Ex-coach charged with sexual assault of student

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A former high school basketball coach will face a bond judge on Friday on charges he sexually assaulted a 17 year-old girl.

33 year-old Kevin Jones is accused of engaging in a sex act with the girl in his car at 85th and Green Bay last Thursday.

Jones was the coach of the varsity boys basketball team at Epic Academy Charter High School.

Police say he was giving the victim and another girl a ride home from the school, and he asked the friend to get out. When the friend later returned, she saw Jones and the victim having sexual relations.

“It’s terrible ‘cause at this time we cannot trust nobody,” said one concerned woman.

The school no longer employs Jones, but can’t say if he was fired or if he quit.

WGN News Writer C. Hayes published this story.

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  • Alex

    I bet he is sitting in Jail wishing he can take this back he had a wife and two kids why would he throw all this away for a17 year old girl there is something fishy about this story I just want know what really happen I hop these allegation isn't true because it would be weird that I know a man not just a man a deacon that attend my church is a pedifier I will keep in my prayer and I hop it will end in the best results possible

  • Barbara Williams

    This story is so sad.I think he did it bcuz what would the reason for him to ask the other young lady if he have motive???He threw his family and life under the bus trying fulfill some lust for a kid!!!!It is so sad and very sick!!!

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