Rooftop owners propose ad plan for Wrigley Field

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Rooftop owners across from Wrigley Field have proposed a billboard plan that they hope will get the ball rolling on a major renovation project for the historic ballpark.

The owners have offered to the put the digital billboards on top of their buildings and hand over the revenue from the advertising to the Cubs.

WRIGLEY-ROOFTOPThe Ricketts family, who owns the team, proposes spending $300 million of its own money to finance the makeover.

It would include putting up additional billboards inside the park, but the rooftop owners are worried the new signage will block the rooftop views of  the ballgames.

The rooftop owners say digital screens on top of their buildings will generate $10 to $20 million a year.

The Ricketts say signs outside the ballpark greatly reduce their value.

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  • jack

    The Cubs are a private entity. Let them do what they want to Wrigley if there are using there own money. If they new billboards block the rooftops view, they can buy a ticket to the game.

  • Ivy

    The Cubs have a 20 year contract for revenue sharing with their rooftop partners that has 10 years left on it, charging the rooftops 17% of revenues. The problem here is that the Rickett's don't want most of the pie, they want it all, and another one to boot. Its really quite sad.

      • Dwayne Johnson

        MMMMM pure unadulterated; squeeze every last penny you can, because you can, rest of the world be damned, capitalism. Tasty.

        Let them eat cake!

  • Tired of the Morons

    In reality the roof top seat are worse than any nose bleed seats in the park. They have been stealing revenue for years by people going there and not to the park. Put the signs up and tell them "life sucks get over it". Pay off the 10 years, make your money. It's a business, the roof top owners deserve nothing more.

  • kinniemiki

    just before I looked at the paycheck 4 $7431, I accept that my mom in-law woz like actualy erning money parttime on their apple laptop.. there friend brother started doing this for under twentey months and just repayed the depts on there apartment and bought themselves a audi. this is where I went, ,…….

  • tomrickets

    this is a win win for everyone… 10-20 million and CUBS get 100 percent and wrigley field views are protected… Nice way and no tax payer money ___ If rooftops werent there I probably would have to pay double for my season tickets. I get great deals on rooftop seats.. and love the food and experience when i go with friends.

  • Larry Gordon

    Firstly, I wonder just how good of a view you can get from one of those rooftop seats. Secondly, Jack hit it right on the money when he said the Cubs and Wrigley field are privately owned. It is the owners' prerogative what signs to put up and in what configuration.

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