 day "working vacation", then on to his homeland in Kenya.

    • Farkus

      Will the National Parks Service have to send the Marines in when they make Obama's birth place into a National Shrine, or will the Kenyan Government relent peacefully?

    • Robert Wyatt

      How did you get that through, My comment wasn't nearly as critical of Barry… although I did bad mouth the state of Illinois..I said they followed the federal gubment model for responsible spending.

  • Keith Carlson

    Any large metropolis run by progressives turns to $hit. The over-regulation, union corruption, and unsustainable pensions is their downfall.

    • longin4reagan

      Keith, I agree entirely. If you want a well run state or city you damn well better vote Republican.

      That said, allow me a mild criticism of your post. Don't accede to the demand of liberals that we call them progressives. There is nothing progressive about Liberalism. Liberalism is a corrosive attack on individual liberties and deserves the ugly approbation.

    • ConsLibertarian

      Hey! I am a Liberal, what you are talking about is liberals, aka progressives, aka statists, aka communists, aka fascists, aka socialists. Let us not allow the lefties to destroy a perfectly good political ideology. David, the Constitutional Libertarian.

  • Robert Burke

    Blowhard Chris Christie rails about the excessive number of municipal governments in New Jersey as the cause of high taxes. There are 576. Illnois (sic) has over 2900. The state with the highest taxes? Hawaii. The number of municipal governments there? FOUR!!!!!!! Bonehead.

    • J. Biden

      Don't know if it is still true, but in the 1990's Hawaii had the highest ratio of state/local government workers to population of all 50 states. Something like 10% of those obese samoans just collected a gubmint paycheck.

      • Chris

        Hawaii has high taxes because it is poorly run by liberals. The culture here tends to be conservative, but they vote liberal….go figure. Unions have way too much control and we don't have nearly the freedom that people in Texas have (owning any gun here requires you to register it and the ammo…darn close to a second amendment violation if not a second amendment violation. Basically, we have a third world government that most people ignore (as in no one pays attention to the speed limit as it is set artificially low compared to the same roads on the mainland).

      • Strider55

        Hawaii also has high taxes because everyone has to have more income to be able to afford anything. Virtually everything except pineapples and cane sugar must be imported long distances by air or sea, which drives up the cost. A late friend called it "isolation inflation"; if you're ever in Florida, you'll see the a less extreme example in Key West.

        I visited Hawaii back in 1991. The lowest gas prices I found were:

        $1.51 in Hilo
        $1.57 in Kailua-Kona
        $1.36 in Honolulu

        By comparison, gas in the DFW area averaged about $0.80.

    • Dave

      OMG, and Hawai'i is known as the most beautiful DEAD END ever created, and the world's most expensive to live in THIRD WORLD COUNTRY.

      Tell you what, if you think it's a utopia, COME ON OUT. Stay on the waianae coast for a week and let the locals beat your brains into worse mush than it already is.

    • Fritz

      Apples and Oranges buddy. My truck has one gas tank and I get 24mpg.
      On oil tanker has 1 gas tank and gets 67 gallons to the mile.

    • Libby

      Actually, Christie is right. Each of those townships, cities or towns has to have an entire local government, school system top to bottom, and their own police force, fire departments etc. It is extremely expensive for those of us who live here.

      I can drive through three to five towns going one mile in any direction from my house. That is how small most of these townships etc. are here in NJ.

      We need to consolidate services.

      Hawaii is a freak of govt nature just like Illinois, NY, and NJ. The history of each goes back 100+ years of corruption that never gets addressed rationally.

    • Brian

      Democraps can't stop spending because they use the public treasuries to buy votes; to reduce spending equates to lost elections. They blame the wealthy for poverty, which shifts blame from themselves and let immorality and corruption go unchecked to get those votes as well. Democraps have no shame and no character, NONE!

      For Democraps, it's all about power, damn the nation.

    • tomSERVO

      Number of city governments is not an obvious indicator of insanity in policy. New York City isolated by items for instance has one, Texas has roughly 1300, 250 of 10K people or more, but all those combined don't waste a fraction of the wasteful spending.

      It's bizarre that the cities, counties and states led my the most "progressive" leaders (both Dems and Repubs can qualify) are the biggest financial basketcases and have remained so you decades and decades, yet fiscal conservatism is held as the dangerous extremist position in local governments by much of media and pop culture.

      If progressivism delivered as sold, Detroit for instance would be an economic utopia after the past 5-6 decades for progressive control instead of being ground zero for economic disaster..

  • DPG

    Abraham Lincoln would be astonished to see what has become of his state. It's shameful, and frustrating, and thank you CHICAGO for constantly overwhelming the rest of the downstate voters (like me) by repeatedly putting these boneheads back in office.